Verizon is Back with 3 More Anti AT&T TV Spots

Verizon is back once more firing back at AT&T's 3G ads by releasing three more anti AT&T TV spots titled "Big Red", "Sail" and "Shadows". You will see that two of the three ads are actually spoofs of classic commercial campaigns. "Big Red" spoofs those Big Red gum commercials while "Shadows" spoofs DaBeers Diamonds are forever commercials.

Verizon just loves to try to push what seems to be it's only advantage over AT&T, more 3G coverage. Once AT&T proceeds with their plans to enhance their network and coverage what will happen to these commercials? What then will Verizon have over AT&T? Sound off in the comments below!

Commercials after the break!

[Thanks for the tip Bruce!]

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