So which iPad did you get and why?

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Apple has now fully released the iPad, both iPad Wi-Fi and iPad 3G + Wi-Fi in the US, and have announced 1 million sold, and I'd like to know -- which iPad did you get?

Tell me in the poll below then drop a comment and tell me why you chose the iPad model you did, and whether you're happy with your choice or wish you'd gone for something else. (If you bought the iPad Wi-Fi only and are now selling it on eBay to get the 3G, tell us that too).

Poll after the break.

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So which iPad did you get and why?


I expect my iPad 3G 64GB to arrive here in Europe on may 15th.
I hope you get 1 million votes on this poll :D hehe would be great to see that result :)

I chose the WiFi 32 GB model because I have an iPhone that is with me all the time and do not need the always-connected option on the iPad. I'd also feel like I would have to fork-out $30+ per month to get typical use from 3G services.
So far, I find WiFi access when needed for the iPad but also have lots of games and movies loaded, the primary use of the iPad for me, and both of which do not need an Internet connection to operate.

I bought the 64GB 3G iPad and love it. I hardly used my iPhone or MBP all weekend. I don't yet know how I'll use the iPad, but I know I won't be buying a new one every year. I've already put more on than the 32GB version would have held!

It's a bit offensive that a blog think that only americans read it. Fix the poll or soon it might get true.

They are really nice but right now I'm up to 3 computers and an iPhone, I don't have that much more tech love to spread around, it's like have 4 children, I barely have enough time to spend with each one now, other than the iPhone, I think the others think she is my favorite, I know, such a bad parent.

I actually bought the iPad 32GB Wifi only the morning it came out. Then stood in line again and bought the 32GB 3G two days ago. So yea, I had TWO iPads haha. Then I sold the Wifi only on Craigslist the next day.

I can understand how it would be DISSAPOINTING that the blog seems only geared towards Americans, but offensive ?? Get real and get over yourself!

Where is the 'I want an iPad but have to wait for international availability' option? I hope the editorial team doesn't think that North America isn't the only continent in the world!

@da swede You do know the author of this post lives in Canada, right?
I got the 16GB WiFi model. I don't need 3G on my iPad because I can use my jailbroken iPhone as a WiFi hotspot. I have my iPhone and my 5th-gen iPod for music, and I don't see a reason why I would need more than 20 hours of video on my iPad at any time (16GB can hold about that much video, at iTunes's default SD settings). My iTunes library has over 180GB of content right now, but taking 16GB of it with me at a time is plenty. The only thing I wish my iPad had is A-GPS, but I'm not paying $130 for a little GPS chip. I'm hoping someone creates a (probably jailbreak-only) method of sharing my GPS location from my iPhone to my iPad over Bluetooth.

Initially got the 32GB wifi, but had to upgrade to 32GB w/ 3G so I can easily use on the go. Sold the wifi model today!

I will be getting the 16 GB wifi plus 3G model in the next month or two. It's interesting to see in the poll that the lower end wifi model was the most popular, yet in the 3G model, more people seem to be going to for 64 GB version. Very interesting.

I was also firmly in the camp of people claiming that I didn't need one and that it was just a big iPod touch until I actually used one. Now I'm totally getting it! Give it a chance and really try one out before making your decision, it will change your mind.

Needed the option for people that bought both! I got the 64gb wifi since I have a Verizon mifi with an old unlimited plan and a JB iPhone with mywi. I got the girlfriend a 16gb 3g so she could use it at work with slingplayer and all the other video apps. Once I found out about the abc player and netflix issues on the 3g ipad I went ahead and jailbroke her phone and got her mywi. I am tempted to get the gsm mifi and put the activated ipad sim in it therefore bypassing it's limitations

64 GB wfi here. No need for 3G since I mostly use it in my home. Was going to buy the 32 GB, but they were sold out. So now I have room for all sorts of stuff on my iPad! I love it.

16gb wi-fi. I have a JB iPhone and tether if needed. I am in Real Estate and do my listing presentation on the iPad and use and iPhone app to get signatures via my iPad. This is GREAT! The iPad gets a lot of attention with clients.

@Steve Guess I'll be the one to flame you. And not because you didn't get one but for sounding like a tardboy and calling a big iPod touch.

Got the 64GB - Wifi
Mainly needed for kids media player so need more on device storage
WiFi only since I don't need another $30 bucks emptied from my pockets on a monthly basis since my use case mainly around home or in the car (which the onboard media serves)

16GB WiFi,
tether from my jailbroken iPhone via mywifi and stream most of my content via applications like air video.

