App Store down?

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We're getting a lot of reports from readers that they can't connect to the iTunes App Store from either their Mac or Windows PCs, or iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. Some readers are saying they can connect, however, so while it's down for a lot of people, it may not be down for everyone.

Let us know either way!

Rene Ritchie

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Huntaah says:

Hey Rene, it's working for me. I'm updating apps on my iPhone while typing this.

Andy S. says:

I cannot update my apps, either. I have made several attempts today. Each I attempt to do so, I get this message window: "We could not complete your iTunes Store request. The network connection timed out. Make sure your network settings are correct and your network connection is active, then try again."
My network settings and network connection are both fine. Perplexed.

DemonLourde says:

Down for me also 4/21/12 12:34 AM est

Da Man says:

What's going on Apple? Why cant I update my freaking apps?

Homer Simpson says:

As of 2:36PM CST, I was able to access and download apps from the AppStore on my iPhone.

n.roldan says:

It's not working for me on the iPad 2. I tried WiFi and Hotspot from iPhone 4...Also not working on iPhone or iMac. I think the problem is not the App store, I think is the accounts.

Avenged110 says:

It was working, but cut me off mid-download

largenj says:

Working fine here in DFW...Just updated 7 apps and downloaded 3 new ones

zeagus says:

Worked on iPad2 just now in NJ.

DataCentre says:

I was able finally to update on my computer, but can't on my iPhone. Took a few tries to download the new Angry Birds on my iPad, but can't get it on my iPhone.
Hope this gets fixed soon.

Karla says:

Nope DEFINITELY not working for me!

@iGuido85 says:

iTunes has problems with updating my apps in the Dutch app store.

Rman5k says:

In the Dallas area. I can not connect via iPhone or PC.

jwriherd says:

Can't update, iPhone 4, USA

Chun says:

itunes store and app store down for me

RisingPixels says:

Works fine here in Germany.

stew says:

Working fine for me in California.

Krille says:

I can access it from my ipod touch and my pc :)
Live in Sweden BTW.

Mat says:

App store won't update apps on my iPad :-(
Error message: couldn't connect to iTunes store
Hope this won't last too long :)

Stu says:

Fine with me via 3GS in UK

Kiteboarder says:

Problems in Seattle since yesterday

Taylor Ness says:

Can access the store here, but not download anything from it. Tried 3 different iPads and 2 iPhones running on 3G, so it's not my network specific.

Guacho says:

3:54 pm EST. I can access the app store but not update any app, it just freezes.

Duscraft says:

I can't update my Apps on my iPhone 4 in the USA. It just says waiting.

justin brooks says:

works fine for me
12:55pm PST

Weston brown says:

Its down on my iphone 3GS and just-bought-today iPad 2!!! I'm in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area in Texas.

websyndicate says:

No wonder I cannot download apps. I thought it was my iPhone for a minutes. WA state

John says:

App store down, cannot update my apps in the Netherlands

Sooteee says:

Just crashed on an update via the phone (4) connected via PC and that's now gone tits up too!
So Buggered in UK at moment for updating at least as I can still browse around.

Travis says:

Everything is a go here on my Verizon iPhone, not tried it on WiFi or iTunes yet though.

websyndicate says:

Try downloading something I dont think it will work.

JD says:

Working fine here...

Taylor says:

Worked fine for me in ct.

MyDarlin says:

DOWN and OUT here in Maryland - thought it was just me, so restarted my phone and all. Nothing helped. boooo! =(

Shawn Riley says:

Been down for me since 2 here in Dallas

toner restock says:

it's working for Toner restock

patricksmangan says:

Google and facebook have been having issues. I think theres a cyber showdown goin on

Marcus says:

I was trying to download an iPhone app from the app store. I can search the apps, but when I try to install, it places the grayed out app logo on the phone with "Waiting" below the icon. That's as far as it gets. Never even asks for my app store password.

chrisgardill says:

I have been attempting to access it here in WV, USA for about 2 hours without luck. Glad it's not just me.

