uSirius StarPlayr: Sirius XM Radio on Your iPhone

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This past week has not been a good one for Sirius XM Satellite Radio. Reports of the company preparing for a bankruptcy filing have been all over the news. On the bright side of things, uSirius StarPlayr, which allows you to listen to all of your favorite satellite stations streamed directly onto your iPhone, is on the horizon.

It seems the only delay at the moment is the final approval from Apple. Looks like it may be 2-4 more weeks before we see this in the App Store. Some of the features of StarPlayr are:

  • Works with iPhone, iPhone 3G, and iPod Touch
  • Edge, 3G, WiFi
  • Sirius or XM accounts
  • US and Cananda
  • Suggested Retail Price $12.99

So with a price tag of $12.99 how many of you are willing to pick this up to carry your favorite channels with you on the go?

Update: Yes, you indeed do need a monthly subscription to Sirius Xm.

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  • for a program to listen to music I'm already paying to listen to....epic fail.
    :) I really only listen to FoxNews on XM anymore and since the only package that allows that channel is the all inclusive one I canceled the service. It's not worth the money for only one channel that I can't stream on the web as well as on the Radio.
  • I have been waiting patiently for this app for forever. This and the slingbox app.
  • If it is a one-time fee and I get to access all of their stations, then I would buy it. If I buy this and then discover that I have to pay for a subscription I would hollar about that all over the internet (in a bad way).
  • @Chris: Whoa fella, calm down. ;-)
    Read the faq on the service provided (its about the same as the regular computer service from XM/Serious):
    What channels are available? Same as Sirius' Web player or XM Radio Online's web player. Approx. 80 Music and 30 talk stations are available.
    Will the StarPlayr app on the iPhone carry live sporting events on Sirius and XM? No. Most likely because of copyright and licensing agreements, live sportings events are not carried online.
    So if you were counting on this to follow sporting events, forget it.
    Further, a few talk shows and music channels is all they really offer. Is there seriously (pun intended) and shortage of access solutions for streaming audio?
    This isn't the whole package, and its way over priced to listen to the same oldies you can get from AOL radio, Pandora, or any number of other sources.
  • Umm.. yeah. I've been waiting a long time for this. Sirius will be fine, even with a bankruptcy (it is a reorganization, not a liquidation).
    The real question is why it takes more than >one hour< for apple to approve the thing. 2-4 weeks - give me a freaking break.
  • Yeah I have XM radio in my car
    but why would i pay another $12.99 to get it on my phone if they go out of business...will this app be pointless in a few months? haha
  • $12.99 seems a little steep, but I will get it. This could mean a drop in the number of radios that Sirius XM sells in the future. Can't believe they approved it.
  • @Chris:
    Yup. It's a one time fee that allows you to listen to the same things you can listen to on the web. Oh yeah..and the only channel I listen to anymore isn't even offered on the web streaming. So WHY would I pay for this again?
    So I'll say it :) Sorry to burst your bubble, dude. I just don't see it as worth the money. Obviously you do. That's great. Have at it. At $12.99 it'll rank up among some of the most expensive iPhone apps out there. I for one am not willing to pay that amount for a program that can't even get the channel I want.
  • Allen
    If you have it in your car ... now you can have it anywhere you take your iPhone ...
    you already pay for SIRIUS/XM so why not just pay a one time fee of $13 bucks to make your SIRIUS/XM subscription portable ....
  • before the rollout of iPhone OS 2.0 and the advent of the App store, I jailbroke my iPhone and used an app to listen to the XM Streams. Loved it.
    But, the world has changed... With the App store we now have dozens of free music streamers (AOL Radio, Flycast, Clear Channel's App, Slacker radio, etc.). Add to that the fact that this app is $12.99 and XM is about to make subscribers pay $2.95 a month to listen to the streams, I'd have to say I'll take a pass on this app.
  • Eric
    I understand that this app is not for you ... BUT I bet they sell a whole boat load of them
    most people who have SIRI/XM prefer it over their iPod ... Now the can listen to their favorite radio on a portable player (iPhone)
    many many people are going to buy this app. I just think you are exception to the rule here ...