I got the 32gb wi-fi when they launched. Gave that to my girl and got the 32gb wi-fi + 3G for myself. Even though I have a iPhone. I like to have Internet access all the time on the iPad. And it works great over AT&T's 3G here in upstate NY. Where AT&T is awesome. Always have service on both the iPhone and iPad.

I have the 64GB Wi-Fi and 3G and I love it. I haven't encountered one thing that I didn't like. Multitasking will be great when it arrives but I can get by without it until then. I love how fast it is. It truly amazes me how fast the wifi and how zippy the os is.

32GB WiFi. Have successfully taken several trips already without laptop as a consequence.
Why not 3G? As another noted, I have my iPhone when not near WiFi for email/web, and have lots of apps on my iPad to work offline (I'm more creator than consumer).
Why 32GB? Have 16GB iPhone half filled; didn't want to hit a limit on size. Figured aggressive memory management could keep from needing 64 GB.

I originally preordered the 32GB WiFi + 3G. I went to Best Buy to try one out the day the WiFi model was released. After playing with it for about five minutes, I realized I couldn't wait another month to get one. I bought the 64GB model and canceled my order. The ability to connect to 3G would be nice, but it's not something I really need. I'll probably get the 3G version next year.

Got to agree with "da swede". I'm an American, but it doesn't take a lot of effort to consider Apple fans/customers outside of North America. The poll could have provided for such an "international" option, and might have proved informative to all.

If you have an iPhone, (especially jailbroken) I don't see why anyone would get a 3G iPad when you can use your iPhone as a WiFi router. As for the storage, every video is watched over AirVideo, Netflix, ABC, and more coming, so who needs more than 16GB? Not me. I'm happy with the base model.

Wifi one for me, because its the cheapest. Although the 3G is starting to persuade me only because they have started sending texts from the jailbroken ones

I refuse to pay for another $30/month data plan that only works half the time on AT&T. I bought a 32GB iPad and linked it to my jailbroken iPhone using "MyWi" (which cost me $10). Not too bad -- $10 versus $130 + $30/month.
Why the 32GB? I wanted mine as a replacement for a laptop on most days. Not going to use it as a music device (hence the lack of need for a 64GB one to carry my entire library), but will definitely use it to watch movies here and there when traveling. 32GB seemed like a decent choice for teaching (carrying lectures in Keynote, which I've used quite a bit already). You really spread that 85 a year around. Bet "your girl" is really thrilled to be with such a big spender as yourself. I mean, TWO iPads and an iPhone AND you live in "upstate New York". Let's see...hmmmmm....nope. Don't think you missed a single thing to brag about. It's really great that ATT is so "awesome" there in upstate NY. I just took out my Webster's new college dictionary and looked up douchebag. Know what it said?? See MACBOY15........

Today, prime minister of Albania Sali Berisha, presented his Ipad. This is the most wonderful thing that i have used he says ;)

got the wifi only version as I already have a Verizon MiFi so I had no need for 3G, and got the 16GB because the only thing I store on this is about a season or 2 of the TV show I am currently watching. Photos are pulled from Picasa with Web Albums HD, all other video is streamed with AirVideo HD and I don't use it for music, stream all my music to my Android phone with SubSonic

Bought an ipad and returned it a few days later. Wow, what a lame, stupid device. Waste of money.

@Scott, you're an idiot.
I bought the base 16gig wifi ipad and regret not buying at least a 32gb. I removed most of my music since I have an 32gb iPhone anyway and now I have some space.
I know Apple tried to make this product as affordable as possible, but IMO there should of never been a 16gig model. The memory capacity should of started from 32gb and up. I'm pretty sure this will happen next year with it's second gen.

The only good thing that came out of apple was the seed. I mean iphone. Everything else sucks. :)

Got the 64GB iPad 'cause I didn't want space to be an issue. Am totally happy with it too and even wrote a review about it.

I got a 32 GB wifi version because that gives me sufficient memory. Also, using MyWi, I can use my iPhone to tether

Bought 32GB wifi. Selling it and getting a 64gb 3G. Thought 32GB was enough. I have 14 full movies and about 48 songs 10 pics and about 35 apps. Only 7GB left.

As above, we stay up till 2:30am listening to your Podcast, we subscribe to all your RSS feed, we check in sometimes hourly (but at least daily) to see what's going on and yet we get forgotten on the Poll's.
I'm from the UK and will be getting a 32Gb iPad as soon as possible. eBay is proving stupidly expensive at the moment, so desperately waiting for the 10th May to bring the prices down :-)
No need for 3G, as when I'm on the move I'll just take my iPhone. Only times I'll take my iPad is when I know I'm going to be somewhere with Wifi.

