Second AT&T iPhone 4 commercial again shows off simultaneous voice and data

AT&T has aired their second iPhone 4 commercial since losing exclusivity and it once again pushes the concept of simultaneous voice and data. While the first one focused on a hapless husband who forgot his anniversary, this time AT&T features a man arguing with a friend over the phone and trying to use Safari to settle the argument during the call -- something that's not possible on the Verizon iPhone without Wi-Fi. (Which is admittedly a little easier to believe in this commercial's restaurant setting as opposed to the first commercial's office setting.)

Verizon for their part has been hammering at AT&T over coverage and reliability, while Apple is just happy to have them both.

Is AT&T sticking with a winner strategy here or will simultaneous voice and data only take them so far? If so, what's next? A business woman frustrated by the limited conference calling available of CDMA? And if so will Verizon retaliate with the "Pepsi challenge" of reception tests in New York and San Francisco?

[We'll replace with the official video once it's online]

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Second AT&T iPhone 4 commercial again shows off simultaneous voice and data


I'd like to see a Verizon response ad where an AT&T iPhone subscriber gets a call from the Human Resources department of a company he applied to, then turns 90 degrees, and the mysteriously call drops.
The ad would end with the guy with his fist clenched, screaming into his iPhone.
Based on a true story.

Haha, this will be a true classic. It's so true though. I lose calls daily, and am in the process of switching to the big v. I rather be able to keep a phone call than surf while talking. For the record, everywhere I travel (Europe, ME, Canada, Asia) I always get 5 bars (4 in the worst case) on my IP4. On a good day here in the Bay area, I get 3 bars and still manage to drop calls. I am so sad that now they are going to do the same with t-mobile and use their revenues on deceptive markettimg like instead of building their infrastructure.

Where in the Bay Area are you located? I live in the East Bay, and I found that AT&T works well at home and at work with the iPhone 4. I've tried several Verizon phones within the past year (Moto Droid, Moto w385, etc.), but either the voice quality sounded hollow or my calls dropped. I guess it is all about location, eh? With AT&T's probable acquisition of T-Mobile, I hope that our bills will not increase, though...

I think the only bills that will be increasing will be for the Tmo customers that decide to stick with AT&T. Particularly those that are on Tmo because they don't require a contract for lower rates.

Tbone look no further than the city councils in the Bay area for why you have poor service. Regulation and a permit process designed by Satan makes it almost impossible for any carrier,let alone AT&T to provide the coverage everyone in the bay area needs
Verizons coverage may be ok now, but it won't take long for the users to overwhelm their network.
Until officials are elected that are more friendly to the carriers, the bay are will continue to receive 2nd rate service.

very true... San Francisco has nothing to blame for poor cell service other than itself...

It's some kind of mobile Wikipedia app. It's not Wikipanion+ (as I use that app, and it doesn't have the "queue" button in the bottom right), and it's not Safari, as this article incorrectly states, but the formatting does appear to be some kind of app that displays the mobile Wikipedia.
It may be a music app that just searches through a mobile browser, but yeah, definitely not Safari, nor Wikipanion.

Considering that there are now phones on Verizon that are somehow getting voice+data over 3G, I would say that AT&T is losing.
Now once they got t-Mobile, all they can brag about is more customers.
I still think Verizon is better in the long run for consumers.

I've never actualy had a problem wit AT&T...yetducks in cover
I see no need to switch yet and simultaineous v+d is just an added benefit

I had att for years always had dropped calls , switched to verizon , not one yet and great voice quality, ill take that over something that id occasionally use.

I have AT&T and usually get okay signal, but I do drop a fair amount of calls. Wishin' I could switch to Verizon when the iPhone 5 comes out, but my AT&T contract runs into February 2012. :-(

I att is just grasping at straws now. What's next? Hey I know my networks garbage but let me find more less important tidbits that I can try to market against vzw. I didnt use the voice and data but maybe twice in three years. Bottom line is att service I a joke. Hey look u can leave a 3 second longer voicemail on att than verizon?! Let's make a commercial about that next.

Simultaneous voice and data is not grasping at straws. It's a very useful feature for business. I'm so glad I have it. It saves me a lot of time at work looking things up for my boss while on the phone with him.
I switched to AT&T and the original is hone because Verizon sold me a crap phone that ket having software issues. When I went to take it in a few weeks later, they said that I voided the waranty because a hologram wore off (sticker still there!). It only wore because the piece of crap battery had a loose fit! They said I had to buy a whole another phone at 200$ or something crazy. Verizon can suck a nut. A lot of omy friends switched to AT&T due to similar issues.

Yes, this from a man who asked if the verizon iphone could be unlocked to run on sprint. Yes, let's write an article about a commercial that's been out for a month.
I am amazed at the number of people that stick with att through all their dropped calls and spotty coverage. If the only phone verizon had was a startac, id use it just for the superior network coverage. I haven't dropped a call in at least a year.

AT&T can have their similtaneous voice and data. It's not worth having their terrible service out here in the valley. Besides we'll see what hook AT&T has once an lte iPhone comes out.

Since I had to keep my AT&T iPhone on EDGE to maintain a signal in my area, simultaneous voice and data was never an option. At least now I can maintain a 3G signal while sitting at my desk.