  • Icebike
    I hear you in regards to available content.
    what I really love is XM/SIRIUS talk radio content ... And I think millions of O&A or Howard fans do too ... I also happen to like one or two SIRIUS/XM music stations that are awesome... which are also included ...
    Im not too worried about the sports content ...
  • Whoa, you wanna that kinda money to listen to music on your iPhone? I may have bought such an app for a handset which didnt have storage space required for music or something, but for an iPhone, no way. I work hard for my money, no BS.
  • I'm most likely going to get an iphone and start my xm subscription back up once this becomes available. I've been looking at moving to an iphone anyways and this would just seal the deal for me.
  • Listen ... I am no way an elitist ...
    but when did $12.99 become "that kinda money" ? ? ?
    if you have existing XM/SIRI subscription & an iPhone than you would be nuts not to get this ... IMO
    ... that's like buying a plane Ticket to Paris and then renting a Hotel room there and then saying I am not gonna pay a cab 12 bucks to take me to see the Ifle tower ...
  • Guys, use orb and ursirius, its free. I use it for my blackberry and can stream everything to my phone, video's, music, tv, etc...
  • Bye, Bye... iPod. HELLO STARPLAYR. Complain about $ Please. Very reasonable for the best content on internet radio.
  • well if you have an existing subscription changes the story, otherwise it is some kinda money, isnt it? its little difficult for me to make sense in buying subscription music on an iphone, i havent felt the need and havent succumbed to the fancy yet!
  • Betsy - right on ! bye iPod ...
    I don't think ursirius works on iphone OS ....
  • @Chris:
    NO CHRIS, Its NOT!.
    Again its not the whole line up.
    I could post the SUPPORTED lineup, but I'd probably be violating some copyright to do so. Its a less than stellar subset of stations.
    Check your facts before chearleading for this app.
  • and having an iphone is like staying a minute away from eifel tower, so why take a taxi. I have a window view and am ready to stroll down ;)
  • Amon,
    without sub then it is something more to consider ... but even then your choice is more about the sub cost not the cost of the app ...
    with sub its a no brainer !
  • @Betsy:
    Check your facts. You get a very small subset of rather LAME stations.
  • Icebike are you saying that the major talk radio stations are not supported ?
  • Keep in mind, right now I think Sirius charges about $300 for their Stilleto which basically allows you to listen to Sirius anywhere you go (like a walkman). I've been considering buying a Stilleto for quite some time but didn't wanna spend the money. Once I heard about the Starplayr, I decided to wait for that. Now, for 12.99 I can turn my iPhone into a Stilleto. There is a big market for this out there. Most 'serious' Sirius XM subscribers (and I think there are over 7 million right now) would love to have this software on their cellphones for $13.
  • @Icebike
    Check your facts, I like muffins.
    True story.
  • @Chris:
    So you like TALK:
    The line up includes ONLY:
    CNN News
    BBC World Service
    C-SPAN Radio
    NPR Now
    NPR World Radio Network
    FOX News Talk
    ESPN Sports Talk
    Mad Dog Radio
    Sports Radio with Chris Russo
    PGA TOUR Network
    The PGA TOUR - Golf Talk
    Thats about it. Nothing you can't get on AOL or any other of 15 apps in the app store, with the possible exception of Fox and ESPN.
    To me that isn't worth signing up for. I already have XM in my car, so I can get these web feeds for free, but I NEVER bother to listen to them on the web.
  • @Scott:
    "Once I heard about the Starplayr, I decided to wait for that. Now, for 12.99 I can turn my iPhone into a Stilleto."
    Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.
  • anyone ever seen that one family guy skit?... oh nevermind lol.
    10 points to whoever names this reference, "I DISAGREE DONKEY KONG IS DA BETTA GAME."
  • 'Someone' is wasting way too much time being negative about a very subjective topic. If you don't want it, don't buy... trust me though that there are PLENTY of people that will purchase this. And everyone will have their own reason. For me, I will be able to listen to Howard or Bubba while running on the treadmill.
    If you don't have a use for it, don't buy it... there's plenty of flatulence programs available that I am sure are taking up your precious memory space.
