iPhone Nano Rumors Will Never Die...

iPhone Nano Concept

...Just multiply! So says MacRumors, gossiping this time about a UK report that has Apple launching an iPhone Nano just in time for the holidays. But is anyone buying what the DailyMail is cooking?

Nope. Not even on coupon night. Though MacRumors does state the more sensical:

More reliable sources have indicated that Apple has been working on a smaller iPhone, but there is no expected time-frame for that product's release.

Of course, at any time the uber-secret Apple labs are doubtlessly working on countless projects, many of which Steve Jobs is proud have never seen the light of day. iPhone Nano could be one of those too, just like it's much bigger, equally mythical iTablet brother...

(Now watch both drop this Tuesday...)

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Rene Ritchie

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iPhone Nano Rumors Will Never Die...


Agree with Galley, plus, the reception will suck/blow even more than with the two iphones that are available today.

I pictured an iPhone Nano to be like a flip-phone non-touch-screen Windows Mobile phone. Arrow through the interface with a WAP version of mobile Safari. You'd have phone (of course), music, videos, email, and text messaging for features, and not much else.

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