Apple Launches iPhone on UK's O2 Network, Sorry 3G


Bloody hell! Steve Jobs took the stage early this morning, I mean REAL early for those living on this side of the international dateline. As expected he finally pulled back the kimono on the Eurorpean iPhone model. The big surprise? It's not 3G! EDGE only. Didn't see that coming, especially when considering the fact that 3G is far more ubiquitous in the UK and European markets. In fact, less than one quarter of O2 customers are on EDGE. Blimey!

Other news to come out of this event; the UK iPhone will land on November 9. Apple will launch it's iTunes WiFi store later this month and preload the software on iPhone shortly thereafter. Realy quite a non-event, what? Quite.


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Apple Launches iPhone on UK's O2 Network, Sorry 3G


Personally I feel disappointed that Apple selected O2 as their UK phone service partner. When I switched from a PC to a Mac 2 years ago I found I had to switch broadband provides away from BT (O2's parent company) because they categorically told me that they could not provide technical support to Mac users since we were (in their service desks words) "an insignificant minority that was financially not worth providing services to". So whats changed? What experience has other Mac users had with technical support from BT and O2?

From what I've read, it almost looks like the iTunes WiFi will only be available through Starbucks. Did anybody else come away with that impression???

Benny Hill! I loved that show when I was younger (despite all it's sexual inuendos).
Edge sucks. 3G sucks. The world needs free open WiFi. Imagine a world where anywhere you went, you have a 802.11n connection to the net! I don't want to get into what would happen to my body if I were to actually get that excited.

So - How bad IS Edge? I use 3G at the moment, and I'm starting to be put off the idea of an iphone as various reviews make Edge sound basically worthless for browsing. If it's really that bad, I may have to reconsider. I can live with a bit slower, but I hear talk of 1 - 2 minutes to render a page?

phil, edge is slow, but uunless its a very heavy traffic time, and you have bad service it doesnt take me that long too load a page. i would say on avverage about 20-40 seconds depending on whats on the page of course. having the iphone makes bearing edge ok