16GB iPad with wifi because I don't wanna bend over for Apple and AT&T to screw me over with the premium charges. iPad and PrePlus is heaven. (:

I got the 64GB WiFi + 3G model. Why? Top me it does not make any sense (unless you are getting the cheapest model) to get any less than 32GB of memory. If you treat this thing as mini computer, you will want to carry as much of your data with you wherever you go. With the addition if the iBooks Store, and the many other ways Apple let's you consume media, it is almost impossible to not fill up 16GB of space. Then you have to factor in the fact that you are spending (on the 32Gb - 3G model) $729 already, so you might as well add the extra $100 to get double the memory; at least that's the way I see it. I am very happy I ended up with the 64Gb model, because I have already filled up more than half of it's memory, and it will only be a matter of time before I fill this one up too...
BTW Sorry for the long response, I am trying to get used to the onscreen keyboard, so I am trying to fine things to type...

I got the 64GB 3G iPad. I was shopping for an e-reader with a backlight at the end of January. When Apple made the iPad announcement, I decided to wait and check it out. I love my iPhone but I have a 2 hour commute to work each day (without WiFi) and my iPhone is in my hands the entire way. The small screen was getting a bit frustrating when browsing the web. Now I can surf the web, watch movies, read books, etc. comfortably and happily! LOVE IT!!!

I kicked AT&T to the curb because of their terrible coverage (rural Kansas, 2 hour drive from a 3G area) in favor of Verizon who's entire network is 3G and has great coverage here. This of course lost me my iPhone and I debated between replacing it with an iTouch or an iPad, and finally settled on the 64GB WiFi iPad for various reasons.
For anyone that's using Verizon and thinking of / has an iPad, I should mention that as of 4/1, Verizon made the 3G Mobile Hotspot feature on their Palm webOS phones (Pre Plus, Pixi Plus) free. Previously this was $40/mo, but I now have phone that becomes a 5-client 3G Wifi router with the push of a button with no hackery required.
While it's not unlimited (first 5GB/mo is free), its certainly enough for my needs and allows me 3G access in areas AT&T wouldn't dream of covering.

I got the 16GB. I don't see the need for having any more storage. Music? Pandora. Video? Netflix. Books? They take up about 35MB. That leaves everything else open for apps, and it is way more than enough.
I might have bought more if it was reasonably priced, but spending an extra $100 for 16GB more space is insane. The upgrade from 32 to 64 is a little more reasonable, except for the fact that 64GB is completely useless for me. I am doing fine with an 80GB SSD on my laptop and a 16GB SSD on my netbook. Storing stuff locally on mobile devices is a thing of the past.

I got the 32G model because I wanted to make sure there was enough room for all apps and books I wanted to put on it. I got the wi-fi for two reasons. The first is that I cannot get the ATT 3G network where I live. The second was I did not want to pay $30 a month for it.

I picked up the 3G to protect myself against at&t or apple making it so you cannot jailbreak and tether it to the iPhone. The mywi works great for tethering but if something were to change in the future and I only had Internet connection on wifi I would not be happy. This way I can just purchase the 3G data from at&t if the mywi gets broken by an update. The gps is nice too. I used it with my navigon software as a large screen gps for the car. At&t 3G has worked well for me where I live.

I waited in line at Best Buy on the release day and got the 64 gig Wifi only. I have been using MyWi on my jailbroken iPhone. Works great. I just got back from a week at Disney World and used my iPad MyWi in the hotel. Gonna save a ton of  in the long run.

I waited on the 64Mb/3G due to the GPS chip...too many of my most used applications are location aware and I believe that will only increase. Don't expect to use the 3G service much, since I will probably use my Verizon MiFi (which also gets around the streaming restrictions forced by Apple/ATT); but the flexible no-contract plans might actually make activating the 3G when needed a great thing to have.

Does anyone know how I can get one from the US to the UK? It shouldn't be a problem, right? I want to buy one for me mums before I head home in a couple of weeks.

I want an iPad but I don't want my soon to be ex-wife's lawyer to make me saw it in half in the settlement...
Can you make that an option in the poll too? LOL!

Yo Gino. O!! What's your problem?? I didn't see that post as having anything to do with you. I'm tired of "seeing" macBOY15 stomping on people in here with both feet. Guess you want some too?? IMO, I think Steve Jobs knows a lot more than you about his products then you. If you were such an idiot to run out and buy the first Apple anything, you deserve it. They have the track record of not letting it all out the first time. I mean, even an idiot could see that. The frame work is already designed to accept a camera, so it's a good bet that after the G4 iPhone rolls out with iChat, a camera will appear on the iPad. An idiot could see that coming a mile away. And, for you to make the case that Apple should have never offered a 16Gig model, and that YOU bought one, kind of settles that whole idiot thing, don't you think??

