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Toyota release official Jailbreak Theme

Toyota have released a jailbreak theme in Cydia to advertise their new 'Scion 2011' car range. The theme is available for free in Cydia, by searching for Scion 2011 Theme. The theme itself includes wallpapers of the 4 different models of Scion (tC, iQ, xB and xD) which you can choose for your homescreen or lockscreen, it also includes custom buttons and a custom slider.

Will you be downloading this theme? How many other major companies will follow suit, and start to advertise to the jailbreak community? And will Apple have any response to this, given advertising dollars are now on the line?


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  • very smart idea I think, tap a cheap market
  • This is VERY interesting, a major company releasing something for a community that other major companies try to pretend doesnt exist. Will be interested to see if this starts a trend or winds up incurring any Apple backlash.
  • This could be big. Toyota's playing off brand identity, and this could start a huge trend amongst other brands and manufacturers. Who'd have thought to have someone's iPhone advertise for their product? Clever.
    I wouldn't use the theme, personally, as 1) I don't have that car, and 2) it doesn't look like it skins every icon, which would bug me to death. Sharp theme though!
  • IMO Apple clearly has lost its edge with IOS. What did come out from the IOS dev team in the last 10 months? Airplay?
    Still can't believe IOS doesn't support more than 12 apps in a folder.
  • Nice choice of timing, picking 10 months, when Apple's iOS major cycle is 12 months, generally in June...
  • Stop being a fanboy, Android's update cycle is WAY faster then Apple's and I have had all 4 of their phones. Apple uses OS updates to sell a new phone, and it generally runs like crap or doesn't run at all on previous generation so don't even bring up fragmentation of Android.
  • and how many phones are still waiting to get froyo.. and oh. dont get me started about gingerbread... i find it funny that google has to make up names for the os updates, to hide the fact that they dont do anything besides fix more and more bugs and try to save battery life.
  • Were gonna hear something about the iOs 5 preview event any day now.
  • This might be really bad. If Apple starts thinking it's missing out on ad revenue, they might lean more in the direction of shutting the whole jailbreak thing down?
  • You mean as opposed to their current leaning of trying to shut the whole jailbreak thing down?
    They keep trying as hard as they can but legal standings are against them. The best they can do is patch the new holes with each new version release. Legally they can't attack any jailbreakers, the worst they can do is void your warranty and that's only if they can prove you did jailbrake your device. Of course if you purchase a third-party warranty, particularly one with accidental coverage, then Apple can't even effect that level of "enforcement" on users.
  • Not legally, I meant technically they could do a LOT more to shut it down if they want but they have turned half-a-blind eye to it. The money thing might persuade them to take a harsher stance, regardless of the obvious PR hit they would take.
  • wow that is pretty hideous. most themes in cydia are garbage anyway.
  • Agreed. I know it's just a theme but the front page of TIPB is mostly about jailbreaking and that screenshot puts me right off the idea. Who would want their iPhone looking like a Windows Phone with a cheap SPB Mobile shell?
  • I also think this is a big thing, Most companies ignore small businesses because they think it won't drive in no money to them, But with Toyota doing this it might urge other major companies and retailers to do the same (if apple don't stop them) or it may make a light go off in apple head n say "we need themes on our iphone" or revamp the IOS to be more open then it is now.
    Personally i don't think Apple really cares about jailbreaking, because its still not hurting them money you still need to buy a iphone directly from Apple before you jailbreak, so apple still getting they money.. the whole pirate apps don't effect the app store that much,
    when it comes to jailbreaking i think we should be able to do what we want to our phones when we want it, not being told what we can't do. thats just my opinion
  • I would, but not this one! its a shame toyota made such a fugly theme...
  • It's a shame Toyota made such a fugly car. The theme matches.