iPad to gain facial recognition camera and new speaker array? [Patent Watch]

The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office published a patent submitted by Apple today that indicates the use of a facial recognition camera as well as a new speaker array for use with the iPad. The patent shows off three and four speaker arrays to help give off better audio at increased ranges. Also indicated in this patent is a camera that will include facial and location orientation. This will allow the camera to reorient itself depending on if you are chatting with it in landscape or portrait mode. Stay with us to find out what else Apple has patents on.

The patent goes on to explain that the orientation sensor may be provided by a compass, accelerometer, an inertial sensor, or other device. It would be provided by the selection of the orientation of the display, the shape of the touch input or image recognition of the listener.

The speaker array is simply a different arrangement for the use of three or four speakers placed around the device in a non-collinear arrangement. This would allow for the iPad's audio range to cover high range tweeter and a lower range speaker.

Also an interesting note in this patent appears to be a new iPad stand that utilizes a magnetic type backing to hold the iPad. It is unclear whether we will ever see this stand but it is interesting to see that Apple could be working on it nonetheless.

[ Patently Apple ]

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iPad to gain facial recognition camera and new speaker array? [Patent Watch]


isnt that just what georgia asked for in the tipb tv episode? apple owes georgia one patent :)

If you've ever experience Cisco's Telepresence you may understand a little more. The idea is to make video communication as close to face-to-face as possible so that means talking to multiple people on the other end works with local "surround sound" and it sounds like the voice is coming from that person's mouth on the screen. Its more immersive.
Its possible that with this Apple could make the sound seem as if its coming from a particular person and then with facial recognition it could give you information about the person who is talking when they start talking. That would be pretty handy in business situations when you don't know everyone you're talking to.

These posts about patents make me sick. Every time. Hey look, I've patented the idea of making negative comments about patents in the context of blog entries. You cannot do so now without the threat of civil action. after all, the idea is not blatantly obvious, and is in fact quite innovative.