How To: Jailbreak iPhone 2.2.1 - Mac OS X QuickPWN Edition

Disclaimer - Neither TiPb nor I take any responsibility for any problems/issues/bricking/etc. that may occur while using this software to modify your iPhone. Please be aware of what you are doing.

IMPORTANT: If you have a iPhone 3G that you want to unlock you must use the preserving baseband method - only available on Macs.

There has been a lot of buzz going on in the forums regarding jailbreaking the iPhone 2.2.1 firmware lately, and a lot of questions to go along with i t!. Today we're going to take a deeper look at the exact steps you have to take to get your iPhone jailbroken on your Mac.

Let's get started, after the jump!

1. Get the Tools

First and foremost make sure your iPhone is updated to the 2.2.1 firmware. If you're not yet running 2.2.1, update via iTunes. We'll wait. Honest.

All good? Okay, next make sure your iPhone is not connected to your Mac. Then create a new folder on your desktop and name it "Pwnage". Next you will need to download the following tools:

  • QuickPwn
  • 2.2.1 Firmware IPSW for first generation iPhone (2G) OR 2.2.1 Firmware IPSW for iPhone 3G  [BE SURE TO SELECT THE PROPER FIRMWARE VERSION, THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT]

    2. Install the Tools

    Now double click on the firmware file you just download to mount QuickPwn. Once mounted click and drag the QuickPwn application into the Pwnage folder you created on your desktop.

    3. Launch QuickPwn

    Simply double click the QuickPwn icon to get started, click ok to accept the copyright notice and we are ready to begin.

    4. Connect your iPhone

    You will be asked to connect your iPhone to your Mac, do this now and then click ok.

    5. Begin Pwnage!

    QuickPwn will now detect whether you have connected an original iPhone (2G) or iPhone 3G. Now the software will search for the 2.2.1 ipsw firmware file you downloaded a few minutes ago.

    6. Customize Your iPwn

    Next you will be asked if you would like to replace the original boot and recovery logos on your iPhone. Select Yes or No to continue. [If you select yes, you will have the nifty little pineapple logo at startup instead of a apple.] Now QuickPwn will create your custom IPSW file. Once that process is complete you must enter in your OS X system password to continue. (Just like when you update certain applications).

    7. PAY ATTENTION: Here's the Tricky Part

    This next part can be a bit tricky but as long as you pay attention to exactly what the software tells you, you should have zero issues. You have to put your iPhone into DFU mode. First turn off your device. Next, you will be prompted to hold down both the home and power button for 10 seconds. Lastly, you will release the power button while you continue to hold down the home button for another 10 seconds.

    8. Sit Back and Wait

    QuickPwn will now begin to work it's magic. Be patient while QuickPwn is modifying your iPhone. It will take a few minutes. [Do NOT do anything to your computer or iPhone while this process is taking place] Your phone will the reboot and once it starts back up you will see the Installer app along with Cydia, and you are done!

    9. We Have Jailbreak!

    You have just jailbroken your iPhone! Now wasn't that simple? We'll be back soon with our Windows PC edition, and in the meantime if you want more information or help troubleshooting please head over to our section of the forums dedicated to jailbreaking. There are plenty of members of our community that can help you out!

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Reader comments

How To: Jailbreak iPhone 2.2.1 - Mac OS X QuickPWN Edition


ok i just jailbroke it everything went fine, but when my phone restarted it just stuck on the apple symbol, and wont do anything. even when I plug it back to to my computer, it doesnt reconize it of anything??????? someone please help now my phone doesnt work and its just stuck on the apple symbol even if i keep manuel shuttuing off my phone, PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i just jailbroke my iPhone 3G and went fine and i sync all my stuffs and then i realize that it wasn't reading the sim card, i already try with another cellphone and the sim work normally, but when i put it into the iPhone stays like this .... and after a litle went No Service. can anyone help me please, HELP PLEASE !!!

I have a question. Every time when i am using quickpwn, right after i release the power button and hold the home button for 10 for seconds it detects an ipod and I have an iPhone 3G. so it doesn't work. what do i do close itunes?

Hi i have the 3g iphone firmware 2.2.1 with baseband 02.30 (newest one) and i have the Gevey plus 2 turbo sim. i am trying to get T-mobile to work on it but everytime i put in the turbo sim with my T-Mobile sim it get this message "diffrent sim detected please connect to itunes" i can only making "emergency calls" while it is in this mode. Can anyone help? Please if you can e-mail me at (also my phone is activated and has been jailbroken, works with AT&T sim as well)

Hey the itunes after step 8 popped up and i closed it, and my quick pawn is now just saying it is about to run on my iphone 3g and wont do anything else

ok, I've tried this about 3 times and I cannot get it to work. It is REALLY frustrating, especially since it is somewhat time time consuming and you don't know how long this is supposed to take. I left my phone for a couple hours to see if it would reboot itself and NOTHING happened.
Can ANYONE tell me what to do. I know I can always restore my regular settings but I want to be able to do whatever I want on my iPhone.

