TiPb asks: What iPhone and iPad apps do you want to see in 2011?

What new and amazing iPhone and iPad apps and games do you want to see in 2011? This year brought us everything from Word Lens to Infinity Blade, Google Voice to Apple FaceTime, multiplayer online video games to background navigation and internet radio streaming.

As incredible as those apps and games are can you imagine what we'll see next year? Let us know your dream list iPhone, iPod touch, iPad (and maybe Apple TV?!) for 2011 in the comments!


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There are 78 comments. Add yours.

chavista says:

Google navigation, thats about it

colton says:

How about "angry pigs" it would be like revenge to the birds from angry birds! I would love it!!

wally says:

Official Facebook for iPad

John Bramley says:

Personally, I would like to see an excellent SMS/Text application along the lines of BiteSMS and iRealSMS but available through iTunes and not having to Jail Break to have decent message apps. Happy New Year to all of you from the UK ;-)

Victimsofgravity says:

I want voice texting...and widgets. How about changing text message sounds.... Oh hell just jailbreak it!

Gothica says:

Microsoft Lync client, Microsoft Office, Official Facebook iPad app, Chrome browser (with sync), updated Farmville (guilty pleasure).
I hate to ask for Microsoft apps but working in an enterprise its clear that it will be a while before Microsoft goes away.

Jawcl says:
  1. Official Facebook app for iPad. Or at least chat support in Safari.
  2. Skype for iPad (it is coming, but who knows how long it will take them).
  3. More computer apps come to iPad. Such as Google Sketchup, Microsoft Office, and even some more good games like Battlefield Bad Company 2 (which is on the iPhone but for some reason EA hasn't made an iPad version yet).
  4. I know this may never happen, but Google Chrome for iPad and iPhone would be very nice. It's far better than Safari.
  5. iPad support for the official Google Voice app. And landscape support for the iPhone version.

That's about all I can think of right now....

stynkfysh says:

I would like to have a iPad map application using Google mapping data and that supports Google MyMaps, and that permits navigation to the various map points on the MyMap. The only reason for the use of Google Maps is that they are the only provider I know of that has the actual property sites drawn into the base map which makes finding locations so much easier and more reliable. Otherwise, if some other company does that, it doesn't have to use Google Maps or Google MyMaps.

Osama Dakhil says:

Official Facebook for iPad that is complete and plays all videos !!! Friendly for ipad is already very good but it's a third party and costs money

ediskrad73 says:

I want to see a dedicated Rolling Stone magazine app. Hopefully once Apple has a dedicated system for subscriptions one will come out

ediskrad73 says:

also, i'd like to see Firefox Home come to iPad.

Omar says:

I would like to see Crazy Taxi on the iPhone. I loved that game on the Dreamcast. I think it would be equally as fun and playable on the iPhone.

stynkfysh says:

...and Video/Audio Codec support beyond the very basic ones that are supported now. iPhone/iPad can't be a true multimedia device until that happens.

Pete says:

GOTOMYPC app for iPad
Official Facebook app w chat

Randy says:

@Colton yes mate same here. It would bring real fun.. I am also expecting a good business card reader which is good in all ways:-)

(Copy of) Dev says:

If I had to choose only one, I would like a dedicated gmail app that could be registered as the default mail handling application and/or improvements to the stock mail app. It is nice enough for basic send/receiving, but it is terrible for bulk operations, for searching, and multiple labels and conversations.

Scott Lewis says:

1) Facebook for iPad (are they daft??)
2) the guy who suggested "Angry Pigs" is a genius!
iOS Improvements:
1) Completely overhauled notifications system.
2) A way to mass select and delete text messages the same way you can mass select emails. COME ON ALREADY! :)
3) AirPlay fixes. AirPlay will sell millins of AppleTVs once you can do it from ANY app, not just Apple supplied ones. They also need a Mac client. Should be able to stream from Mac to iOS, Mac to AppleTV, iOS to Mac, and iOS to AppleTV.
4) A way to create folders in Mail from within iOS.
5) An interface to MobileMe from the Mail app to tune filters.
6) FaceTime over 3G.

Chytin says:

I want an Tipb app including an photogallery section with Georgia.

G says:

I know there are a lot of IM client apps out there that will let you use every account you have, but I always wanted an iChat app as I absolutely loathe AIM for iPhone and it's probably the only service I use anyway.

