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Verizon is Back with 3 More Anti AT&T TV Spots

Verizon is back once more firing back at AT&T's 3G ads by releasing three more anti AT&T TV spots titled "Big Red", "Sail" and "Shadows". You will see that two of the three ads are actually spoofs of classic commercial campaigns. "Big Red" spoofs those Big Red gum commercials while "Shadows" spoofs DaBeers Diamonds are forever commercials.

Verizon just loves to try to push what seems to be it's only advantage over AT&T, more 3G coverage. Once AT&T proceeds with their plans to enhance their network and coverage what will happen to these commercials? What then will Verizon have over AT&T? Sound off in the comments below!

Commercials after the break!

[Thanks for the tip Bruce!]

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CNBC's "Planet of the Apps: A Hand-Held Revolution!" Airs Tonight

CNBC's "Planet of the Apps: A Hand-Held Revolution!" airs tonight at 10PM ET/PT and should be viewed by all iPhone owners. It is a one-hour documentary, reported by CNBC's Scott Wapner, that takes a look at how this cultural phenomenon had truly changed the way we live and how the launch of the Apple iPhone back in 2007 gave birth to a revolution in mobile technology and a new breed of entrepreneurs.


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TV Show Lie to Me Lies to Us About SwiPhone SMS Notifications

The TV show Lie to Me, a few weeks back (season 2, episode 3 to be exact) decided to take the lies just one step too far -- they showed an iPhone where one of the characters could swipe between SMS notifications.

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Return of the iPhone 3.0 Direct Movie + TV Show Download Rumors!

In keeping with last week's crazy screen rumor that iPhone 3.0 would add movie and TV show direct, on-device downloads to the current music and audio and video podcast downloads, Apple Insider reports that they have:

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Will Hulu Hurt Apple's iTunes Offerings?

Maybe, in that news of Disney joining up with Hulu to offer even more free, advertising supported television and movie content via the web, could reduce the amount of people in the US who choose to pay for that same content, ad-free for rental or purchase via iTunes. However, there are some other factors involved that Business Week isn't addressing:

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iTunes Genius Now Smart Enough for Movies and TV Shows

Looked at our iTunes and what did we see? Genius enabled for Movies and TV. For those playing along at home, Apple first pre-announced this feature before making iTunes 8.1 available for download, then removed it just moments before the download went live, then said it wasn't quite ready, and now has unleashed it on the world.

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Watch Out: iTunes SD Shows May Overwrite HD Versions

As we mentioned earlier, when you purchase an HD TV show from iTunes you're actually getting two copies of the show -- one version in HD and another in standard definition for your iPhone. They're two separate files and, well, apparently they don't always go great together. Ars Technica is reporting that when iTunes gets around to downloading the SD version, some users are finding that it's overwriting the HD file.

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TV on the iPhone? Patent Says Yes!

Patent filings sometimes clue you in to the direction a company is headed with their devices. Sure, some are crazy and others are ridiculous, but you can get a general sense of what the company is trying to accomplish in those stencil-like drawings and comic-like blurbs.

Well, Apple has filed a patent that strongly hints toward developing an add-on/dongle/hub/dock-type device that will accept AM, FM, HD, or satellite radio along with cable TV, satellite TV, antenna, or IPTV. The multiple connecting devices, as shown in the patent filing, could range from being a dock, a stereo, or even a computer.

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SlingPlayer Mobile for the iPhone!

WWDC hasn't even started yet and the news is already getting crazy. Sling Media, the creator of the Slingbox, is developing an iPhone version of SlingPlayer Mobile that'll allow your iPhone to stream media via your Slingbox.

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HBO On Your iPhone, Capiche?

Yeah, Chrisey, hang on a minute, I'm conferencing in our mutual friend from Cupertino...

Hello? (Manage, this thing is easy to use!) Hello Stevie? Whoa, there he is... Stevie, It's me Tony. So what do I gotta do to get on this computer thing... this iTunes Chrisey here keeps telling me about?

No, me, I don't know nothing from nothing about it, but Chrisey tells me it's, you know, the next big deal, and we want our taste.

Yeah, I'm using one of your -- what do you call them -- iPhones right now. Never mind how I got it, fell off the back of a truck with 10,000 of its little friends we've already shipped to China, capiche? Let's talk content.

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