I have read and tried a number of suggestions from the other comment but nothing is working. My itunes pops up and say that the ipod cannot be deticated and it wont allow me to continue with the jailbreaking.
What can I do to jailbrake me phone?

my iphone is stuck on the pineapple logo is that supposed to happen for a few hours or what is going on?

I'm trying to jailbreak my phone but even after quitting itunes keeps coming on automatically saying that an iPod was detected follow by an error message, what can I do everything freezes after that?

Hey, Just giving everyone a heads up. The IPSW file can not be downloaded properly with Safari on mac osx. Save yourself the hassle and download Moxilla firefox!

I'm having the same problem as several others. After step eight it says 'quick pwn is about to run...' and its just frozen on this pop up with no progress after about 50 minutes.

HELP!!! I tried to jailbreak and now i cant even turn on my iphone 3g. it wont turn OFF OR ON! i went through all of the steps and everything worked fine... it just keeps vibrating twice and nothing else. WHATS HAPPENING??? please help!

I have followed the directons to jailbreak my i phone but it seems to be spinning where qckspwn works its magic.
can you advise, its been over 5 minutes and nothing is happening except the little spinning circle in the corner of the box

I followed all the steps but it keeps on getting stuck right after i shut of my iphone 3g, been standing still for a couple of hours now :S:S please advice

Hey so i got through all the steps and after i was finished entering DFU mode u know like holding down the home button for 10 seconds, it gave me an error that said the iphone was detected or something like that and then (2001) It then continued to not work. What is that and what do i have to do to fix it? thanks

this wil all not work if youre on one of the alluminium mac's. becose apple built a chip in there against jailbraeking/unlocking
im sorry for you all

Hey, same thing as a lot of other people here. Did the entire process, screen said it was successful, iPhone reboots and only logo shows up, vibrates every minute or so. Finally forced restart and it came up good. If this happens to you, just force restart.

i need help with this because everything goes good until it starts loading for the jail break. like after u turn ur iphone on dfu mode te quick pwn doesnt load it makes me mad.

I've also lost a day doing this and it's simply not working. I get up to step #8 where it's supposed to "start working it's magic" and it never says sending .dmg file. It says getting ready. What do I do>? i am about to lose it and throw this iphone out the window

Why the hell is mine taking so long? I'm at the part after you have to hold the home button for 10 seconds. and its said: Sending WTF.s5l8900xall.RELEASE.dfu...
What the hell does that mean? It's said that for like a fucking hour now. Ugh!

So then I unplugged it because it fuc,king pissed me off. And now I'm crying because it won't turn on and I don't know what the f.uck I did. f.ucking help me now!

Okay. Now its just not showing like any fucking words on that screen when its suppose to be sending shi.t Well its not saying anything and this thing is pissing me off.

After step 8 my iphone just does the whole reboots and only logo shows up, vibrates every minute or so thing. I forced a reboot but is still doin the same thing. any suggestions?

Ok, very good and easy instructions... but with all the other ipsw files i downloaded never had a problem, exept for 2.2.1.. When i download the firmware, it doest comes out as a .ipsw file, it comes out as a folder, the folder is called iPhone1,2_2, and inside of it there is:
A folder called "Firmware"
when i downloaded the firmware, the first half second it started downloading as a .ipsw file, then it started downloading as a .zip, and when the download was done the .zip started decompressing and came out as a folder
I downloaded the firmware from you and the apple source, so uh please help!!!

im already in the step 8 where in i have to wait for the iphone to reboot, but it keeps loading and loading for about 20mins. is it still normal or should i unplug my iphone and start the process all over again?

so i just put my phone in dfu mode.. but now quickpwn isnt loading anything and my phone wont restart.. any help?

this is crazzy cause my iphone wont turn on said that the iphone was unrecognizable and to unplug devise and then at step 8 it didnt do anything...this is very confusing and idk wat to do my iphone dead for good or wat do i do/????

so i did everything correctly.. the only thing this tutorial is missing is when i should put my sim card n the iphone before or after.
so my real problem......
my number reads out n my wi-fi is working.. I CAN'T MAKE ANY CALLS. try to locate my carrier in the settings nothing shows up... so i check then went to Network - not available
carrier - null null somebody hit me up n let me know.. hit me up!!

I didn't read all the posts, but this my help someone.
I am using a Macbook 10.5.6
The 2gb iphone in the process would NOT go into DFU mode.
I then hooked up a usb hub, and tried again.
The iphone was able to go into DFU mode.
So if you are having some problems with DFU.
Try a powered USB HUB....

I've got to step 8, just did the holding buttons thing and its saying 'QuickPwn is about to run on your iPhone 3G' but its been there for ages and nothings happened..on your shot of the screen it shows blue loading bar which is not coming up...? Help pleasee..

i cant get the bootneuter to work properly either i open it and my iphone freezes what's up with that and everything else works properly.. i need help... and does any one know anything about blackberry 8900 it's busted also... thanks..