Schrutefarms says:

Rosetta stone for iPad or iPhone.

D jones says:

iPad printing to MY new wireless printer

Monmon says:

How about support for flash video?

CLS says:

Official gotomypc for IPAD
Better Sling Media Player

Jentino says:

Maybe it's stupid but I would love to have Playstation app for iPhone. The app that allow us to play Playstation 1 & 2 games on iOS.

OrionAntares#CB says:

For those that are asking for an iPad app for Facebook, Facebook isn't interested in making tablet apps. They've already said they want to make a tablet interface site instead to be web accessed rather than making a specific app for every tablet, including the iPad. Seems like as far as they are concerned the combination of the touch site and full site for navigation and the iPhone app and email photo/video uploads is good enough until they finish their real tablet interface. If you want a free Facebook app then complain to Apple to make one themselves just like Palm makes the Facebook app for webOS.
I say iOS needs both real customization options as well as real work toward security fixes rather than just patching leaks as others find them. Jailbreak is nice and all for customizing but you shouldn't need to exploit security flaws to get the most out of the OS.

watercatcher77j says:

A new Twitter app that introduces a simple "Twitterrific-like" interface to the Tworld but includes some features that Twitterrific lacks, namely: @username picking in the compose screen & Del.ici.ous support.

gquaglia says:

An official Google Talk app that doesn't sign itself off like the Meebo and BeeJive do. Or how about Apple do an iChat app.

robnaj says:

I would like to see a racing game can air-play to the TV with Apple TV and complete motion action based game.

Ilovegeorgia says:

I would love to see better google services. Like google nav, youtube, stuff like that other than that what can't you find on the appstore.

Bill says:

A true MS Office suite, that does not affect document formatting at all and has Track Changes. That would be a game-changer for me.

Scottash says:

An app that let's me plug in or use a Bluetooth video camera. I'm not ready to shell out another $800 - $1,000 to upgrade to the new Pad 2

J says:

if you want GOOGLE integration, then go get a ANDROID/DROID phone, DUH DUH DERRRRRR.....

patricksmangan says:

@jawcl, +1 google chrome, especially with the announced updates, I'm always finding myself wanting the omnibar

niko360 says:

Chrome to phone for iOS, Super Street fighter 2 hd remix, killer instant (arcade fighting game), iWork for iPhone

Nima says:

bluetooth file transfer and sms delivery report

FLskydiver says:

Google Navigation mostly. A consolidated Magazine Store / Reader app. Lots of things people are asking for already exist. Example: VLC for free other codec support.

Ilovegeorgia says:

@NIko360 yes killer instant i would love to see that game on here

ctt1wbw says:

I would love to see Apple buy Cydia and let all those apps in. I've been saying this since the iPhone 4 came out. Just give up the fight, Apple. It's a no-win situation, playing leap frog with hackers.

Chris says:

@Colton, Rovio is one step ahead of you. There's news of a new game that gives the pigs perspective.

Megaz says:

Adobe Flash 10.1 browser app for iPhone and iPad for FREE!!!

flyingember says:

iphoto editing
vastly improved imovie
a whole class of notification apps. no icon, just an entry in settings.

Raptor says:

Someone email apple to add in the setting to block your phone from being switched off.
If your mobile phone is stolen, the first thing the thief will do is switch it off therefore stopping you from being able to track them using mobileMe. If there was a code required for shutdown it would stop them from being able to do so. Cyclay has a feature atm which allows you to remotely block your phone from switching off. Something similar needs to be added to MobileMe.

John says:

Axis and Allies - iPad.

Jay says:

An OFFICIAL GMAIL APP.. PERIOD. Seriously google how do you justify publishing google voice, google earth, google search, but still you leave out your BEST SERVICE.. GMAIL! Can I get some resounding agreement here?

fernandez21 says:

Full flash support web browser, full office suite, full adobe acrobat with write in capability (to fill out forms), fax support (so I can fill out a form and fax it all my on phone without having to print anythin out). And t.v
. Out support on all apps.

dshanah says:

I'd like to see Apple add Bluetooth modem support to iOS. It's petty and manipulative that Apple won't let iPod touch and WiFi iPad users connect via a cheap BT phone when on the road while a laptop running MacOS works fine.

