Garmin releases StreetPilot for iPhone

Garmin just released StreetPilot for iPhone, the newest addition to their mobile line-up of GPS apps. The app boasts a lot of the same features nüvi owners already enjoy. StreetPilot has up to date map support for both the US and Canada. All maps and directions are pulled from Garmin's servers so you can expect the same quality directions as a native GPS unit. Since maps are pulled from the server, the app only takes up around 7 MB of space on your phone. Hit the jump for a few initial impressions, some screens, and a list of features.

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I had some time to play with StreetPilot earlier today and found it extremely intuitive and easy to navigate. Not only that, the UI is nicely designed as well. I liked the layout of the weather portion a lot and I'm considering using it for weather too. Voice navigation worked just as you'd expect it to. I also tried out the pedestrian directions as well. It re-routed me on a shorter route that didn't take one way streets into consideration. All in all, it worked well.

One thing I noticed while playing with optional settings was that the iPod controls need some work. I couldn't always get it to add the correct songs to a playlist. And skipping a track didn't always register and you'd have to push the on screen button again.

Holding down on any part of a map will bring up a pop-up menu that allows you to choose that location as a destination, find something nearby, save the location, or display the address. There are little shortcuts throughout the app that seemed pretty well thought out. I'm looking forward to using this app on our next trip. If you've picked this up, let us know what you think. If not, what's your favorite GPS app?

For those of you still debating on GPS apps, here's a list of StreetPilot's main features -

Features include:
-Always up-to-date maps for the U.S. and Canada
-Voice-prompted, turn-by-turn directions including street names
-Real-time traffic updates to avoid traffic delays
-Speed limits for most major roads
-Integrated Local Search
-Millions of points of interest
-Lane assist with junction view for complicated interchanges
-Address book integration to navigate to contacts
-Integrated iPod® music controls
-Multi-tasking on iOS4 for navigating while calling
-Current weather conditions and forecast
-Place calls directly from search listing
-Navigate in both portrait and landscape mode
-Easy to install with quick load times

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Reader comments

Garmin releases StreetPilot for iPhone


I would do one of these apps, but what about the stupid limited data on my iphone, I mean really I don't like that but what are you doing to do. How does this do with data having to download the maps with ever trip?

I personally would prefer the option to download maps, Google Maps does what I need it to on the phone, but in areas where I lose reception I can get lost.

Pre-loaded maps are fantastic, especially when driving through an area with no data coverage (which can be frequent given AT&T). I use CoPilot Live. Fantastic, cheap app and you really get tons of value with it

I hope they get Garmin to be as good on the iPhone as their devices are, they are by far the best GPS option.

Apologies for hijacking. While I realize using the GPS on a smartphone sucks through the power but on the 3GS i have, even plugged into a 12v socket, doesn't seem to charge much with the GPS running.
Somewhere I read that an Ipad cable would work better, which sounded odd because it thought it would be the same as a iphone cable

I'm a big fan of Garmin, but not this app.
If your just viewing the map (i.e, not navigating to a destination) the slow redrawing of the screen makes the feature unusable (even in a fast 3G area) The must do some sort of map caching when you have a route because map redrawing is pretty seamless (even when a route is recalculated)
Also, when you use the IPod app while the Garmin app is running, the volume from the iPod app is severely lowered, which makes it difficult to hear whatever is being played
All in all, the interface is very nice but, in my opinion, both the Tom Tom and Navigon apps are better buys right now (it would be different if the Garmin app wasn't $40)
I made the investment so I'm hoping the app will improve but, right now, I regret jumping on the Garmin bandwagon.

WOW, no on baord maps is fail, for those with limited data plans. Yikes, thank god I'm unlimited and and have NAVIGON!

the number of times I've used my tomtom app at high enough speeds in areas to where I could change map tiles before the phone could have downloaded them has been non-trivial.
glad I went tomtom

I really think the lack of on-board maps will be a turn off. Garmin has a good reputation for GPS things, but I agree with others that since AT&T went with limited data plans, this might be quite a hit if you travel a great deal. Of course it theoretically allows quicker updates for new roads, etc., but when you are watching your data (or have no connection at all), it doesn't seem worth it to me.

What a bad deal. $40 for no pre-loaded maps. Plus, no 3D view when no route is used. Blah.

I'll stick with the free mapquest app. Does turn by turn with no issues, doesn't cost a dime.

Not a fan of GPS apps that pull from the cloud. If I'm traveling in the US I want something that isn't going to cost me several body parts to access.

I've used both the Garmin app and the VZ Navigator with my old Blackberry and they did not when you are out of signal range, which traveling through the mountins or in the middle of nowhere is quite a bit. you mught go past your turn off before the signal catches up with you

@Justin Norton
that would be because I live in Michigan City (by the way it isn't laporte, it's michigan city)
to those arguing cloud is bad, i guess i could see that. i guess i'm more concerned with saving space on my always filled iPhone. Pre-loaded maps take up quite a bit of space on some apps.

I too am a huge Garmin fan but it sounds like from the comments that they've dorked this one big time. If Garmin is going to charge around the same price as Tom Tom or the others, it should come with downloadable maps. I'd rather have an out of date map than no map at all when out of cell coverage. Garmin needs to do like the others and just update the program with new maps periodically. Until this happens I won't be purchasing this program.

Why I should go for this app? Maps not pre-installed is almost like a crap! I do use Gogo Navigator as this app comes with a better user interface and features. Main thing is you can drive through it even without any connections! All are preloaded onto your device in the download itself!

hey Mike. Great review. Just one uesqtion, mine doesn't show the Advance Lane Guidance feature when I get on the highway (i have it turned on). My tomtom app for the iPhone is version 1.2 also and I live in Canada. Any help? Thanks.