I'm also on step 8 and the screen came up and says "Quickpwn is about to run on your iphone" and nothing is happening how long should i wait? should it just start right up? do i need to download something? any help will be appreciated! thanks!

i have jailbroken my iphone (not iphone 3g) and still i cant get bootneuter to work correctly is there another way (ssh)??? thanks..

I've tried doing this for a day and a half now.
I'm running on windows vista and have iphone 3g 2.2.1.
I follow every step to the very letter yet when it gets to the last step of installing RAMDISK nothing happeneds?
Please help...!

when i get to step 8 it takes forever, i waited over an hour, and nothing happened, what should i do?

when i download the firmware it starts off as a ispw file, but then starts downloading as a zip... after the download has completed it decompresses it into a folder with many files inside it... it is meant to be one file..
many thanks.

Guys, when dl the ipsw make sure you use Firefox since Safari decompress the ipsw. If you use Safai you need to hold down 'ctrl' and select 'save file' otherwise it will decompress and you will be stuck

Hi All, I have jail broken my iPhone at least three times and restored it back again quite successfully. I am again trying to jailbreak my iPhone first gen. 2.2.1. I followed all the above directions and can't seem to get passed step 5. For some reason my phone isn't being recognized. I tried to click all three of the phone options and no joy. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for a great website.

I went through all the steps but when I got to part 8 it would not move it has been at a stand still for 1 hour and it said a few minutes on the instructions above
there is not even any blue in the progress bar
Could someone help Please
And also after this is done will my iphone work with rogers or do I have to do something else

I've jailbroken my iphone 2g like 3 times (after every update) This weekend I unlocked the phone to use with a different carrier and for some reason it is now not jailbroken now when i try to jailbrake it again for some reason Quickpwn does not see my phone. I try deleting the version of quickpwn and downloading a new one. Restarted my mac and nothing. Can some one give me any suggestions?

hay i dont know wat im doing wrong but i cant even get past the second step when i connect my iphone 3g and press ok it just does nothin it wont select witch phone it is?? plz help

i have unlocked my iphone 2g a few times using your directions. i bought the 3g when it came out so i wasnt using my 2g. i wanted to take the 2g iphone overseas so i tried to unlock the iphone again.
when i tried it this time when it rebooted itself it got stuck on the pineapple symbol and now i cant access anything. when i try and plug into itunes it says this iphone cannot be restored due to error.
did i fry my iphone? please help!!!
thanks a lot!!!

I just got a used ihone and it is in the stage at which you are only allowed to make emergency calls. When I started Quickpwn, I got a message that the firmware was not suffeicient. How can I update my firmware?

after downloading quickpwn 2.2.5 i put it in a pwnage folder than open it. it tells me to connect my 3g. it doesnt detect it. am i missing something? please help thanx

btw my 3g is factory unlocked can i still use this method to jailbreak my iphone. please reply back thanks

I get the same results as Chris. I connect it but doesn't seem to detect my 3G. Suggestions? Thanx

I have a first gen iphone 2g. I downloaded the firmware and updated it via with itune's but I can't get pawnage to recognize my phone when I connect my phone. Only itunes open's and display's a message about no sim card installed. I tried restarting my computer and phone. I don't' know what to do to unlock my phone.

I cant get passed step 5 where you plug in the phone and choose witch phone it is I click on the one and nothing happens.

I got suckered in to downloading itunes 9.0.1 which then interrupts the Pwn process.... Fascinating learning this game

i just downloaded it to my iphone 3.0 and i got to the point that the iphone says it is downloading the jailbreak software… but when it says it is finished… i opened up my home screen and Cydia and Icy werent there. I tried this 3 times and i then tried another software and it made my phone delete everything and i had to restore it all. Why can’t i get cydia or icy on the home screen? What am i doing wrong?

I figured it out, This program for some reason doesnt work on everybody's phone, so if it doesnt just google search for another site called black rain jailbreak n u will find a different better way to jailbreak your phone!

Hi Jeremy
Every time i try download Quickpwn this message comes up:
"The user name or password you entered for area “Some super secret area” on was incorrect. Make sure you’re entering them
correctly, and then try again."
What user name and password am i supposed to be putting in?
thanks for your help!

when is quickpawn releasing for 3gs? coz i got iphone from another country and its locked :( it wasnt jailbreaked before
:( and i got firmware 4.o, ive tried many softwares like blackrain, pwnagetool spirit, i even bought a software from the net but it didnt help :( i tried in mac even in windows xp, but its not working. i swaped my n97 with this iphone 3gs with a friend, nd i dont know if its robbed,its second hand but it looks new, so i swaped it. pls help.

i forget to say, i did the custom firmware, but when i im restoring in itunes it gives me the error somthng 1604, ohh and i used the redsnow to, but it didnt work.. :( help me pls
thnks again.

Why do you even bother to use quickpwn. You even have to downgrade if you have a 3.x firmware. I say don't bother and go jailbreak with spirit @.

The program won't detect my iPhone (2G). I connected my brother's iPod Touch to it only to get the same result. Any suggestions?

My computer is having a hard time finding my iPhone. It won't detect it at the three pictures of the devices. PLEASE HELP!