Apple has begun releasing beta versions of iOS 4.3, the next update for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, and we're here to take a look at its biggest and best new features. That's right, Wi-Fi personal hotspot, multitasking gestures and the return of the orientation lock switch are the topics for this episode of TiPb TV!

The personal hotspot will ship with the Verizon iPhone but we don't know how much they'll charge for it yet. AT&T and other GSM iPhones should get it as well with iOS 4.3 but carriers may or may not support it and may charge for it if they do (like tethering now). Given what they charge for Mi-Fi already will it be worth it to you?

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Multitasking gestures are just a developer preview right now and Apple has said they won't actually ship for consumers any time soon. I have to admit they're really fun but they might not be ready for prime time yet.

Rene thought Apple would never give us the orientation lock switch back. I thought they may just give us a choice. Guess what they've done? That's right. This time choice wins!

Watch the video for the full tour and check out our complete iOS 4.3 walkthrough for detailed descriptions and screenshots. If you have any questions let us know!

TiPb TV 13: iOS 4.3 preview