  • My question is who is the developer? Is it is association with XM Sirius? Or independent? (I know is working on an iPhone version...)
    Then it makes sense why you would pay for the app; however, XM Sirius is requiring you to pay $2.99 a month for internet streaming on top of your monthly superscription. With that increase, this app comes at a bad time and probably won't be very popular. Maybe $6.99 or $5.99. Currently the internet version is free until mid March when they will decide to increase the price.
    My main issue is that not all the channels that are on my unit are on the internet player and vice-versa, This is really annoying to me and has made me reconsider my subscription altogether. (I really only listen to Dance/Electronic) The had only 2 stations for that genre and the moved one from the satellite version to an internet version which really hacked me off...
    Okay sorry for the rant...
    If flash is made available for the iPhone...then you could use their web app to play the radio.
    I can also play XM Sirius (Sirius XM...whatever) radio on my iPhone currently using the Orb web app (haven't tried the native app) and the uXM/uSirius for windows program...
  • I forgot to add:
    the channel switch only occurred when they formed as one.
  • @Scott
    No Howard. No Bubba. Sorry.
    @ Matt Sawyer:
    "With that increase, this app comes at a bad time and probably won’t be very popular".
    Unfortunately, I disagree. There are LOTS of people who will run headlong into the app store and buy this app without checking their facts, and only AFTERWARD will they find the channel line up so limited. But too late. The App store policy does not allow refunds, and the developers will make a ton, and have a huge number of angry customers.
  • Not sure where you are getting your information from when you say 'No Buuba, No Howard'. Any station available via the online stream from Sirius is available via StarPlayr. I am listening to Howard now over the internet stream. And I know people that are using the Beta version of this app (which has been out for about 4 weeks now) and it IS on there.
  • Ahhh I hate to break the news to you, but I, Howard Stern, the King of all media is on the iPhone via this StarPlayr App. BTLS is on it too.
  • Check your FAQS... Here is a link to the online channel guide from the Sirius site:
  • Stern is on the iPhone. I am listening to him now. Get your FAQs straight. Stern is on the internet feeds and via the StarPlayr beta.
  • I love having xm in my car, but I already pay like $40 per quarter for the service. I would love to be able to listen to my favorite stations on the go, but $12.99 is way too much for an app that I probably wouldn't get my money's worth out of. My previous excitement over this is offically over.
  • Ok: I take it back re Howard.
    He wasn't on the XM side.
    Here is a link to the XM online streams:
    Scott posted the link to the Sirius streams above.
    Point still stands. Its FAR from the full line up, and far from what you can get on Stilleto.
  • Most beta testers such as myself, after testing it where willing to be pay $19.99. So that's a savings of $8. Stop Whining. The app isn't even approved yet by Apple. Why don't complain about that 1st then you can b*tch about the price. Dumb Asses. Man I thought NiceMac where jerks, now I know who the real jerk offs really are.
  • Howard is on the XM side.. if you have Best if Sirius. Read the FAQ.
  • The only thing from the full line up is missing sports. That's it. All the music and original content is online. What a bunch of fuck faces.
  • You do get sports talk BTW, like MadDog Russo and NFL Radio, just no live games online because of contracts.
  • $12.99 is a steal. A radio costs 200-300 dollars. 90% of the content is online.
  • I can't wait to get my iPhone and get this StarPlayr app once Apple gets off this ass and approves it.
  • What a bunch of whiners. Wahh Wahhh Wahhhh..
  • This is a great app. I am actually amazed that many of you don't realize what this brings... content. The iphone does not have relationships with MLB, NFL, CNBC, Howard Stern, plus dozens of other news and radio options. This app would be great, if for no other reason than bringing a bunch of exclusive content to the iphone for the low sirius subscription price. If you were to try to get this premium content directly on the ihone, you'll find the majority is not available and/or what is available will not be cost effective, certainly not $15 a month for all of these premium channels. totally worth $12 bucks. Iphone needs to approve this one. Please.
  • Wow, people are harsh here. I for one can't wait for this app to come out. $12.99 is totally a fair price. I can't think of the money that I've wasted in the app store purchasing games that I've only spent less than an hour on. This is an app that will get daily use from me. All at the cost of 2 coffees from Starbucks.
