TiPb TV 1: Should you get an iPad or MacBook Air?

Should you get an iPad or MacBook Air, or more properly, who should get an iPad and who would do better with a MacBook Air? That's the topic for the very first episode of TiPb TV, our new, more conversational, video show.

Rene and I go back and forth on the pros and cons of the smaller, less expensive, iOS powered iPad and how it compares to the only slightly bigger, double the price, Mac OS X sporting MacBook Air. This is the first time Apple really has two very different products in overlapping categories and there's really no best answer, just a breakdown of which might be best for you, for your kids, for your parents, or just for your inner geek.

Keyboard vs multitouch, storage, speed, battery life, portability, and which is better for things like reading, watching, and browsing vs. production and productivity are all huge factors in the decision (as is cost of course!)

So if you've been trying to decide between an iPad and a MacBook Air this holiday season check out our very first TiPb TV and we'll try to help you make the best choice possible.


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