BlueAnt V1 Bluetooth Headset for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS


The BlueAnt V1 Bluetooth Headset for iPhone 3G/3GS [$68.92 - iMore Store Link] has been a pleasant surprise as I did not think I'd find another Bluetooth headset that I would prefer over the highly regarded Jawbone PRIME.

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The first thing you will notice is the amount of goodies that BlueAnt has given you in the package. Along with the actual headset you get a rubberized metal ear hook, translucent ear hook, small and large rubber ear gels, small and large foam tips, gooseneck USB cable, USB adapter, USB car charger, AC power adapter, and last but not least the manual/quicks start guide.


With all of that said, lets get into the fit and performance of the V1. The V1 weighs in at a light .35 oz and is 1.5-inches long. Some headsets can just be flat out annoying after a long period of use, not the V1. It is honestly the most comfortable headset I have tried to this very day. It is so comfortable you may just forget you are even wearing it! BlueAnt claims you will get 5 hours of talk time along with 200 hours of standby. I've found that those times are pretty accurate but If you find that 5 hours of talk time is to low for what you need, you can always take advantage of all of the charging options you are supplied with. One thing I did notice was that when my headset was running low on battery, alerted by an audible tone, the person on the other end would claim they could not hear me anywhere near as clearly. It was an odd occurrence that would only happen with the battery drained.

Minus that particular issue, the V1's dual microphones offer superb voice clarity. While it does not have that amazing background noise cancelation feature of the Jawbone headsets, the V1 does have DSP (Digital Signal Processing) that BlueAnt calls Voice Isolation Technology and it works well. The V1 provides outstanding noise suppression, wind noise reduction and echo cancellation. There are two modes available while you are on a call - Voice Isolation Standard and Voice Isolation Max.

The feature that really makes this headset stand out from the rest is it's voice user interface which allows you to control most of the V1's functions with your voice. Pushing one button activates the voice recognition technology and gives you control of all the functions of the V1. If you need assistance, just say "What Can I Say?" and the headset will tell you the commands you can use. When you have an incoming call you will be alerted by the V1 telling you who is calling via telephone number. Unfortunately it can not access your phones contacts to read back names but beggars can't be choosers.


Overall, I found the BlueAnt V1 to be a high quality headset that is worth every penny of it's low price. Sure you can spend $100 plus on other headsets such as the V1's younger brother, the BlueAnt Q1, but why bother when they share almost the exact same features?

My Jawbone is now collecting dust as the BlueAnt V1 is now my new daily driver.

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Reader comments

BlueAnt V1 Bluetooth Headset for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS


Just don't try and update the firmware on the damn thing like they say you can do. Yes it is a great headset but not being able to do one of it's core functions is a smack in the face. And don't get me started on their support.

Wow, these things are getting smaller and smaller. Pretty soon they'll be falling into our ears and we'll need surgery to get them out.

ive had it a while with my 3GS and while voice quality and noise isolation is good i do have a few issues:
callers can hear my call waiting tone when using it, which i really dislike. tapping the action button to answer a call sometimes just doesn't work. ive had my calls go to voicemail as a result. voice recognition should verify commands! i say something like "call voicemail" and it will say "redialing last incoming call" forcing me to quickly hang up but if my hands are tied, the whole point of hands free, i have to say "hey its me again, sorry i didnt mean to redial you." or if i say "redial" sometimes it will dial one of my fav numbers. so yeah not so great.
bottom line is voice quality is excellent but too many bugs to make it worth it, my moto h710 was a lot more stable but i lost it so wanted to try the ant and got bit as a result.

Voice control works pretty reliably for me. And as for wind, it's not as great as you think I did a comparison a while ago with window down and no voice isolation at 60mph: horrible like I even have to tell you. Second with window up and no voice isolation at 60mph: noise pretty obvious but ok. Third with voice isolation and window down at 60mph: noise pretty bad obvious. Finally with voice isolation and window up at 60mph: actually pretty nice and clear; nothing I'd use for an interview while driving but hey.

I tried it for a week with iPhone 3gs, noise cancelling sucks on it. Ended up buying a platronics pro best one I've used so far. Tried about 3 other Top models...

Another vote for Plantronics Voyager Pro. Absolutely the best I have ever used when comparing: sound quality (on both ends), loudness (can actually hear the other person even when noise is all around you), and noise cancellation.

I literally have a drawer full of bluetooth headsets. This is the one I use. The built-in speed dialing is convenient, and now you can easily invoke iPhone voice dialing. Good reports of call quality from people I call. Comfort is good. Battery life is really good. When I lost one a few weeks ago, I went back and tried my JawBone 2 (which I never liked) and a couple others. In the end, I bought another set of these.

I have had both jawbone 1&2 and this blue ant 1st Jawbone is better than the new but I this v1
is alot better jawbone 2. I think it's the best out it's so light you have to keep checking if it's in your ear right now I'm useing jawbone 2 I will be getting another v1 and the jawbone2 goes to the wife first v1 went in the wash ouch

I have Jawbone 2 and Blueant V1 and the V1 is a lot better since it feels confortable, the audio commands work great, interactive messages, small and stays stable on the ear and for a better price. My Jawbone will stay in my drawer together with my old other useless bluethooth.