Apple investigating iPhone issues with Monster-branded headphones

It appears as if Apple is looking into an issue between the iPhone/iPod and Monster brand headphones. According to an anonymous tipster who contacted Engadget, Apple has informed their customer service workers of issues that are occurring between Monster headphones that utilize integrated microphones and controls.

The rumored memo to employees reads as follow:

Several Monster headphone models using Apple's Remote and Mic technology do not meet Apple's technical specifications. These headphones use conductive flanges, which can result in electrical shorts that can cause an iPod or iPhone to pause and play erratically. Customers may not be aware that the issue is caused by the headphones and may believe that the iPod or iPhone is defective instead. There are no known safety concerns and no known risk of damage to the iPod/iPhone or headphones.

Symptoms of the issue are random pauses and playing and skipping forward or backwards of tracks. There is a list after the break which indicates the affected models (the current model Apple sells in their retail stores is not listed).

Are you having this issue with your Monster headphones? Let us know your take on this apparent problem in the comments below.

[ Engadget ]


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Reader comments

Apple investigating iPhone issues with Monster-branded headphones


LOL I think Monster just might win the 2010 Bose Award for over-hyped, over-priced crap. Better than those digital cables that give you "better" sound and picture.
Nice going Monster!

Skullcandy full metal jacket headphones are also faulty when used with iPhone 4. I complained and they gave me a free set of 50/50's that work correctly.

When doing serious music work, I like AKG studio headphones. Just listening, any pair of decent inexpensive head phones will work. Cannot speak for monster, but heard bad reviews of them.

I had this exact thing happen to me last week in the middle of a run using the Nike+ app. The iPhone started wigging out and I assumed it was the phone then restarted. Ran a lil longer and it happened again. I have the diddy beats and have been running with them for two months. I was just about to file a warranty claim! Oh yeah, the volume rocker stopped working too.

I have the same problem with some Sony earbuds that are made to work with the iPhone. It makes me wonder if it is an iOS issue. The problem is very sporadic for me.

I have the Beats by Dre full-size headphones and those things sound amazingly clear!!! Deep bass, clear highs and mids that cut through nicely. What more do you want from headphones? Unlike Bose or most other high end headphone companies there cables disconnect from the headphones themselves and are replaceable, I 'had a problem with them (probably because they have that option and i keep them in the hard case that they come in). Bose or Skullcandy only give you a cheap ass bag that doesn't actually protect them at all in your bag or when traveling.

This is happening to me with all third party headphones. It's a faulty head flex cable. It holds the jack, the mute switch, the volume rocker and the sleep button, so if any of those craps out on you, chances are it's just a faulty head flex.

I have sold monster for over 6 years and can tell you besides there cable ( overpriced as it may be ) and power conditioners are the only thing they have kicking. They make wires and cables. Why would anyone want headphones by them. They are not a sound company nore is dr dre an engineer. Best studio phones for less then monster pos. Get byerdinamic dt770 or 880 or some phat sonys for any real music production or Dj and ultimate ears superfi series or m-audio is series or motorola bt hd joints.

this is happening to me with an auxiliary cable i use in my car. it will randomly skip forward and place it on shuffle. I did not know what was causing it but it makes sense, especially since i just bought them.

I hope Monster doesn't sue you or engadet for saying this. They love suing or bringing c&d's to any one who says negative things about them.