IPad 64GB Wi-Fi
Use would not require 3G and I refuse to spend even more than I'm spending now between home Internet and 2 iPhone 3GSs.

So which bit isn't like a big Touch?
Been in this technology game for a long time now and I've probably got floppy disks older than you so calling me a 'tardboy' is not quite right as being over 40 doesn't count as boy any more and I've a wealth of experience at spotting a corporate cashcow being milked for all it's worth!
So what if it's got more storage, bigger screen etc It's still a big Touch / iPhone hybrid thingy, that is for most, totally unnecessary and a big waste of cash.
And it will probably be out of date by the end of WWDC when they've announced the new one! ;-)
Happy Days
Steve in Blighty (not waiting on an iPad / panty pad or even an incontinence pad)

I tried to hold out for the 3G model but when my girlfriend bought hers I could wait no longer and bought a wifi. Loved it for a week then really regretted buying it. So I paid the restocking fee and got a 32gb 3G. Painful lesson in patience.

I bought the 16GB wifi only model (for my wife) because it was the only one available before I left for Vacation. Now the question is should I buy a 32GB 3G version for myself or wait for the second generation.

I got the 16GB iPad WiFi. It's plenty of space for my videos as I must convert AVI to H264 on most of my content anyway and so I'll have a select 4-5 episodes of 3 TV shows, as well as one or two movies, with me at all times.
As far as why no 3G, I just don't see the need to pay AT&T even more money when I can just pay $10 for a copy of MyWi and get full, glorious 3G on my iPad anywhere. (Just be careful not to exceed 5GB per month.)

@Ray - If you're heading home in a few weeks, they will probably be available in Britain by then.

This question will probably get lost here but to all those who use their iPhone as a wifi hotspot. Does AT&T charge you extra per month and if so, how much? Been thinking about installing but I wanna know first.

I was playing with the iPad a few hours ago. They need to add a camera on it. I think I would appreciate a bigger home button too. i dont want one now because i dont really have any use for it.

Got the 32 wifi. Have no need for 64 but glad I didn't get 16. After traveling a lot for the past month I think that 3G would have been a better choice because the 250 plan would have been convenient when there was no free wifi. Sort of filling in the gaps. But I don't expect to have this much travel normally & I live in A Big City so there are hot spots most anywhere. I wonder if the new iPhone will use the same sim whic

iPad 3G+Wi-Fi 16GB. Why? Because my grandmother was nice enough to buy me and my brother one (one to share that is). Thanks grandma :)

Had the 64gb for the weekend, bringing it back today... this is SUCH a toy, not a tool... Love to play with it, will get another down the road, but will not replace my MBA anytime soon, even as a couch computer. The only people I see needing this is anyone that needs a portable display screen.... that's it!

I have the 32GB Wi-Fi. I am getting the HTC Evo this summer which acts as a wifi hotspot. I am pumped.

32GB WiFi, wirelessly tethered from my jailbroken iPhone using mywi.
No sense paying extra for something im already paying for.

16GB WiFi; for my wife to get her over a phobia of using my at-home Windows op computer! Bought this one at a Best Buy store in CA for 10% off (a return because the purchaser thought the sky streaks on the start up display were scratches!). Only problem is that we are from Canada (still waiting for the official release of the ipads)and cannot access the Apps store with out a work around or US address/credit card.

I received the 32GB 3G for my birthday and that's exactly what I wanted. I didn't load my music so I have 10GB left. I like having the 3g option and since it's not a contract I don't have to worry about anything. Love my new toy. MacBook,32gb iPhone, and now my ipad..sweet!

I'm buying the 64gb model this month. I have both an iPod Touch and an Apple TV and you'd be surprised how fast TV shows and movie fill up your available storage. If you're not into video media it's not necessary but I buy a lot of video from iTunes. As for 3G or no 3G that decision is what has held me back from buying it yet but I'm determined to make up my mind this month. I love the fact that there's no contract for the 3G - if a contract was required I would definitely pass. I also like that it is optional month-to-month and you don't have to pay during months you don't intend to use it. On the other hand, there's a lot I could do offline on the iPad during times I didn't have wi-fi access - watching video, apps, etc. so maybe I can live without it, and $130 is a lot of money. Tough decision on the 3G but the storage is a definite 64gb with my heavy video usage.

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