Vudu's End of Year sale is live with binge-worthy deals on digital movies and TV shows

It's time to celebrate the end of 2019! Get out your popcorn, invite your closest friends, and decide what you're going to binge-watch next. Vudu's End of Year sale is live with plenty of fantastic deals on digital movies and TV shows to help keep you entertained not just through the end of the year but through 2020, too. With TV seasons starting as low as $0.99, movies for $5 and under, and great bargains on film bundles, this sale offers several ways to build your digital library at a discount.

Vudu's End of Year Sale on Digital Films and TV Shows

Vudu's End of Year Sale on Digital Films and TV Shows

With TV seasons and digital movies on sale for $4.99 and under, this Vudu sale is not pulling any punches. Build your digital collection up today at a discount. There are even complete TV series and 4K films in the mix.

There are a few different sections to Vudu's sale this week, but one of the first you should check out is this selection of digital films for $4.99 or less. There are over 600 films to choose from there, including classics like Jurassic Park, animated films like The Peanuts Movie, and hits from the past decade such as Django Unchained. For only $5 or less, you can actually buy a few of these films for what a single movie ticket would cost these days, and get to re-watch whenever you'd like!

This selection of 50% off TV bundles is probably my favorite of all of them. You can find some great shows to keep you busy for the next few months, like Avatar: The Last Airbender that's now down to $24.99, Breaking Bad for $34.99, or 24 for $49.99. Once you're done there, head to this group of discounted TV seasons for $4.99 or less for even more great picks to choose from.

The final section you can't leave Vudu's sale without checking out is this mix of film bundles at 50% off. This could be the perfect way to add your favorite film series to your digital collection without paying too much for it. There are picks like Back to the Future Trilogy or Best of the 90s which includes 10 classic films all for only $34.99. That's like paying only $3.49 apiece, and there are a ton of other bundles with similar prices to consider.

Vudu's sale won't last forever, so be sure to take a look and add a few new shows or movies to your library before it comes to an end soon.

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