Greenpeace Files Suit Against Apple, Declares iPhone "Toxic"

Oh Greenpeace, can't you idiots just stick to rescuing dolphins or saving single-cell organisms? Today the colorful activist organization made good on its promise to sue Apple over toxic materials found in iPhone, and further seeks an injunction blocking the arrival of iPhone in Europe. If Greenpeace is successful, you boys and girls in Europe won't be getting an iPhone come November 9. One more at a time.


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Reader comments

Greenpeace Files Suit Against Apple, Declares iPhone "Toxic"


this is a little strong even for you. I don't think greenpeace is the most subtle an honest green compay in the world. And god knows they love theatrics. But I would be careful throwing around neo Nazi references just for the sake of a laugh. If there is something toxic in our new little toy I'm happy that somebody is there to say it. Let's all get a little perspective here. I love my iPhone too but I'd like to hear all the facts before I start calling up holocaust images to make a point.

Do not insult NGOs like GreenPeace. They are trying to save lives. As a Christian, that sounds pretty good to me.

Sorry, but I have no respect for Greenpeace whatsoever. I'm all for making this world a better place, and protecting the environment, but threats and bullying are NOT the way of going about it. Greenpeace may be green, but it's certainly not peaceful.

I love Greenpeace's intent, but I hate the way they go about things. They target companies that are in the public eye to get themselves in the news. That's plainly obvious if you look at their past.
They also unfairly target single companies instead of entire industries. Apple follows regulations like all of the other companies out there. Greenpeace chooses to target Apple and the iPhone because its the hottest thing out there at the moment. And that gets Greenpeace press.
There are plenty of other green organizations out there who do incredibly great things without the need to be in the public eye at all times. Greenpeace seems to think if people aren't talking about them, they aren't being effective. They have their heads in the wrong place. They will lose this lawsuit, but they know that going in. They just wanted people to talk about them. And we are.

For a person of ANY religion, a life dedicated to saving others definitely "sounds pretty good". But such a person usually also believe that the end DOES NOT justify the means.
Just my 2 cents... :-)

Screw these greenpeace idiots only a stupid idiot would have anything to do with GREENPEACE their the worlds biggist troublemakers TELL THEM TO GO TAKE A HIKE

Dude, If apple did bad, Then they should pay, You think i care about Apple, Simple as that, They can fight it in court.