MobileChat: So Close to iChat Only Apple's Attorneys Will Know the Difference


The developers at Twenty08 aren't waiting around for Apple to release iChat for iPhone. Instead they are introducing their very own native instant messaging client application, called MobileChat, that looks and works exactly as you would expect Apple's own software. What's more, they're even making the source code available for download, for anyone to freely modify, or hack if you will.

MobileChat's feature list is surprisingly comprehensive for a first generation product...

  • AIM Account Support
  • IM Abilities
  • Full Buddylist with Statuses
  • Change status: Away & Online
  • Suspend and stay online
  • Sound notifications
  • Popup Notifications

Another example of developer initiative overcoming Apple's autocratic control on iPhone. Come on, Apple. You're embarrassing yourself. Just release an SDK and open your platform already.


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Reader comments

MobileChat: So Close to iChat Only Apple's Attorneys Will Know the Difference


With what development team would you like them to release an SDK? The one guy sitting in the AppleTV broom closet?
You guys think that developers, programmers and designers are free? What a maroon!
They had to scavange programmers from the next release of OS X to "finish" this alpha they call iPhone. Where the hell are they going to get the people to do everything everyone is demanding?

Presumably the same development team that actually developed the OS? Certainly not the guy in the broom closet, he's already working on Safari.