AT&T Continues Billing Reign of Terror, I Can't Takes No More!


domokun-att-billing.jpgWhat is up with you, AT&T? Seriously, are you singling me out for some reason? Am I a special needs case? Didn't you announce to myself and the rest of the world that you would put an end to unnecessary paper carnage for iPhone data billing? More importantly, didn't I already disable printed invoicing in my account profile...months ago? So why do you do me like this?

I go to my mailbox and discover that you've sent me, again, not one...but TWO impregnated billing envelopes, packed with over 60 pages of invoices, like two overstuffed burritos. This makes the third consecutive month that you've sent me these love packs by mail. What have I done to deserve this? Have I not paid my bill, loyally, on time each month? Enough is enough. You're starting to creep me out, as though you are stalking me. I can almost feel Stan Sigman standing outside my window, holding his cue cards.


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PilotJohn says:

I'm scared now to get my first AT&T bill.....

admin#IM says:

It's not so bad. I use my AT&T bills to balance the wobbly legs of my desk. ;)

Liron says:

That in itself is a good enough reason to have a pre-paid plan.

MikieMikie says:

Send 'em back! That'll stir up something.


I work as a 3rd party employee of ATT wireless (I won't say who {job security}). You wanna know somethin'? ATT (for that matter any telekkom company) doesn't give a rats ass about your nickels and dimes!! The money is in CORPORATE ACCOUNTS and you mean nothing to them. Thank god bone heads like yourself go buy junk like the I-Phone and the V3 because good little capitalist peons HAVE TO HAVE the latest middle class status thing. The smart people sit back scoop up the fixed beta versions a year later (the 50% that haven't already died). Feel free to blog away, ps nobody's listening!!