Apple iPad Accessories: Keyboard Dock, BT Keyboard, Camera Kit, Standard Dock, Case, Projector Cable

Apple iPad Accessories

Not content with simply introducing a new iPad device, Steve Jobs has announced some accessories to go along with it including:

[Updated with pricing via Ars]

  • $39 Standard dock, nothing to see here!
  • $69 Dock connected to an Apple keyboard (can iPhone has one?)
  • Apple's Bluetooth Keyboard will also work with iPad (again, iPhone please?)
  • $39 case with a cover that can be flipped over like a stand for typing or viewing (two angles)
  • A cable for use with projectors (iWork intended).
  • A camera kit to download photos to iPad over USB

We're hoping for a nice fat video out cable as well, okay Apple?

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Reader comments

Apple iPad Accessories: Keyboard Dock, BT Keyboard, Camera Kit, Standard Dock, Case, Projector Cable


It sucks! It doesnt have a multi taskin' ... thought I can use it for my iphone apps development.

very underwhelming device. very disappointing. No port access, no real OS, no multitasking, overpriced e-reader is all this is.

USB port would of been a major plus for me. maybe we'll be able to tether through the iphone with BT??? but work is definitely great!

Is it the same connector as iPhone? If so, can they (or jailbreaking community) make that keboad work with iPhone!? If so my iPhone just might replace my laptop.

I don't get why people are complaining that it is not a phone. I can make phone calls with my ipod touch using Skype. Seems like it would work for the Ipad too.

If iPad supports Bluetooth keyboards, lets hope Apple introduces that feature into all iPhone OS 3.2 builds.
The iGo Folding Bluetooth keyboard would be awesome with the iPod Touch or iPhone!

TIPB, can you use all your influence to get someone to stick their iPhone on that keyboard dock and just see if it works? Please?

If the iPad sells at the right prices I might actually look into buying one of these. I'd pay $500 for a model that supports flash, silverlight and lets me watch Hulu!

I'd love to be able to hook up that keyboard to an ipod touch or iphone!
But no, icebike, I don't see it as a Touch killer. Way different price point. And not shirt-pocketable. So the Touch still has plenty of appeal to many people, I don't see it going anywhere because of this.

@Okay I agree. Calls can be made through Skype and Google now. Easy as that.
No camera. Why not make it able to support webcam functionality?? Then I can attach a camera if I want. This has to be possible if I can upload pics straight to the ipad now, right?

And now, not even 15 years later, we know, soon enough, you¡¦ll carry around access to virtually each book ever created, nearly each bit of information generated by anyone else on a computer.

I agree with all the people in here for how disappointing this device is. Giant Ipod , Kindle killer, Digital picture frame, lol Where is the OS the PORTS the everything we've been waiting on. Well it's coming just so you guys know, this is another way apple is making money off the suckers who buy this product and investing money into rethinking the way they will make laptops. The macbook pro's they have now are making money for apple they cant just make a tablet and stop all the macbook support or else they would lose customers. Their waiting till the Macbook is old news then creating another version of the laptop which will be the MacTablet
The next 2 years will be exciting for mac id buy stock if i had the dough

They keyboard is nice to use, but it sucks that you can only use it in portrait mode. I use my ipad in landscape 95% of the time... the 5% is when im typing on the apple keyboard... of course this is only after my son destroyed my ZAGGmate