    Come on people, nobody is forcing you to buy this application. The people at nicemac are first to market on this, $12.99 is nothing to pay for a portable version of Sirius/XM.
  • Woah! Watch the language fellas. I for one can't wait for Apple to get off their duff an approve this app. Let's all call Apple Inc. right now and ask for them to approve it today so we can all get it now.
  • I am calling them now. 1-800-MY-APPLE
  • That's what I was saying all the long a few days ago when I was talking to Howard on the show and gave a big plug.
  • Yes. Contact Apple. Get them to wake the F up.
  • Plus NiceMac gives away their StarPlayr Mac and PC streaming programs away for free.
  • On hold now with Apple.
  • The Apple rep said they could not speculate on rumors of products not yet released. But get this. After than she whispered, the more how call in this week, the faster Apple will approve this app. You go girl!
    So what are you waiting for guys? Call in now!
  • I am getting wet just thinking about listening to howard between my legs on my iPhone. Oh howard, baby.
    as i said about 30 posts ago ... talk radio such as Howard and Opie & Anthony is on it and I can listen to them on the treadmill ....
  • Apple would not confirm and claimed starplayer is a rumor. WTF? It can't be. I saw it on You Tube. Conspiracy? Can anyone else call in an confirm for me? Thx
  • dont call and bug them ...
    let them release it on their own
  • I can't wait to get Howard on my Iphone too. Howards da man. F me howard
  • oh please don't stop. call 'em. I heard it was submitted at half time of the super bowl. my god it is already valentine's day. Please call them for me baby. Won't you be my valentine?
  • I really need Sirius and XM on my iPhone. I love Satatit radio.
  • @Chris:
    nope, soemhow i dont think it is a no brainer:)
    i cant agree to pay for a radio app, however good, and then pay for a sub. remember, i can carry my iphone anywhere i go and there are a no. of free radio apps available anyways. with the app+sub money i would rather buy a juice pack and extend my battery time, music for longer!
    but its ok, there are people who need this and are ready to pay, good for them!
  • @Amon:
    Yeah.. and people did not think people would buy the iPhone for $600 dollars and then pay for the cell phone service and data plan. Boy were they ever wrong
  • I sent NiceMac 100 dollars as a donation a few months ago. If I can afford to give them 100 bucks surely you can spare a measly 13.
  • Really. only 13 dollars? I thought it was going to be like $24.99. That's like almost half off what I was willing to pay for this starplayer application. Can't wait. Go going nicemac. They beat sirius to the punch. I don't think SIRI knows which way is up. shame on your siriusxm for not bringing this to market yourself. that shows a true lack of foresight. NiceMac shows true vision of a real company. thank you nicemac team thank you
  • @Betsy you're right!
  • you got to be kidding me? This app is already like a month old. why is it not at the appstore and why are people complaining about the price of an application that is not yet available. you guys really should be contacting and leaving Apple feedback because they are the ones holding this app up and you guys are wasting your breath complaining about the price of app that you do not even know how much blood sweat and tears went into this thing. did you spend every hour of your waking moments writing code for starplayer? i doubt it. so stop complaining and give these guys a pat on the back. i can't wait for this app and I am contacting Apple via the weblink posted on
  • I have been following this app for about a year now when it was called usirius. i think its great and these guys are doing an A+ job with this app. you people act like it is your right to steal this app away from these hard working developers who from what I heard have not been paid a dime on their efforts. jesus. what what you say and think before you say it. these guys are practically slaves and they deserve every penny that they can muster from this app. i will be the 1st in line to buy starplayr at the apple store when it comes out.
  • Ahh.. Ashley.. I hate to break this news to you but it won't be available at the Apple Store. it will be at the "AppStore."
    But you can use your iTunes gift card if you have one. I have some to burn from christmas still and plan on buying this with it. Free StarPlayer! ITMS Gift Card baby. can't wait. Apple approve this darn thing already.
  • thanks Mike for clearing that up for me. Love ya, Ash
  • Refresh Refresh Refresh boy this is getting good.
  • Can't wait for Starplyer can't wait.
