Upgrade your old Fire TV remote for just $15 on Prime Day!

Amazon Fire TV 4K
Amazon Fire TV 4K (Image credit: iMore)

This isn't, strictly speaking, a Prime Day deal on a new Fire TV Alexa Voice Remote. Except it is. See, the gist is that if you bought an Amazon Fire TV device before November 2018, it came with a remote control that was less useful than it could have been. Namely in that it didn't have a power button to turn the TV off or on, and it didn't have any volume controls. Crazy, but true.

What happened in November? Amazon released the Fire TV Stick 4Khttps://www.cordcutters.com/amazon-fire-tv-stick-4k-review with a newer, better remote control. (And it started shipping the new remote with the older Fire TV Cube, too.) Today, the new remote is the standard. But buying a new one on its own will cost you $29.

Enter Amazon Prime Day, and a $15 deal on a base-level Fire TV Stick — along with the upgraded remote control.

Now we absolutely recommend you spend a couple extra bucks on the Fire TV Stick 4K instead. It's more powerful. It supports 4K resolution (as the name well implies) — and it's the first Amazon Fire TV device that supports Dolby Atmos audio, so it's more future-proof. (It also supports Dolby Vision for HDR, which is also good.)

But if you only want the upgraded remote control, there's absolutely no reason not to take advantage of the $15 Fire TV Stick (and remote) deal. Do whatever else you want with the lesser Fire TV Stick that comes with it. Stick it in a spare bedroom. Prop open a door. Whatever. But the remote should be good for all devices that support it. That's an important caveat, actually. The new remote isn't supported by ancient Fire TV devices, but it will work with the Fire TV Cube and Fire TV Stick 4K, as well as the the second-generation Fire TV Stick and the third-generation Amazon Fire TV pendant. (That's the little square one.)

After that you'll need to pair the remote with your other Fire TV device. Need help? We've got you covered.

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