President Barak Obama, Steve Jobs, and America's technorati [Photo]

President Barak Obama, Steve Jobs, and America's technorati [Photo]

Apple CEO Steve Jobs met with US President Barak Obama alongside other tech leaders such as Google's Eric Schmidt and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg last night, as scheduled. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said:

“The president specifically discussed his proposals to invest in research and development and expand incentives for companies to grow and hire.”

Any guesses what the cheers was for?


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President Barak Obama, Steve Jobs, and America's technorati [Photo]


At least Steve put a jacket on to meet the president. I hope he didn't have his 20 year old jeans on with it.

Everyone looks around, confused
Somebody: "Wait, I thought we were doing that already."

I'll try.
Left to Right starting with Barack, Steve Jobs, Ceo of Cisco (John Chambers maybe), No Face Lady (Sorry), Eric Schmidt, SunnyVale Internet (Peter Blackmore), Partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (not sure but John Doerr), Ceo of Oracle (Lawrence Ellison), Netflix (Reed Hastings), CEO of Intel (Paul Otellini he's supposed to be there not sure if this is him), CEO of Yahoo (Carol Bartz, New Twitter CEO (Dick Costolo), Can't see, CEO of Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg).
Less Cluttered by business
President, Apple, Cisco, ????, Google, Sunnyvale Internet, Kliener Perkins, Oracle, Netflix, Intel, Yahoo, Twitter, ????, Facebook (bottom of the link)

Note the Schmidt - Jobs buffer! Love it!
In all seriousness this is pretty smart of Obama. The tech sector is one of a few sectors where the United States is still a leader, and these guys are some of the smartest and most innovative people in the world. Very smart move, indeed.

They're discussing how to integrate RFID chips with information from's up to Apple to integrate the chips with nueral technology to create computers that literally are in our heads..and it's gonna be up to Google to present it nicely to the public as the New Age of Aquarius approaches. least that's what I think ;)

Ballmer's under the table and his head will poke up under the salad bowl occasionally.

So Many Questions:
1)Why isn't Larry Page here?(unless he is next to Zuckerberg)
2)But Eric Schmidt, why, did he get ousted (sorta)?
3)And Carol Bartz? Obama does know Yahoo is in serious trouble?
Well I guess it is the Government who expects them to be up-to-date.

The Not Caption:
As Obama sits around the table with leaders of tech industry he asks, "Can a person with an Associate Degree get one of those high paying jobs? Your margins are high enough to afford it." Before Carol Bartz could respond with a "F#%k You" Steve Jobs interrupts asking Zuckerberg to "pass the liver".

" help me kick off my 2012 re-election campaign by donating a good chunk of that tax cut for the wealthy that I renewed for you."

Yes, Steve looks pretty much the same in that picture (maybe a little more filled out in the face actually).

Odd... They already had coffee, and mist glasses are empty, some have water in it.
Would it be the cheap credo of "yes we can" or "God bless Emerica"

Well, it IS Obama - he would defiantly refuse to compliment AMERICA - Emerica sounds about right.