  • Sounds too good to be true! but I would get it for $13 thats a steal. I would have to look into the details of course I wouldn't get it if it just has like 30 crappy stations.
  • 77 comments and counting. what else can be said on this topic? are we beating a dead horse hear? what is taking Apple so long? Anyone else call or email 'em?
  • It is more than 30 crappy stations. it is like over 120-140 really good stations that beat free internet radio hands down. you must be sirius or xm subscriber though and you have to pay for the app one time free for 1.x.x separately
  • not a cheap piece of software. I've never been all that impressed with Sirius anyway, the radio format just doesnt appeal to me when I can carry around my own music and talk (podcasts) entertainment with an iPod/iPhone. I have Sirius free in my car and use it, but would rather just have an iPod interface. I might get the app for the occasional sporting event, but I can't see myself using this much. If you could give it to me WITHOUT Howard I'd prolly pay $20 :P
  • you can get it without howard. just get XM without the Best of Sirius. $20 please
  • there are no sporting events online. i don't know why ask Sirius XM, but it probably involves too much $$$
  • Ugh, well then it totally isn't worth it to me. Oh well.
  • @Jacob:
    Its not that you get comparable phones for free with no service charge, god why are we doing apples to oranges ;)
  • there is sports talk, and many other talk stations and over 80 music stations online. sirius content blows away internet radio. commercial free music. premium talk stations. original content. internet radio has not content. pandora and slacker suck at content. and they play like broken records. i like octane, classic rewind and vinyl, punk, gratefuldead, beatles, paul mcartney, rollingstones, ac/dc, lithium, pop, it has everything, even the country and a half dozen comedy stations like blue collar radio and the jamie fox channels are killer. I love sirius. once you got sirius (or xm) you will die trying to go back to regular fm crappy commercial radio.
  • It's not apple's an oranges. most people will not buy a radio, but they will sure buy a cheap piece of software. yes. 13 dollars is cheap. and people did not think users who buy razers (iphones) and still pay for a cell phone contract for 2 years min. but over 50 millions people did so. so i would say about 8 million will by this app and pay for sirius because it is really the only game in town. that free internet crap is garbage. Sirius XM is king. content is king and sirius xm has it. free internet radio sucks jackass
  • On sirius i listen to the comedy channels, maxim, jam on, and I used to listen to left of center, but I think they moved or dropped that one. The content is good, but not worth the fee to me. Podcasts and my own music library suit my needs.
    For people who love their sirius this app is certainly cheaper than a stiletto.
  • 13 dollars is cheap. take 13 divide it by 365 days assuming it will take that long for 2.0 of the software to come out. that like less than 4 cents a day? cheap cheap cheap get the rocks out of your heads and maybe a qtip to clean your nose and ears out
  • sirius left is still on.
  • yea a stellito use is like 100 dollars. new is about 2 to 3 hundred.
  • read the FAQ on get all the facts
  • one who thinks everyone around him should agree with him is the jackass.
    you have your choice, i have mine, i dont become a jackass because i am not ready spend some money on an app you like.
    i will spend my money the way i like, i bought an iphone and pay for the service too, had these been a better phone for what i was looking would have bought it no matter what anyone else thought...
    sirius is not my cuppa tea, hate me if you so wish.
    i am what i am not what you think ;)
  • So please does any body know if there is going to be an extra fee to listen on mix iPhone if I am currently a customer???
  • Come on apple. Approve this nicemac starplayr app already. You're killing our stock price.
  • Does not come most news, sports, or specialty. With them nearly in bankruptcy court ..... it may be moot.
    This site and its comments are for the discussion of iPhone related news and views. Don't disrespect our hospitality and yourselves with petty personal bickering. Stick to the story, not each other.
    If you're old enough to use a computer, you're old enough to post as civilized people.
  • I am looking forward to this application and hope Apple approves it soon. It's been a long time coming can't wait. It's like Christmas all over again.
  • Please apple please approve this app please please please. I said the magic word six times
  • Nicemac you can count on my 13 bucks. I want this app yesterday.
  • you got it rene!
