Some iPad 2 users reporting yellow tint, will likely fade soon

A few iPad 2 owners have written in to tell us they are experiencing yellow tinting issues on their brand new devices. This seems rather reminiscent of this past summer and the yellow tint issue with the iPhone 4

If history is set to repeat itself, it seems as if this issue will resolve itself the same way it did last summer -- the bonding agent Apple has been using on their displays will set and the yellow tint will fade away. Most users with the issue on the iPhone 4 were yellow tint free after a few days. 

Any TiPb readers out there seeing a yellow tint on their display?

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Allyson Kazmucha

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Reader comments

Some iPad 2 users reporting yellow tint, will likely fade soon


Its not yellow tint. Its backlight bleed and has nothing to do with glue. Almost all the people with the problem have it in the same place, me included. And from the display being pinched in the area around the home button/speaker. You can tell because it gets worse if you push down in that area or as the whole unit flexes.
Im thinking apple may have given up a bit of structural integrity in order to make it this thin.

I have some light bleeding thorough in the lower left corner. Only noticable on letterbox videos when that part of the screen is supposed to be dark. Guess I have 14 days to decide if it bugs me.

I have it on my 32gb black one. It bugs me a bit but what's still bugging me is the attitude of the apple store emp who asked me "is this a big issue for you with a very condescending expression on his face"

@ghostface According to ifixit the Display is glued as they had to use a heat gun to get it off unlike the first iPad. I have a 32GB black wifi and have no light leak or yellow tint issues.

This is why I always wait at least a month before buying a new product. These problems sound more like QC than design flaws, and I'm sure Apple will make adjustments in production. A little patience is a good thing. If you just shift your purchasing time a bit, you'll still own your devices just as long and get just as much use out of them. Being first is the job of reviewers.