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How to quickly silence an incoming call on Apple Watch

If you receive a phone call on Apple Watch at an inappropriate time, you can quickly silence it with your palm.

We've all had times when we received a call at an inopportune time — or forgot to silence our iPhone in a crowded space. The Apple Watch can make these situations slightly less embarrassing by letting you silence all your devices with one quick gesture. That means no fumbling around for your iPhone in a purse or pocket to hit the ignore button anymore. Here's how to do it!

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How to make a phone call with Apple Watch

Not only can you receive calls right on your Apple Watch, you can also make them!

It's like living in the future. Phone calls. On your wrist. And there's more than one way to do it. While Siri will almost always be the easiest and quickest way to make a call on your Apple Watch, you can also fall back on the Phone and Friends apps for when Siri isn't available or appropriate. All three ways are simple to so, once you know how!

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Best Bluetooth headphones for iPhone and Apple Watch

Bluetooth headphones give you the freedom to enjoy music wirelessly, both on your iPhone and your Apple Watch.

Whether you're hitting the gym, heading out for a run, or just hate cords, there's a lot of reasons you might want Bluetooth wireless headphones. They come in over-ear, on-ear, and in-in varieties, just like regular headsets, and shopping for them can be overwhelming given the vast selection and range of price points. To help you choose, here are our favorite Bluetooth headphones for iPhone — and they're also great for use with the Apple Watch on the go!

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How to stop remote images from loading in Mail for iPhone and iPad

If you want to make sure your email stays as private as possible, disabling remote images is a good idea.

Just like disabling remote image loading on the Mac prevents companies and spammers alike from detecting when you opened an email, and potentially collecting other information, preventing them from loading on your iPhone and iPad makes sure you are protected against snooping on all your devices.

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How to save battery life on Apple Watch during workouts

By default the Apple Watch constantly monitors your heart rate during workouts, which consumes extra battery life.

While some kinds of workouts require consistent heart rate data in order to track calorie burn rates more accurately, it isn't necessary for all kinds of workouts. That's why the Apple Watch gives you a way to disable consistent heart rate tracking during certain kinds of activities. In turn, you get a little more battery life out of your Apple Watch. Here's how!

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How to tell if you have unseen Digital Touch messages on Apple Watch

Digital Touch lets you send taps, sketches, and even your heartbeat to anyone else also using an Apple Watch.

If you somehow miss, dismiss, or don't get the notification when a Digital Touch comes in, don't worry. Your Apple Watch saves them and will show when you have Digital Touches you haven't seen. Think of it like the indicator on an unread mail message, just for the Friend's interface. And they're easy to see... once you know where to look!

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How to track health & fitness on Apple Watch: The ultimate guide

The Apple Watch includes new and novel health and fitness features that can help motivate you and keep you on track.

Out of the box your Apple Watch can count your calories and steps, track your workouts, and even monitor your heart rate. Whether your goal is losing weight, gaining cardio, monitoring your health for medical reasons, or to live a better life, the Apple Watch and its built-in Activity, Workout, and Health apps can help you do just that.

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How to set up and use iCloud on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

iCloud lets you sync and store all the data that's important to you, from photos and documents to calendars and contacts.

Apple's online storage service, iCloud includes a wide range of features like iCloud Drive for your files, iCloud Photo Library for your pictures and videos, iTunes in the Cloud for your music and movies, iCloud mail for your communications, and even Find my iPhone to track down missing devices. It makes sure everything you have on your iPhone is also available on your iPad and Mac, and even your Apple TV and Apple Watch.

Best of all, if you have an Apple ID (including an iTunes account), you have iCloud. Here's how to get the most out of it!

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Apple Watch and activity tracking: 5 things you need to know!

The Apple Watch doesn't track activity the same way your everyday fitness tracker does, and that has caused some general confusion.

Instead of counting steps or calories, the Apple Watch focuses more on your overall health and well-being. This difference has left some Apple Watch owners baffled at their standing desks when a notification comes through that it's time to stand; others aren't sure why workouts they log in other App Store apps don't show up as a workout in the Activity app. And these are all logical questions.

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How to create and manage alarms on Apple Watch

Alarms on your Apple Watch are separate from your iPhone alarms, but they can work together.

Just like your iPhone, your Apple Watch comes with a built-in Alarms app to keep you from missing — or sleeping through — anything important. The two can work together quite nicely, or you can choose to just use one device's Alarms app. Here's everything you need to know.

