BlueAnt Q1 Voice Controlled Bluetooth Headset for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS


The BlueAnt Q1 voice controlled Bluetooth headset for iPhone [$109.95 - iMore Store] is the higher end version of the BlueAnt V1 I tested last month, and came away impressed with. How impressed? It's a piece of hardware I would recommend it to anyone in the market for a new bluetooth headset. Now that the good folks over at BlueAnt were nice enough to send me the Q1, will I make the switch? For all of the juicy details follow us after the break!

Similar to the BlueAnt V1, this new and improved Q1 boasts many accessories in the package. Along with the sleek gunmetal voice-controled headset you get large and small earbuds, ear hook, USB cable, AC adapter, and a quick start guide.


In my V1 review I mentioned that the Q1's improvements may not warrant the higher price to upgrade. I can now honestly say I was wrong. From a first glance, the Q1 looks much more visually appealing to the eye but it does not stop there. The Q1 measures 2.16 inches long while weighing in at .30 oz without the optional ear hook attached and .38 oz with it attached. These specifications help make this headset, hands-down, the most comfortable headset I have ever used. Even with the ear hook attached I can easily go a full day wearing it and not feel any discomfort. With the different sized ear buds and the ear hook you are bound to find a great comfortable fit. The controls are kept simple, you have the volume up/down buttons and the BlueAnt button which acts as power on/off, answer/end calls, and enables voice command.


Now lets get to the good stuff - performance. The BlueAnt Q1 simply out shines all of the competition I've tested in the performance category in every way except for battery life. My biggest complaint is that the headset gets 4 hours of talk time and 100 hours of standby. Sure that does not sound bad but when the Q1's older sibling, the V1, gets one more hour talk time and 100 hours more of standby time... it makes me wonder how BlueAnt dropped the ball on that one. Moving on let's break down the key features.

  • Voice Control with the BlueGenie™ Voice User interface
  • Multipoint technology allowing you to connect two handsets at once
  • Voice Isolation Technology
  • Revolutionary Noise Suppression and Echo Cancellation
  • Custom internal wind-shields reduce wind noise to whisper

The first thing I noticed with the improved voice control present on the Q1 was speed dialing. On the V1 I found voice speed dialing worked a bit less than perfectly. I'm happy to report that on the Q1 it works flawlessly. You simply go by your favorite contacts stored within your iPhone. A simple tap of the BlueAnt button and a voice command of "Speed dial 1" will call the first contact stored within your favorites. Not only can you use voice commands for speed dialing but other things such as checking your battery life, answering/ending phone calls, calling back the last incoming call, redialing your last outgoing call, etc... A great feature that 99% of the time understood what I was saying and completed the task.


Another feature, called multipoint technology, is one that some of you out there can appreciate while others will have no use for. Multipoint technology simply means that you can connect two phones to the Q1 at the same time and answer whichever one happens to be ringing. A nice feature for those of you dual-wielding 2 phones such as your beloved iPhone and say your Blackberry. I know with my previous headsets it would be a pain to have to repair the headset to another one of my phones so this is a welcomed feature.

The biggest improvement I have noticed coming from the V1 to this Q1 is all of the voice isolation technologies that are being implemented within the headset have been improved. When I was in a room with complete silence the person on the other end of the line would hear me crystal clear. The big test was how would it perform in a noisy situation. I am happy to report it faired pretty well. While the BlueAnt Q1 does not use a similar technology to the Jawbone's noise assassin, the DSP technology in the Q1 does it's job extremely well. The headset places all ambient noises and makes them sound very distant while raising the sound level of the users voice. Not a single caller complained about not being able to understand me or hear me loud and clear. The biggest improvement over the V1 was made in the wind-sheilds. Living in Chicago I had a great environment to test this out. While all wind noise was not erased, the caller on the other end always was able to hear with me clarity, even with a strong city wind smacking me in the face. Job well done.


Overall the BlueAnt Q1 voice controlled Bluetooth headset for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS is a excellent, top quality headset that should not be passed up if you are in the market for a top of the line piece of technology. Buy it now!

