Crazy Analyst Predictions: 3G iPhone Coming by Christmas, Santa Steve Stuffs Coal in Our Stockings


If Apple's recent $200 8GB iPhone price drop didn't cause enough fiasco, the arrival of a 3G empowered model by Christmas will have iRate iPhone fans carrying torches and pitchforks.

Forward Concepts analyst Will Strauss believes that backdoor licensing agreements between Apple and 3G hardware makers gives strong indication the fruity phone maker will drop a 3G model down our chimneys by December.

He goes on to say that such a device has been in development in Santa Steve's workshop for several months. In Strauss's estimation the time is ripe. Alright, I'll go along with that.

Got your blood boiling yet? No, well how about this: said 3G model will be destined to Europe...not the U.S. Merry Christmas.


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Crazy Analyst Predictions: 3G iPhone Coming by Christmas, Santa Steve Stuffs Coal in Our Stockings


Well of course that makes total sense. That's why Jobs is "giving" back 50% of the overring he pulled on all us early adopters, it's because he has every intention of blasting out newer and better models before christmas. He still get's to keep one excuse in his pocket for early next year, and that's only releasing it in the UK and not here. That way we have nothing extra to add to the list of gripes this year.

my opinion? well.... 3g phones from at&t do not cost more than edge network phones if its just because its 3g. ( at&t does not charge more for a 3g phone) so.. what i think is the price of a 3g iphone will be set at the same price as the edge version. when the 3g iphone comes out, they will no longer make the edge network model. i mean after all, why have a edge network phone if you could have a 3g model:)

Can I use Apple Iphone in India, which is purchased from US. Presently I am using Vodafone postpaid. How much amount will be required to buy an Apple Iphone?