Tired of waiting for a white iPhone 4? Add some color with Incipio Feather Case [Sponsored]

Since Apple still hasn't shipped a white iPhone 4 -- much less a pink one -- I decided try out a few, fun Incipio Ultra Light Feather Cases instead. Because really, why should I have to wait for style? They come in black, turquoise, metallic black, metallic white, pink, metallic orange, forest green, yellow green, metallic gray, coral, metallic purple, and bright purple (phew!), and are thin and unobtrusive enough you'll barely notice the difference in your pocket or purse. They also come with a screen protector, so if you're worried about scratches, they've got you covered.

Changing the color of my iPhone 4 to white or pink was as simple as snapping on the case. There are openings for all of your buttons and ports with the exception of the small micro sim slot opening on the side. I do not think this omission is a big deal. I have an officially unlocked iPhone 4 from Apple and it's just something I rarely need to have access to in the first place.

Also noteworthy, the Incipio Ultra Light Feather Case should be compatible with most iPhone 4 chargers and sync cables. The wide cut around the 30-pin dock port meant everything from my slim Apple USB cable to my bulky car adapter worked just fine. I did have some problems with Apple's own dock but that is to be expected as most Apple chargers are made to exacting measurements. (I did not have any trouble with the Seidio Inno Dock Jr. of course!)

Overall I liked the look and feel of the Incipio Ultra Light Feather Case, especially the matte finish which lessens the chance that I will drop it and damage my precious iPhone. Also, the case doesn't come up over the iPhone screen which is one of my pet peeves. The white version is a little different, it feels more solid and less flexible, but that's probably due to the more difficult nature of making a white product, something Apple no doubt understands!

So if, like me, you're tired of waiting for a white iPhone (or any color iPhone really) give the Incipio Ultra Light Feather Case a try. It's the perfect way to add a splash of fun and excitement to your iPhone 4.

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Tired of waiting for a white iPhone 4? Add some color with Incipio Feather Case [Sponsored]


Unless it's the chrome one like mine. I really wish case mate would make the "wet" looking black one like they did on the 3GS.

I 3rd...4th...and 5th that....Georgia is SUPER HOTT!! Was there even a product in this review...lol...

Brilliant! More Georgia and more bloopers needed on TIPB! I'm off to start a Georgia Facebook fan page! /jokes
Great review of a nice looking case. Love the barely there style cases.

OMG guys, Georgia is married! Calm down everyone, LOL!! Oh, and nice cases, thanks for the review!

Wow, you guys need to get out more. Yes, pretty girl doing an iPhone review. Move along.
I have one of these cases, although I've not actually removed it from it... case. Have three other ones I've used instead.

I had a white Incipio Feather case on my (white) 3GS, and it was great, but created quite a "drag" in and out of pockets. The newer, smoother ones feel like a big improvement. Right now, I have a hard plastic air case in white that I really love.

So, when will TiPb begin filming reviews and sponsored videos more professionally?

  • Mount the camera on a tripod;
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@ Rhit Agreed. Dedicate a room to filming reviews. Soundproof it and make it so you don't sound like you're recording from the bottom of a rain barrel. And PUT THE CAMERA ON A TRIPOD. As much as you probably wish, your husband/BF is NOT hung like a tripod so he doesn't count.