TiPb TV 11: What do we want for iPhone and iPad in 2011?

2010 is over, 2011 is upon us, and there's just a few things we want from Apple and Steve Jobs when it comes to iPhone and iPad next year. Hardware, software, features, services, as wonderful as our current devices are, there's still room for improvement and that's topic for this episode of our video show, TiPb TV!

Whether it's reducing the iPad bezel, adding one (or more!) cameras, or improving the memory, Rene and I expect a lot for iPad 2. Likewise I'm tired of the glass back on my iPhone already and want something sleeker, slimmer, and yes -- way more futuristic for iPhone 5. We also want iTunes.com, a Files app for iOS 5, and several things they could straight out steal from Jailbreak like BiteSMS, theming, and LockInfo.

Demanding enough? Hit the video above and watch along for more, then tell us what you want in the comments!


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