Magnetosphere is the new iTunes 8 Visualizer?

Kevin Rose rumored a newer, trip'ier, more galactic iTunes visualizer, and now according to MacRumors, he's confirmed where it comes from:

Magnetosphere had been available as a free download from the developer's site until a few months ago. The author has since responded to an inquiry by Allan White that the plug-in had been "sold to a third party".

Since CoverFlow was acquired by Apple and integrated into iTunes (before progressing into Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard's Finder file browser -- and the iPhone!), this certainly has precedence.

We'll find out for sure on Tuesday!

Rene Ritchie

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selur_natas says:

get out the j's... get out the blunts... get out the backyard grown shrooms and lets all trip together!!! if this is the new one that is awesome...

sietedos72 says:

for anyone that's interested, the music is by Tosca.

sietedos72 says:

and the track is Suzuki, from the album Suziki (which I have to say is amaizing!).

The Reptile says:

If magneto can do a virtual Lava Lamp then I'm sold. Just wondering how it would work on an iPhone.

chris says:

I've been looking forward to this for a while, magnetosphere is the only visualizer anyone will ever need, lets hope its in the next itunes update.

Huy says:

The one built into iTunes 8 isn't nearly as beautiful as the older version that they had. I hope I can find the older one again somewhere.

bulgagov says:

From the iTunes > View menu, you can select the "classic" visualizer, as well as versions called Lathe, Jelly and Stix.

james says:

bulgagov does all itunes 8 come with lathe jelly and stix. i really want to have them but on my itunes 8 i just downloaded they are not listed.