It's November, when will iOS 4.2 arrive?

It's now officially November, the month when Apple and Steve Jobs said iOS 4.2 for iPad and iPhone would arrive. But just exactly when in November will they get here? This week? Next week? Week after? November 30, 11:59pm Cupertino Time?

Should the take their time to get it right, or should they get it our right now? Vote in the poll above and give us your thoughts in the comments below!

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Rene Ritchie

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It's November, when will iOS 4.2 arrive?


It's a problem they knew for months. Turn off repeat function and it should be okay.
Happen to me, and I was very annoyed, but I have been reading it up. 4.2 should fix it they say.

There hasn't been a gold master version of 4.2 released to developers yet - usually the same as the final version. That usually precedes the release of the final version to all users by at least a week.

Unfortunately, I think it will release in about three weeks since it hasn't gone gold master yet. It would be nice if they would nail down a date soon.

P.S. the iPhone and the Mac have gotten a lot of attention as of late. Its now time for iPad again!

I'm really anticipating this update, mainly for AirPrint. I'm still on 4.0.1 just because the last updates did not provide enough incentive for me to lose jailbreak/have to re-JB and redo all my settings/apps/customization.
Hopefully the new JB release will be almost immediate as it appears it may be.

they purposely put these bugs to force people to upgrade in hope to flash out any jailbroken devices

It'll come out in about two and a half weeks. The gold master will cone out this week, following Apple's two week gaps and then the next release will be to te general public.

Yeah I agree with @Eagleyesmith. How can there be polls that are unable to be participated or even in part, viewed on iPhone!? C'maaaan.. smh

I've never had a problem voting on my iPhones, either. But, I haven't been able to view the results for almost a year, now. I always get a white screen that won't load.

I actually meant to say that clicking the "View Results" link doesn't load its page. But, I do get the results after voting.

Oops. I forgot about that time change bug. DST ends on 11/7 in the US, so there's a small chance 4.2 could be released before then.

Hello guys
i found in my iTunes when i plug my iPhone the date of the new update and i think all of you know it it will be in 5 November
i hope its release in that day ^__^ cheer up people

Im sitting here with my iPad and I am waiting for the release!!!!! -.- i've been waiting for november, so when will it be released?

@Rene Ritchie
Any time that I try to vote or view the results of the polls, it opens up a new blank screen and never loads.

You're all idiots. You were waaaay off the mark. Especially you AbodiP. Dumb asses. When has apple ever done anything in a timely fashion?