Learn more and purchase @TiPb's Store >>>

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BlueAnt Q1 Voice Controlled Bluetooth Headset for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS


Why can't my current Motorola h350 control my iphones voice control through bluetooth like it did my old phone :-/

I wish Apple would make another attempt at its Bluetooth earpiece. I really liked the design, but read that it didn't work very well and was discontinued. I hate these ear loops that the rest all seem to have.

good god really 109. thats too much my bluetooth headset cost me 13.95 on newegg. Its a motorola and it work great. Better than my original Jawbone. I use to buy all the expensive headsets but after the jawbone I gave up on them. Anyways jawbone one had a bad design.

I take it back, it works, the phone has to be locked before voice control will work by pressing the button on my bluetooth headset

BlueAnts customer service is CRAP!!! My Q1 broke and because I bought it on eBay they wouldnt do anything about it. The speaker part seperated from the body of the headset, obviously a manufacturer issue but yet they wouldnt honor any type of warranty. I would stay away from this headset.

The speaker part seperated from the body of the headset, obviously a manufacturer issue

Obviously an abuse issue. If not by you, then by the prior owner.

The Q1 is AWESOME! I didn't pay $109 though. I paid $49 from Takes about 7 days to ship from Hong Kong. Comes in a simple white box will all accessories included. I'm very pleased with my purchase!

I was excited about the new iPhone update with bluetooth voice controls. But was never able to get it to work on my second gen JawBone. I'm I missing something?

I have tried several bluetooth earphones for my iphone 3gs and the people I am speaking to on them can hardly hear me does this Blueant fix this issue ?.

Ok ive orderd my BlueAnt from USA. cant wait its so dangerous trying to use a crackly earphone while driving, I told them in the shop when I bought the iphone I used it a lot with my Bluetooth earphone while driving I cant understand why they didn’t tell me the iphones not very good with Bluetooth headsets, I only bought the phone 10 days ago so its not to late to take it back but now I will wait for the BlueAnt which will take me over the return period and if its still no good I will go and smash the iphone (and £300 worth of accessories I have bought for it) in the shop where I bought it from in front of all the staff and buy the new touch screen sony ericsson that I was going to buy in the first place.

This web site is actually quite sophisticated, but for some reason it does not display properly when trying to view on my Nintendo Wii. If it helps, the console uses the Opera browser and am forced to using the console for accessing the Internet whilst my PC is away being repaired.

I wanted a Q1 for Christmas because of the A2DP update. So when I received it, I promptly paired it with my IPHONE 3GS and was disappointed that the device had an earlier firmware.
So I registered the device, downloaded the software, found a Windows Laptop (I am a Mac User and they don't have a Mac Update, go figure) and tried to update no joy. It said that is couldn't open the USB device.
So I left it be for a couple of weeks and just used the head set as it was. It worked fine until one day it just died.
I returned it to AT&T yesterday (January 24, 2010) and they gave me another one. Again I paired this one with my IPHONE and again the same old firmware.
So this time I tried it again. No Joy. So I went back to Blueant's web site and now they have a new updater, so I downloaded that one, uninstalled the old one and ran the updater again. Still no joy. The error message was the same, can't open the USB device.
Now I go and look for another computer, and a friend of mine lets me use his XP laptop and I install the updater on there and try again. Same issue.
Now I am frustrated. I get Blueant tech support on the phone, they tell me they don't know what to do. I asked if I can ship my unit to them and then they can ship one that has the new firmware.
They say NO, your product is not defective. Well that might be true in a way, but I wanted the product for the A2DP feature so I have a product that is not only not what I wanted but it does not have the ability to be flashed.
If you are looking for this as a solution, pass it by.

Same here. i have a blackberry and my Q1 is paired nicely with it. however i cant get the firmware update to stick. keep getting this unable to open usb device. Kinda bullsh_t if you ask me. anyone that has any idea how to get it to work please help

Why is it when I search for "hands free" there is always a "then push the button" in the document I find. I want/need a truly hands free solution. With my RAZR and Motorola headset I had "magic word"
capability. Cut down on my standby time, but I didn't care. I could say "magic word" (whatever it might be) and then hear a beep and then say call home or some such. IF I HAVE TO TOUCH ANYTHING IT IS NOT HANDS FREE!

Couldn't get Q1 to dial any number from Favorites on iPhone 3G. Maybe on the 3Gs. Could you verify your statement?

do you iFags know of anyone that rates these for Android phones? You know, the phones that are now outselling the iPuds?

really 109?? I got mine for 49 on sale at Fry's Electronics. Original price was 84. And i'm VERY happy with the blueant.

It's really a cool and useful piece of information. I'm happy that you simply shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

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