Meike says:

Doesn't work 4 me here in Amsterdam :(

Khairul Ridhwan says:

Down here in Malaysia as well :(

Chris says:

Good here in So Cal at 1:04 PM. Just download Angry Birds Rio on my iPad.

Frank says:

Down in Greensboro, North Carolina

Damitol says:

Texas - iPhone 4 on 3G. Got in and just downloaded an app without issue.

Omar says:

Down here in Mexico too, can't update apps

Damon says:

Seemed to be down, spinning like crazy but finally did process transaction and download app. It did not automatically install however, I had to install it manually. Once installed, it didn't add to dock, I had to launch from the Applications folder. Lots of crazy behavior but it did finally work after letting it sit spinning for a few minutes.

Dan Rosy says:

App Store down in Ireland too!

Chris says:

Works great for me have no problems loading anything

Brinkster says:

I'm also having problems with it, it's not fully down but it takes about 3 minutes from an attempt to download an app until I get the password prompt, and nothing so far has been downloaded.

Nico says:

Can not connect in France now!

d3x70r says:

Down for me in the UK.

Koshy says:

Can't access it in West London, UK.

Todd says:

The app store isn't working for me on my iPad 2, either. That's how I found this article, after searching to see if others are experiencing similar.
I can browse the app store, but when I try to make a purchase, it goes from the price, to "buy app", then the second tap that should initiate the purchase just causes it to revert back to the price. Meanwhile, a phantom app icon (all gray) attempts to download... wait a minute, the gray app has changed to the app icon, but still won't download. It's still "waiting". In addition to the strange behavior, there is a delay of several seconds between the "buy app" tap and when it asks for my iTunes password. The app actually appears to begin downloading (or "waiting") prior to it asking for my password.
Interesting... as I was typing this, I received a pop up message indicating "can't connect to iTunes store". I tapped "retry", but I'm not expecting much. Looks like a semi-localized iTunes outage? Bummer.

mongchacha says:

glad to see this post - I know it's not just me.

Weston brown says:

I called apple and was told by a rep who contacted the iTunes engineers and reported to me that " The iTunes store has some work to be done - some areas of the store are down but will both affect the entire store" he will contact me when the issue is resolved. It sounds like a big problem! I bet its the angry birds rio version!!!!!!

Biffb says:

Not working for me here in Canada on my iTouch. Password prompt doesn't seem to happen unless I disconnect from my network. Then it says it can't connect....shocking!

Andy Wolber says:

Unable to connect on either iPad or iPhone via Comcast OR AT&T Wireless in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Jörgen says:

Down in Sweden, It´s possible to connect to appstore but it won´t download anything.

R says:

Buying wont work - everything else is fine in Germany

andrclvn says:

Up and running Maryland (USA)

Chando says:

Up on iPhone in Raleigh, NC

LittleAsh88 says:

I can access the App Store and view apps but is not allowing me to download anything here in England!

DP says:

UP and running Essex, UK.

DP says:

Sorry that's on iPhone 4 and I've not checked if downloading's working yet...

hoho says:

can access via itunes on Mac, not on iPhone, though.

Jeff says:

Not working Scotland Uk from iPod touch

Luuk van Dongen says:

Down in the Netherlands to...
Strange, all I get are the grey "waiting" icons...

John says:

Problems in Seattle, Can't access from iPad or Mac.

Marcus says:

App store isn't working for. Won't let me download the Shazam update

Jarrod says:

Down in Colorado Springs, all devices.

DP says:

Weird how it's not down for me but is for others who're in the same country, I must be routed to their mirror server

tmitche2 says:

so even if you have an iphone, you don't have an iphone?

zape says:

Down in Wash DC., the most internet connected city in the US.

gcaufi says:

Works fine in LA Area.

