LockInfo 3.0 first look [Jailbreak]

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I got a chance to look at the brand new version of LockInfo a bit early so I've put together my thoughts for you guys to check out while you (im)patiently wait for the public release.

For those of you that don't know, LockInfo is a great little jailbreak app that makes up for the poor (read: lack of) notification system Apple has left us with under iOS. I wrote a LockInfo setup and walkthrough a while back and now we're going to look at the newest version of LockInfo by David Ashman.

As you can see from the screenshot above, LockInfo has gotten a pretty big face-lift in 3.0. You now have the option to select different themes within the app. The themes provided are much cleaner than the add-ons in Cydia as well. As of now, you've got the option of classic, dark, light, and iOS. All of them look exceptionally good. I also like the fact that you don't have to respring in order for a theme change to take effect. You do, however, need to exit out of settings.

Besides themes, you'll now notice that LockInfo has added support for in-line images. When you receive a Facebook notification, the Facebook icon will appear in your notification feed. Same with Twitter, Boxcar, games, and pretty much anything you get notifications for. E-mails and texts also have in-line image support as well. It just makes the entire notification feed look more streamline. Less Windows today screen like and more iOS like. Along with in-line images, you'll also notice that text will wrap instead of cutting off. Extremely nice for reading a whole text message from the lockscreen. Obviously longer messages or e-mails will cut off at some point, but the preview is significantly longer.

Another new feature is the addition of favorites which aggregates all your favorite contacts from your phone book into LockInfo. I honestly don't know how I'd live without this feature after using it. To be able to just tap a favorite contact from the lock screen to call or text them is a breath of fresh air. It'll aggregate all your favorites so all you have to do is swipe left and right in order to page through them, just as you do on your home screen already.

The settings panel hasn't changed much except for the addition of themes. Everything will be exactly like your used to. It wasn't a huge transition from the last version. All your current settings and tweaks should still be there when you upgrade so no re-configuring everything.

Overall, LockInfo 3.0 is an amazing improvement to an already great application. It's obvious David Ashman has put a tremendous amount of work into making this version the best release of LockInfo yet. It'd be wise of Apple to take a look at programs like LockInfo and learn from them. LockInfo brings the iPhone to a whole new level of usability for me and bringing it to mainstream users should be inevitable by now. But if iOS 5 doesn't bring a new notification system with it, I'll be perfectly content with LockInfo 3.0.

LockInfo currently runs for $7.99 in Cydia. You can also follow the developer, David Ashman, on Twitter as well at @Stimpy5050.

To all you jailbreakers out there, let us know what you think!

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LockInfo 3.0 first look [Jailbreak]


Someone needs to Jailbreak 4.2 for those of us who don't have SHSH blobs stored. Since Apple has basically said, "trust us, you don't want this" for 3 years now, I think I'm ready to JB.

So, I have an iPad and iPhone 4. Do I have to purchase this twice or will it work on both as a universal app?

That's a good question. I don't use it on the iPad just iPhone. I'm assuming you'd need 2 licenses but someone else may be able to answer you better than I can.

Thanks Allyson. I have been using iFile and Safari Download Manager on both using one license so didn't know if that would work for this as well.

Some apps check licenses some don't. I have some apps I have on several iPhones and ipads. Then I know bitesms and a few others will deactivate the other device if activated on a new one. I want to say LI works this way.

Lock info is tied to udid as well as Cydia login. So, 7.99 per device. You can transfer liscense if you get new device, but you will no longer be able to register old device.

@Rene- I know that u can't wait to use this, to bad your not jailbroken any more. Jk. But for real this looks great and I can't wait to check it out.

This will be one of the first things I install when the Verizon iPhone gets an untethered jailbreak... it can't come soon enough!

Hi Allyson, does it display notifications realtime now, i.e., replaces popups with something better like notified does (with a grip style box for example)? I only miss that to use lockinfo instead of notified

For what it is worth, I use both LockInfo and Notified Pro. LockInfo for the Lock Screen, and the Notified Pro "shade" set to be the pull down from the statusbar (With the Statusbar Notifications plugin installed).
These two programs are the only reason I"ve JB, and are both the reason why I couldn't live without a JB.

Just wondering if there is a app even close to this that is for a non-jail broken phone? I've never JB and have been holding off to try it until after 4.3 but lockinfo 3 might be the deal breaker for me (when this version is released).

Does anyone know, if you've previously purchased lockinfo 2.0 (legitimately), will version 3.0 be a free upgrade, or will there be an upgrade fee?
Version 2 was one of the two main reasons I jailbroke (other being BiteSMS), and version 3.0 looks like it will continue to be, since Apple seems to think this is something we don't need. Sorry Apple, but your wrong!

according to the changelog there is indeed a calendar statusbar icon, which is great since i can do away with notifier+

Good friggin' grief - this looks extra-awesome! (LockInfo was already awesome before...) I. Cannot. Wait.

Wow this looks amazing. LockInfo is one of my essential JB apps. With that favorite tweak it will be even more indispensable. Can't wait for this. Thanks for the review!

David Ashman hasn't given an exact date, Just said that the public beta should be out soon. I'd assume not long after that. He moved through betas pretty quickly so I wouldn't say you'll be waiting much longer.

Hi Allyson!
This is my first post, surprisingly, since I've been visiting tipb for a while now. Would u mind telling me where u got the wallpaper seen in the picture in the 2nd row 1st column? Keep up the great work!

You know when I first read this I was pretty happy about this new update. LockInfo is my #1 jailbreak app, heck #1 app in general. However, I think I would rather have not known this update was coming until the day of release. Now I will be checking every day to see if it has been released to the public. Kind of like how I kept looking for the 4.1 release or the untethered 4.2 jailbreak. Oh well!

i emailed David Ashman (LockInfo Dev) last night and he did say "There will be a public beta starting this week"... so this is good news for us who cannot wait!

Lockinfo is more than worth the money. It is a must have application and the developer David Ashman offered me fantastic support everytime I had questions. I am impatiently waiting for the public version

I have the 3GS with 4.2.1 and I JB it because I learned about LockInfo and now that I have it there's no way I would revirginize. LockInfo is too good and useful to live without! Can't wait for this new version once its made public!

How did you make your icons small? is that free? im kinda new to jailbreak. please help :)

How much does lock info cost? I was JB'd a while back (took a mates advice to get it but I didn't really know what I was doing lol) but went pure again and I never paid then. How are payments taken for paid apps? Thanks in advance.