  • If starplayr v1.x.x last for one year before 2.0 comes out then this is how much the software will cost:
    $1.083 a month or
    .036 a day
    Subscription costs:
    online only sub will cost
    $12.95 a month or
    0.43 a day
    Both starplayr and the app
    Will cost online only users just 44 cents a day.
    That is cheaper than a cheap cup of coffee and way cheaper than starbucks.
  • correction that's less than 47 cents per day.
  • 46.6 cents a day to be exact.
    Cheaper than a pack a gum.
  • Tell me what you can buy these days for 46.6 cents a day besides donating it the charity or buying 10 shares of Sirius stock.
  • Make that only 6 shares of Sirius stock.
    SIRI closed at 7 cents today.
    Starplayr is pennies on the dollar. It's a great value and it is less expensive that buying a radio and paying the activation and monthly service charge for the radio.
    Get starplayr + Sirius XM online only for just 46.6 cents a day.
    Now all Sirius has to do is sell online Internet only subs worldwide and in a year, it. Oils wipe out its entire debt just on selling international Internet subs.
  • Apple wins millions
    Nicemac makes millions
    Sirius XM will be able to payoff billions of debt in record time
    A triple play.
  • Anyone care to debate these facts and figures with me is welcome to do so. Math is easy. The numbers do not lie.
  • cool, whats the probability sirius will be able to payoff its debt in record time? btw whats the record time you are looking at? any stats on previous payoffs in record time.
    hope rene isnt watching me ;)
  • I will buy this as soon as it hit the app store, have been waiting for a Sirius streaming app. I listen to Sirius all day pretty much every day; my car has a built in Sirius radio and I listen to the internet stream pretty much all day at work in the lab.
    This will basically be like getting another radio for me, only now one that doesn't need a view of the sky. And for only $13 it's a cheap radio too. BA-BA-BOOIE BA-BA-BOOIE! I have already had a life-time subscription for 2 years so it's starting to pay for itself.
    That all depends if the XM portion sticks around or not. They way SIRI is structured, it could bankrupt XM Radio where the majority of its debt lies and that would lighten the load up considerably. Sirius then broadcasts soley using Sirius' Satellites and the shareholders of common stock would be able to keep their shares.
    See Image on how Sirius and XM are structured:
    For Sirius to pay off its Sirius side debt due in 2009, of $249 million. All it would have to do is sell 1.6 Million internet only subs worldwide in 1 year.
    StarPlayr is projected to sell 1-2 million copies in 12 months.
    That's doable if XM goes away and still probably doable even if XM stays on with its other 20 million subs that it already has.
  • Hmm, not bad. I wish Sirius all the best. There are many who love it, though am not sure if just this app will be enough to lure new subs. Hopefully they are doing more to promote their service!
  • Here is all that needs to happen: Sirius opens up a international eCommerce website to sell online/internet only subscriptions. Apple approves the app and puts StarPlayr on in ads worldwide to sell uSirius StarPlayr at the AppStore WorldWide. Sirius sells 1.6 Million + subs per year, worldwide Apple and NiceMac sells 1-2 Millions copies of StarPlayr per year, wordwide A Triple Power Play. Sure thing for all three parties involved. Customers enjoy Sirius Radio anywhere. In the Gym, in the basement, in Turkey, Spain, UK, Germay, Switzerland, Australia, everywhere.
  • @ iPhonemilk.
    That would be billy Madison I'll take the ten points now
  • Man, Howard stern fans are dumb. Poll: do you think it's dumb people flocking to Howard or Howard turning them dumb? 
  • Howard has a lot of fans! Millions
  • Howard has already praised NiceMac for a job well done on StarPlayr. If he gives the nod, millions will buy StarPlayr around the world and up your block! No more blank blank.
    Howard Gives thumbs up to StarPlayr
  • Howard talks with NiceMac:
  • Get your facts straight before posting your opinions. Do your own research.
  • I have the lifetime sub to Siri. Got it about a year ago. So to me, all I'm paying is a one time $12.99 for my Siri on my iPhone. I can't imagine a better deal. This is the dream app. I would pay $29.99 for it. We can steal it for 13. Hypelas!
  • Stern, Robin, Artie and the rest of the gang from the stern show love the App.
  • Two words: Howard Stern.