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How to pair an external heart rate monitor to Apple Watch

Although the Apple Watch has a built-in heart rate sensor, more serious training may require some external help.

While your Apple Watch's heart sensor should perform just fine for passive monitoring, anyone training or in need of much more accurate data may be better off with a heart rate monitor strap. Luckily, the Apple Watch supports connecting a Bluetooth enabled strap or monitor. Once you pair it within Settings, you're ready to go!

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How the Apple Watch gave developers a second chance to win me over

After just a week, over 3500 apps are already optimized and available for Apple Watch.

That's a pretty incredible number, and one that will no doubt continue growing rapidly. I've only had my Apple Watch for a week so far and I'm quickly realizing that not all Watch apps are created equal. While I expected Apple's smartwatch to change my usage habits, I didn't expect it to make me completely rethink what apps I used and depended on regularly — but here I am.

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How to pause a workout on Apple Watch

If you're in the middle of a workout with Apple Watch and something comes up, you can easily pause it.

For most of us, our workouts are timed and we want the data our Apple Watch collects to be as accurate as possible. But what happens if we get a phone call, or something urgent comes up that interrupts the middle of a workout? If you're using the built-in Workout app, pausing your workout is just as easy as completing it. Here's how!

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How to track athletic progress and achievements with Activity for iPhone

If you have an Apple Watch, the Activity app lets you track activities and view your progress both on the Watch and your iPhone.

Looking for more fitness data than the Workout and Activity apps on your Apple Watch can provide? Look no further than your iPhone: All the data you collect on your watch will automatically be synced with a companion Activity app on your smartphone. This is where you can view further information on your daily movement goals and activities, as well as workout summaries and any achievements you've earned along the way. Follow along and we'll show you how!

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How to add the Activity app to your Apple Watch's clock face

Having the Activity app on your Apple Watch's clock face lets you see your progress with just a wrist raise.

If you want to stay on top of how active you are throughout the day, you'll likely want to check the Activity app on your Apple Watch. But instead of swiping or tapping your way to the app itself, you can add Activity's progress rings to the clock face of your Apple Watch; it makes easy work of staying on top of your move goals. Here's how!

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How to search for Twitter usernames and hashtags with Spotlight

Searching for Twitter users or hashtags on iPhone and iPad is now as simple as launching Spotlight.

While most of us have our favorite Twitter apps, if you don't have yours handy, or you're already using Apple's Spotlight search tool, you can now bring up links to popular people and trending tweets by typing in an @username or #hashtag.

Note: Spotlight isn't searching Twitter per se. It's including Twitter in the pool of information it digs through, but it will only show Twitter results if they're especially relevant. So, Spotlight won't show every username or every hashtag, just really popular ones around the time and place you're searching.

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Five tips for better organizing your Apple Watch home screen!

The Apple Watch's limited screen real estate makes app organization more important than ever.

Fumbling around the tiny screen of an Apple Watch to hunt down a single app isn't very convenient or practical. You don't have the help of Spotlight, a keyboard, or folders to help find and organize apps like you can on iPhone and iPad. You can always use Siri, but if talking to your watch would be awkward or inappropriate, a better home screen layout can make it much easier to find apps.

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Get more out of automation and app integrations with Zapier

Having trouble getting your most used apps and services to play nice together? There's a zap for that!

Zapier is an integration and automation service that helps you tie together the services and apps that you already use. Tired of manually creating tasks from recurring emails? Zapier can do that for you. Maybe you want to automatically save email attachments to Dropbox. It can do that too.

Zapier lets you automate what can be automated so you can free up more of your most valuable resource, your time.

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How to track a workout session with Apple Watch

You can log all kinds of workouts right on your wrist with Apple Watch.

Whether you're heading to the gym and jumping on a stationary bike, enjoying a nice long walk outdoors, or going for a brisk run around town, your Apple Watch can track any session, complete with distance, time, heart rate details, and more. Once you're done, Apple Watch will log all this data in the Activity and Health apps on your iPhone. This way you can review information and track your progress whenever you'd like. Logging a workout session with Apple Watch is simple. Follow along and we'll walk you through how!

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How to rename your Apple Watch

By default your Apple Watch is named [Your Name's] Apple Watch. And defaults are boring.

If you want to give your Apple Watch more pizazz and personality, you can easily change its default name to something... with more pizazz and personality. Maybe you want to name it after a favorite character or setting, or according to a special system. Whatever it is, you can change your Apple Watch's name as easily as you can change your iPhones. Here's how!

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