iOS 4 updated: Evernote, LinkedIn, Windows Messenger, Pandora, Loopt, WordPress


We let you know a couple days ago there were a few apps that had already been updated via the App Store to support iOS4. Since then we’ve seen a few more roll out.  Some developers have really taken advantage of the new APIs in iOS4.  Others seem to just be adding compatibility at this point.  Let’s hope a lot of them are working on substantial updates.  Hit the jump for some more iOS4 compatible apps!


Evernote (version 3.3.5) is one of the first I’ve seen to implement quite a few 4.0 APIs.  Not only does it come complete with fast app switching integration, but your notes will also be able to sync in the background.  This will be extremely useful for users who like to upload pictures.  I’m always doing this when I’m comparing prices.  I’ll take pictures of SKUs from different stores and tag them accordingly which allows me to flip through later and compare which ones are cheaper and which ones have rebates attached, etc.  Much easier than writing a note with all that information.  The down side to that has always been pictures take a bit to sync with the Evernote servers at times and keeping the app open the entire time was somewhat of a pain. Thanks Evernote! (Read more about Evernote and iOS4 here.) [iTunes link]


For now, it looks like LinkedIn has added support for fast app switching, but I don’t see much more than that at this point.  I’d love to see the LinkedIn app get a lot more intuitive than it is.  Hopefully they’ll be adding more support in future updates.  If you caught anything I didn’t on this one, let us know in the comments! [iTunes link]

Windows Messenger

Not only is this one new to the App Store, it came out of the gate with iOS4 integration built-in.  It also supports alerts for Hotmail as well, so you’ll get notifications in-app when you receive new e-mails via your Hotmail account.  And again, if you see anything worth noting, let us know! [iTunes link]


I know a lot of you have been waiting for this one. This update just hit the app store a few short hours ago. Pandora background streaming was demonstrated at WWDC 2010 and lots of users were excited to be able to allow Pandora to finally run in the background. This feature has been available for other mobile platforms for quite a while. [iTunes link]


Loopt is another company that's taken advantage of additional APIs available behind iOS4. Fast app switching, PNS alerts, and grid based navigation are a few of the features the new version of Loopt offers. [iTunes link]


One of the most popular blogging engines on the planet comes out on release iOS release day claiming Retina Display support? Even if they're just scaling text and UI elements, good on them. [iTunes link]

Know of any other iOS 4 compatible, feature-empowered apps that we may have missed? Drop them in comments and we'll include them in the next round up.

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iOS 4 updated: Evernote, LinkedIn, Windows Messenger, Pandora, Loopt, WordPress


I saw a lot of my apps updated over the weekend to be compatible with 4.0. Not sure how many actually added any significant updates though. Waiting for the latest Navigon.

I'm waiting for Navigon to be updated, as at the minute - as it's currently just displaying a black page with the arrow (for your car), and nothing else after installing iOS4.

I'm waiting on scifi wire to update. Hasn't worked since I put the GM on my phone last week. Hope it's fixed soon.

Pandora is working fine on my 3GS, first time I've used it for a long time cause I always hated having to close it when I would have to respond to the gf's texts. So far I'm enjoying iOS4. Does seem a little slow on the 3GS though.. Not upgrading phones till at least next summer.

I had a lot of updates this weekend. But strangely I have only 1 right now, weatherbug elite which I have not updated for a few months because the latest update is terrible. Waiting for Weather Channel Max, claimed there was a new update with whole new UI submitted 5/21 on the app page but still nothing.

Caballera, a real Pandora fan would get rid of the GF so you don't have to close it to respond to her texts... :P

yesss Plants Vs Zombies updated for multitasking, now we just need doodle jump, angry birds with multi tasking as well! lets see how the next couple days go

Ok I just need to say some thing! The iPhone hasn't really got multitasking because if it did it would leave apps open in the background like the other phones or the jailbroken versions! I think, actually I KNOW apple are ripping us of our Money while providing us with false advertisements and fony updates! Also the windows live messenger as mentioned above is meant to have socalled multitasking features available but as soon as you click off it, it closes down! I think I know what apple have done, they have not provided real multitasking, instead they have just made a tab for previosly visited apps or stuff so basically like a shortcuts tab that makes it a little easier to access previously visited apps and things that u have been on! Because even without this socalled multitasking feature we could still do the same things but it might have taken 2 or 3 seconds longer to click on other apps because they are all spreaded out! Like I said this socalled multitasking only feature tracks previously visited apps and puts them in a tab which then makes it easier to acces because u have them all in one place! And also this new feature can be more annoying because it kind ov keeps the history of the previous apps you have visited and sometimes you don't want people to see what u have recently visited!!! Even though you can delete the apps shortcuts from the multitasking tab, but it's still a hassle having to keep and deleting the apps from the tab and sometimes you will forget to delete them and then you might give your phone to someone to look and they might see what you have been on when u don't Want them to!!! Lol I have finished with my rant I am sorry for this people but I want to speak on behalf of all the apple iPhone or iPod users who aren't really happy about apple and they're money making shortcut schemes!!! Thankyou for reading!!!

I like the valuable information you provide in your articles. I will bookmark your blog and check again here regularly. I am quite sure I will learn many new stuff right here! Good luck for the next!