    Where can I fork my WHOPPING 13 bucks over to get this now.
    I spent more on a crappy album that I threw away, and almost that for VERY bad movies.
    I have Sirius and listen online all the time. More than worth the money to get what amounts to a portable player.
    People have no perspective. They'll spend 60 bucks on a video game that turns out to SUCK, but complain about 14 for something that never gets old... Ge'ez
  • BTW: married, straight, very successful, 145 IQ and a Stern fan.
    Know thy stats, mr. Mike M
    If you check the demographics, you will see that Howard attracts a thinking crowd. Beleive it or not. Blew me away! I thought I was a minority, but every engineer, astronaut and artist I know loves him as a guilty pleasure.
    The silent majority is NOT a member of the Wack Pack.
  • I also have a lifetime subscription to Sirius. I listen to the online player all day long at work and love it. Personally, I can't wait for this appl to come out either and am willing to pay the $12.99 fee. You can use Orb and Usirius but I don't think the audio quality was as good as what I hope this Starplayr will be. Hurry up Apple.
  • Most people who hate on Stern really have no clue as to what the show is about... Not a single clue.
  • I'm done paying for the same thing over and over.
    I paid for the Sirius unit that goes in my car.
    I paid for installation.
    I pay my monthly subscription.
    now I should pay every month to listen online and pay for the iPhone app on top of that?
    no thanks.
  • No one is forcing you guys to buy this app. 13 bucks in nothing. Like that costo guy said, it is only like 4 cents a day to get the App. You guys might and well go watch B Movie and waste your money on popcorn, candy and get fat. You bunch of smucks.
  • Is there a sirius app for winmo/ symbian or others already, if not, going by the popularity sirius should seriously conder it! ;)
  • *consider
  • StarPlayr for Windows Mobile is on
    I don't think they have one for Symbian as it is not listed on their website. You may want to check They are the division that provides the WinMo apps.
  • Sirius only knows content, they do not know how to program software radios. I highly recommend StarPlayr to all our users who call in wondering how to connect via online.
  • From what I can tell it just seems to be fans of usirius starplayr that just want it to be approved and available at the appstore. nothing more.
  • Seriously doubt anyone is trying to get a plug here. it's been plugged already elsewhere and on the air of the stern show.
  • @Eric,
    Dude ... just because you don't have use for something doesn't mean it isn't "worth" the price. "Worth" is a very subjective term.
    If someone will get enough use of the program to justify to themselves paying the price, it's "worth" it to them.
    Eric ... Fail. Sorry to burst your bubble ... dude.
  • i've never bought a single app from the iphone store. there are so many good free ones. but i will definitely pay the 12 for this. it's beyond worth it. to be able to listen to howard stern on the drive to work again and all the other great music channels makes it worth it.
    can i bookmark songs or anything interactive like that, like pandora or some of the other satellite devices let you do?
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  • I doubt thsi has SiriusXM's approval. It will cut into radio sales, and I'm betting it relies on the streaming audio capability of SiriusXM. My guess they'll sell like hotcakes, then Sirius will change their method of internet radio and the app will be worthless
  • @Jared Lorz Sersiously doubt that. There are about a dozen streaming apps. If Sirius break star-player then they stand breaking every third party app and that could lead to a backlash.
  • This seems to be only part of the article is that "original" but it also seems to be what stirred the pot here: "So with a price tag of $12.99 how many of you are willing to pick this up to carry your favorite channels with you on the go?"
    The rest of the article is copy and past from and anything else is pure speculation.
  • sirius xm to avoid chapter 11
  • Sirius got their buts saved today by Liberty. If it wasnt for them Sirius would probably be belly up right now. So we can start worrying about the app again. SIRIUS NEEDS $350 million by dec. 2012 plus be able to pay Howard and Martha.
  • I've had the chance to test out the StarPlayr app for several days. It delivers on all it promises. I was able to play Sirius through my living room stereo using my existing subscription. iPhone baby! This app will be well worth the $12.95 one time fee. Developer interview here.
  • Seth, where did you get the chance to test StarPlayr?
  • Mike, I'm on the beta team. Here is a demo of the 1st beta:
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