LightSaber Unleashes Less Marketing Screens!

Everyone's favorite (i.e. only licensed) LightSaber emulator for the iPhone just got a tiny micro-point bump of its own tonight. The change?

After 5 times, the annoying marketing screen for the paid Star Wars: The Force Unleashed App is permanently disabled. Says THQ:

Just want to let you know we are listening to your feedback and working hard to make Lightsaber Unleashed the best we can.

And may the force be with them for that!

Thanks Cherryhead25 for the tip!

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Rene Ritchie

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LightSaber Unleashes Less Marketing Screens!

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oh thank goodness. I already purchased SWTFU, and got really sick of the ads for it.
Now if only Apple would listen to us like THQ. Hey, Apple, I want my media DRM free, and my phone to have cut/paste and Flash! GET ON IT!