BeejiveIM Live in the App Store -- Is $15.99 the Right Price?

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If you're an IM-hound, it's time for you to head over to iTunes and lay down $15.99 for BeejiveIM. The multi-client software can handle AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk, MySpace, ICQ, and Jabber all in one little app. The whole services works via Beejive's own servers which allows them to include a couple of neat features. The first -- they'll cache your messages so if you go out of service or quit the app your messages will be waiting when you return. The second -- if you have an Exchange or MobileMe account, you can punch in your email address in the preferences and Beejive will shoot you a quick email letting you know that you've just received a message. Nice. Hopefully that feature will be unnecessary once Apple offers push notifications, but in the meantime it's a clever stopgap solution.

The only real downside is that the price, $15.99, doesn't really seem in line with the current $9.99 default price on a lot of apps. I'm of two minds on this issue. Come read the pros and cons with us after the break!

On the one hand, $15.99 really is a fair price to pay for an application of this quality, especially since Beejive is incurring costs on their end by maintaining a server. Server-proxy-type IM apps in the past have often been based on a subscription model, so at least we're not looking at that. The price is also more in line with what apps tend to cost on other mobile platforms. Given all that, $15.99 seems more than fair.

On the other hand, it's not like App developers who manage to crack the top tiers of apps (which I expect BeejiveIM to do) are exactly hurting for cash when they sell apps at the $9.99 level. Not to mention that, as I said above, $9.99 is the 'default price' right now in the App Store, so going above it will ruffle some feathers -- just take a look at what Ruben had to say in our forums to see what I mean.

If nothing else, it will be interesting to see whether or not the mindshare effect of all those other apps clocking in at $9.99 will eventually drive BeejiveIM's price downward, or if Beejive is a harbinger of $10+ prices to come.

How about you? $15.99 seem fair?

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BeejiveIM Live in the App Store -- Is $15.99 the Right Price?


I have to admit that I bought this for my BB. It is a great app for the BB, especially since BB allow background processing. I was hoping they would let you transfer over your key for the iPhone version, but nobody seems to know if this is going to happen.
I read on another forum that you can user (or something like that), and you will get a text message from BeeJive just as you would with the e-mail way. The only issue is this eats up your text messages if you don't have unlimited.
I think I am going to hold out for a bit and see if they drop the price.

Too expensive, especially with a number of free IM apps available from the App Store. BeeJive looks like a quality app, but $15.99 is too much.

I don't think many consumers will pay $15.99 for an IM client like this one. There are too many free options available to justify this. The app looks great however. I'd pay up to $20 for Fring though.

I'll consider it when its below the $10 mark. (I actually wrote an email to BeeJive with questions and I told them $6 is a good price)

Although I'm of two minds on it, I definitely come down on the side of $15.99 being a fair price. The app really is quality stuff.

Features are nice but I'm gonna wait until the official push notification comes out. I know there are a few IM clients out there that are free but I want to see if and what they will charge for their versions that support the push notification service. What if Palringo or IM+ release their push apps for $5.99 or for that matter free? Patience is the key on this one. Beejive shouldve released a introductory special at a low cost that way when the official push notification service came out they would have more users ready to just transition to the normal push service.

$15? No way - that's way too high. I'm surprised that they didn't at least offer an initial 'discount' price to gain attention and get good reviews before raising it higher like a lot of apps are doing these days.
Anyway, for me, I'm waiting for Fring, which is free, supports all the same protocols, and is rumored to be heading to the iPhone sometime soon.

There is no way I'd pay 16 bucks for an i'm application, it doesn't do much more for me than palringo does for free.

For $5 I would have bought it already. At this price, I'm waiting to see what happens when Push Notification is out.

..I had this on my BB Pearl and it works great..however $15.99 is expensive for an iPhone app..I will buy it once it's closer to the $5 mark..if it ever gets there..

probably a good app (especially now that IM+ is stack with a connecting on the screen) but 15.99 is way tooooo much.
I too would be glad to give a fiver though

Well, I've commented elsewhere on this whining over developers charging for quality applications. Hell, there are $0.99 apps in AppStore I think are too expensive. But I paid $16 for this without a second thought. First rate app.
As for whether Palringo or IM+ will support notifications, I'm not sure I care. Already those (and MobileChat) are were almost completely unusable and give me not what Beejive has in just the first two days of use. I've used way too many IM applications (all options on the iPhone so far and most of the best known for PalmOS) to wait around for the free ones to catch up to what can be done when you can put some real $$ behind development and support. I spend $16 on this app (which is $20 for the blackberry already, BTW, and selling quite nicely) with complete and utter glee.

i had this for my old blackberry, it really was awesome. I have a new company curve and it was linked to my device's PIN so i have to buy it again if i want to use it.
I would seriously recommend this if you are an IMer. Good job beejive!

I've used this app a lot so far and I have to say it is worth every penny for people who need to have their chat sessions on a dedicated server and not just cancelled when you exits the program. For non-power users though, I wouldn't recommend dropping $15.99 for an app that is probably going to be dropped to $9.99 or less soon. I have the email forwarding option on but I prefer Mobile Chat's SMS solution more because it's more practical then having someone check their email constantly to see if they received a new im. Even with it's faults (which aren't many...) BeeJive IM for the iPhone is still the best mult-platform IM app to date for the iPhone. I'm just patiently waiting for Apple to "flip the switch" to their push notifications. That will enable this app to be so much more than it already is.

Bought this one this morning and I absolutely love it... far superior to the free apps out there...

as far as IM goes i'm pretty happy with Fring, plus it gives you skype support and Voip... and free!
I'm not sure what the ga-ga is over bee jive but $15 is not worth IM.

Everyone keeps missing the point. This is the ONLY chat program that comes with a server that keeps your connection alive while you quit the program or sleep your iphone. You can stay online all the time with it. No other program does this. They also notify you (I use a text message to my phone) when you get an IM. There is no alternative that does what this does.

I have no insurance on my I phone I didn't think I would break the screen with the case on it but I did .now I can't find a screen under 250.00$ come on it's only a lil piece of glass..I have a two year contract with AT&T plus I have no signal buy me I'm off network WTF !!! So my contract is for two years //I'm stuck