Daily tip: how to add contact pics to your address book with Cyntact [jailbreak]

Adding contact pictures to your address book on stock iPhones will only show the contact picture when you actually click the contact. For jailbreakers, there's a nifty little jailbreak app called Cyntact that'll add them inline. Cyntact was actually one of the first apps available for purchase in Cydia. It was also written by the creator of Cydia, Jay Freeman (Saurik).

To get Cyntact working on your phone, it's as simple as installing the app from Cydia. The current price for Cyntact is $1.00 (USD).



  • Launch Cydia.
  • Tap Search on the bottom bar.
  • Search for Cyntact.
  • Purchase Cyntact for $1.00.
  • After your phone resprings, go into your address book and you should see inline contact pics now.
  • If for some reason you don't see them, respring your phone again. This has happened to me once or twice and a respring fixed it. It only ever happens on a new install of Cyntact. It's a dead simple little tweak but still remains one of my favorite jailbreak apps to this day. If you guys try it out, let us know what you think!

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    Daily tip: how to add contact pics to your address book with Cyntact [jailbreak]


    Had this for over a year now. This really is one of those "what the hell was apple thinking by not including this in there OS app" just makes the OS look so much nicer and cooler, you wouldn't think it but it really makes a HUGE difference

    I've had it for years as well. Love that I can see the person's picture before I call them. MYPHONE+ app is a good app that will sync your FB profile pictures to your phone. When someone calls the whole screen will be covered by that person's profile pic. Much better then having a small square with their picuture show up.

    I find that only some of my pictures are showing up; others just show blank boxes. I don't think it's because are .png and some are .jpg. Anyone know of file restrictions or picture size restrictions?

    I've tried several times to load this app. Cydia repeatedly shows one in 'changes' and upgrade(1), but I can't get it to load. If Cyntact or anyone else can't help me, I want my buck back!