Apple introduces new EarPods headphones coming with the iPod Nano, iPod Touch and iPhone 5


Although they managed to leak out ahead of the iPhone 5 event, Apple has now introduced a new set of earbud headphones for iOS devices. EarPods, as they will be reffered to will come with all of Apple's new products such as the iPod Nano, iPod Touch and iPhone 5 as well, be available as a stand alone accessory.

As we all know, there has been many complaints about the included earbud headphones for a while now and as noted during the keynote, Apple has been working on these EarPods for the past three years now. The new EarPods will be made available for purchase starting, today.

Chris Parsons

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There are 13 comments. Add yours.

dloveprod says:

Those look nice but I like the cordlessness of Bluetooth headphones.

jlb21 says:

Watch..... They'll price these at $49 or higher

Jenna Jameson says:

Sorry bro. Same price as previous model....$29.

KCMike says:

$29 per the Apple site -

Or buy the iPod Shuffle for $49 & get a free pair.

Trini-34 says:

BlackBerry RIM has been doing this for "YEARS" providing headset with their devices. I am glad that make you iphone users happy...

Noel Hibbard says:

The iPhone has been shipping with headphones for years too. Duh.

gordol says:

"...there has been many complaints about the included earbud headphones for a while now ..."

IOW, and as everyone else but you seem to know, earbuds have been included with all iDevices since forever, they simply sucked.

rdstryr says:

Most informed comment I have ever seen. Way to go bro!

Trini-34 says:

I'm not here to inform you of anything, if you want to be informed stick will imore. I'm just here to congratulate iusers of your iphone's accomplishments (with a renamed headset). I know idevices came with accessories but was very ashamed to actually call that crap headsets...

Jenna Jameson says:

Coming from a BB user......I know. The next BB model will sell by the tens!

Jenna Jameson says:

What makes us happy? Regular software updates, robust stock prices, and no breakdowns in service.

BB? Not so much....

Vanti says:

I personally like the new design and think that they will be a hit. As for iphone headphones sucking i dont know what you guys are talking about i prefer them over a lot of in ear headphones. If i realy wanted to listen to music a movie etc i get my over-the-ear to get the job done...

Dev from tipb says:

Hopefully these will be more sweat-resistant than the current generation.