Griffin Jumper case for iPad - accessory review

Griffin Jumper Case for iPad

The Griffin Jumper [$27.95] is a nice neoprene case for the iPad. If you're in the market for a sleeve for transporting your iPad, this case may be what you're looking for.

The neoprene material of the is excellent because it doesn't need to be very thick to provide protection. It is also very stretchy so that there is a snug fit around your iPad. In fact, the Jumper was almost too snug when I first received it; but after a few uses, the neoprene stretched out just enough to be snug but not a challenge to use.

The inside of the Griffin Jumper is lined with a very soft fleece-like material. There will be no concern of your iPad receiving scratches when sliding it in and out of the sleeve. In fact, a few of the fingerprints on your iPad likely get wiped off when removing it from the Griffin Jumper.

The Griffin Jumper offers full protection of the iPad except at the corners of the flap. Many times there is a very small part of the iPad exposed at one or both of the corners. This may be cause for concern for some, but I don't see it as a huge problem. Something would have to poke into the spot in order to make contact with the iPad.

I have been very pleased with the Griffin Jumper. The nice slim design, soft interior, and tough neoprene exterior make this an excellent sleeve case for the iPad.

The Griffin Jumper is available from the TiPb iPad accessory store.

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  • Made from protective neoprene
  • Slim design
  • Snug fit


  • Exposes a small part of iPad at the corners of flap

TiPb iPad 4.5-star rated

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Reader comments

Griffin Jumper case for iPad - accessory review


I could be wrong but isn't this case made for the iPad2? Griffin is definitely sellin an ipad 2 version, which I have coming in the mail. Other reviewers also point out that the fit is snug, but I have noticed they are all using the original iPad.
Just something I noticed. I hope it isn't too snug cause I hope to use it with Apple's Smartcover still attached.

Hello Shea,
I just want to know, did you try the Griffin Jumper with your iPad2 and the Smart Cover? Do they fit both in the Jumper? How does the jumper look when both iPad2 and Smart Cover are inside it?
I really look forward to buying it, please share with me your opinion, and if you didn't yet get it, please update me once you do.
Thanks a lot!