Thurrott'ling iPhone Market Share: Paul Retorts!

Paul Thurrott, iPhone Lover

Yesterday we covered some of the blogswarm surrounding the iPhone having (possibly!) already sold 10 million units, becoming the most popular smartphone in the US, and the 2nd most popular handset in the US.

Well, Windows Super-Siter Paul Thurrott retorts:

So this is just like Mac market share, in other words. It’s a subset of a subset of a market, picked to make the picture look even rosier than it really is. It’s US sales of smart phones to consumers over the counter at retail locations only, not “US sales of smart phones.” Most smart phones are sold to business users, not consumers, incidentally. And that means that “typical” smart phone sales are corporate sales, not consumer sales. This whole thing is a crock.

So, is Paul right? Are the sales numbers cherry-picked, smoke shrouded, mirror-skewed, squinted at slivers of fantasized reality? Or is he, a well known iPhone and Mac user, just trolling to get sites like ours to link to his blog? (D'oh!)

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Rene Ritchie

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Thurrott'ling iPhone Market Share: Paul Retorts!


Don't let him get your traffic... the guy plays on the noob Mac fan bois... don't give him money... he'll die... just like windows will...

Nice way to quote out of context Rene. Why didn't you include this portion of his post? "Apple’s very real successes. The iPhone’s doing great. And it’s opening up a consumer market for smart phones. That’s the real story here." His sales figure claims are true, as NPD clearly states on their site-"Note: Sales figures do not include corporate/enterprise mobile phone sales." Of course they can garner 17% of smart phone sales at retail to the typical consumer. That's simply because the consumer is buying a mobile phone that conveniently also falls into the smart phone category. It's a successful device for sure, but it doesn't command 17% of the US smart phone market. It commands 17% of the non-corporate smart phone market. A market that NPD says comprises 19% of all handset sales in the us.

How's it out of context? It's in context. It couldn't be more contextualized if we had a 3D animated Thurrott floating over the text explaining it ;)
That + link to his site = ultimate context.

Paul is a reject...
and at the end of the day who cares about corp sales vs retail. The point being if 10 million iPhones are sold... then well.. they are sold. Good job iPhone. Who cares about the stupid comparison to WinMO business devices...
The bottom line is, things are shifting... we all know it, We can smell it. Ask yourselves this. I know I'M a gadget geek... and i had my own smartphones before the iPhone, and i know if YOU'RE a gadget geek you had one to.
BUT what about all those people who AREN'T, like your MOM and your sister, and your girlfriends MOM. Guess what, none of them are gadget geeks and until now they had regular normal Flip phones, or normal phones.
But NOW they have an iPhone... like i said.. change is coming.