Photo Firsts: Let's Rock and 4G Nano!

Engadget has scored a couple of sneaky first looks at both Apple's upcoming "Let's Rock" event (above) scheduled for Tuesday, and the new 4th Generation iPod Nano (below) that's all but certain to be released there.

Once Kremlin-eque in their secrecy and security, Apple's iPod division has either grown leakier as of last year's 3G "fatty" Nano, or Apple itself is doing a little guerilla marketing to soften the news up and build anticipation.

Which one is it?

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Rene Ritchie

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Photo Firsts: Let's Rock and 4G Nano!


I sure the leaks over the last few weeks are away to create a larger "buzz" about the new nano.

The nano is beginning to remind me of the minis, if it has the metal finished casing?