Glenn#IM says:

A great icon maker to change icons to your personal taste. Better interface with ms office. WiFi sync.

FLskydiver says:

Yeah, OK, Jay, I suppose an official Gmail app would fit nice in the space between Apple's Mail app and the full-desktop version I sometimes have to use via Safari (mostly for applying multiple labels or labels without moving from the inbox; and search).

(Copy of) Dev says:

I would love a gmail app (even said so a few dozen comments before yours), but, unless Apple would allow users to set a gmail app as the default mail handler on the iPhone -- something I seriously, seriously doubt would ever come to pass, its utility would be limited, and Google would just take more flack from customers, this time for something they could never fix without Apple's blessing.

Io says:

I'd like to see a good D&D (Baldur's Gate style) game.

BludGawd says:

I also vote for a good D&D/Roguelike/Diablo type dungeon crawl. An app version of Diablo with Hellfire expansion or a modded apple flavored version would be as amazing as it is unlikely. Unless reality is included in the criteria, my choice will be made unconstrained by (it's) limitations.

SockRolid says:

Pages on iPhone. Period.

BradM73 says:

iRectal Thermometer - There's an App for that too!

Dimwit says:

I'd love to see:
1. ABC player for iPhone
2. Directv Copilot
3. Directv Nomad

jasonact says:
  1. iPhoto for iPad. I want to organize and events albums and do some light editing, similar to iPhoto on the Mac.
  2. Pages for iPhone

That's about all for apps. iOS 5, however,...

Myria says:

It'll never happen, but two games I'd like to see are Age of Empires (pretty much any of them) and Gabriel Knight II (toss in Phantasmagoria, GK3, ect.).
I've little interest in games that utilize virtual joysticks, as a control system it's just too vastly inferior to even the worst tactile feedback control. Nor, frankly, do I see "on rails" as anything but a bad joke in this day and age. That still leaves a lot of gaming territory, and adventure games and RTSes are high on that list as far as I'm concerned.

stevendo says:

can we get an app or a function in ios that syncs my iphone texting, calling, and facetime functionality to my ipad and computer?
i.e. if i'm surfing the web on either my ipad or computer, i'd like to be able to reply right from whichever device i'm currently using without having to pull my iphone out of my pocket. same goes for taking voice and facetime calls(crossing fingers for a front facing camera on the ipad!)
i understand this functionality can be introduced with other apps like google voice that offer a second number to achieve this, but i've already had one number for many years now and i'd prefer not to have to juggle a second or a third line.

Nobiano says:

I woud love to see quicken on my iphone

Bluecanary says:

And an update to grand chase lite (best game on the app store)

Daniel says:

iWork more than anything and an update for ALL the original apps (YouTube, email, Weather, Stocks mainly)

Rob says:

I would have FaceTime over 3G and 4G LTE on Verizon and Better camera on the iPhone and a camera on the iPad

Pauline says:

topographic maps for lakes across north america - for fishing!

Tufan says:

An app that can quickly turn on/of services like bluetooth, wireless, cell data, roaming, flight mode etc directly from home screen. No need to go into settings and many more levels of dungeons to turn on/off bluetooth when I enter my car.

akag says:

All that is available in a free app for jailbroken iphone. SBSettings.

Albertozr says:

Psnetwork, better quality of camera, addicting games, update for original apps (Youtube, safari, a delete button on calculator PLEASE) idk, surprise me :)

simon says:

I would like to see a app that tells you when texts are delivered.

akag says:

It's not a phone feature. Networks determine that. ATT has no support. Verizon - limited. Tmobile - full. Sprint - don't know. Most carriers in Europe support it.

Anthony montalvo says:

I think there should be an app for more gigabytes for the iPhone when downloading movies and music . I thought 32gb was enough memory but I just max out so I can put nothing in my iPhone . Please see if ur apple technicians can create such app wit more gb and maybe apple can sell them and make more money . Can u imagine selling gb as apps man apple will be the first in history . Thanks if anybody can reply to what I just thought of email me at am03013@gmail.com Tony

Anthony montalvo says:

I love to see apple come out wit some apps with gigabytes. Lets say people buy the iPhone or the iPod touch now what if they run out of gigabytes . Apple should then come out with apps that can up the gigabytes in the iPhone . Like I would love to have 100 gb but I don't know if it's possible . ( am03013@gmail.com)