D-Rock says:

Working fine in Columbus, Ohio! Can access on Mac and iPhone.

jessnkorey says:

Been trying to redeem a gift card for the past hour in the US on iPhone. Hangs at the loading screen. Also tried to update two apps and both said waiting for about 20 minutes and finally downloaded. I thought I was going crazy for a moment.

nice says:

down in southern sweden

iPh0neme says:

I can access it on my PC and my iPhone here in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Tallon says:

all good in Woodbridge, Virginia....

Jim Moak says:

I'm DL'ing Angry Birds RIO right now!

Noel Hastings says:

Cannot access from iMac desktop or iPad in California!!!!

Andrew says:

Though I probably blame Angry Birds Rio ;)

Lawnman59 says:

Works fine from my MBA. Illinois-US

Visi says:

Working here in Albania. Apps are downloading very fast.

Pat Tierney says:

App Store and i Tunes links work fine for me.

Visi says:

Working here in Albania. Apps are downloading very fast. Everything ok.

Jörgen says:

Up and running again in Sweden

Michelle says:

Working, but slowly, in NC in the US.

Brian says:

Working normally for me on PC and iPhone.

Weston brown says:

I didn't realize how this would affect my day........

Weston brown says:

But as of 4:21pm CST everything's working!

Biffb says:

Came back up here in Canada.

Jamie Fear says:

i can access store in uk but app updates keep failing on itunes and iphone

Jamie Fear says:

just checked again and seems to be fine now

Guy says:

Yes can on iPhone and Mac, UK

JHoffy says:

Works great here. On my iPhone 4 and Mac. I'm in SoCal.

Meike says:

It's working again, just got some updates on my iPad :)

Glenn#IM says:

Before it went down, I had some updates. When I installed the updates, got a pop up wanting me to verify my credit card information for in app purchases. Never had this before. I am thinking Bejewled Blitz was the cause. I really do not use the facebook Blitz. Thought it strange to have to verify my information when they already have it. Did not do it, and no response from Apple. Anybody else get this?

Coffeegrower says:

I got this pop-up yesterday while trying to download a free app - thought it was strange, but verified anyway, because app store wouldn't let me proceed with the download otherwise.

Glenn#IM says:

Thanks, same problem, have to verify security code. I appears from apple, but real fishy. They already have that info. Could be a safety net on their part to make sure the real owner is buying the app. Kind of useless on a free app, unless that app has in app purchase.

smack518 says:

6:20pm Eastern I can connect.

KG says:

Was down earlier in CA on my iP4, but working now.

excaliburca says:

Was working on my iPhone as of 18:46 EST in Ottawa, ON, Canada

Sam says:

Stopped halfway through an update of an app

Gsarfin says:

No problems here in San Antonio.

DRHughes says:

Works fine in Buffalo! :)

rvzz says:

Angry Birds Rio created the problem :)

fUnKyD0g says:

No problems here in Malaysia.

Kyle says:

No problems here in NC.

Doug says:

Been running between slow and stopped all afternoon and into the evening, north of Chicago.

phnorph says:

Not working here in New Zealand. Been down since last night.

killakow says:

works great over here in Antarctica

DCalvert2 says:

Had some slow down during the day but other than that it has been fine

Greg says:

I don't know WTF has been going on with the appstore lately but ever since the Verizon iPhone was released, it takes a few minutes just for it to load up! Super slow even when using wifi!

Bruce says:

app store will not work on new verizon iphone4. Raleigh, NC. started around 10pm. Phone was purchased new last friday.

Sky says:

I will always got connection timeout from itune when i download iOS4.3.1 till around 400MBytes, WTF! Is itunes having problem ?

Michael says:

the app store is not working for me right now =[

Peter says:

The App store server times out.

Campbell says:

iTunes store won't let me send a gift app! All day long.

Jo says:

I can get to it from my phone, but it won't let me get the updates it's saying I need. I press Buy, and nothing happens. It's really frustrating.

Michael hughes says:

Whilst I am being notified of updates for downloaded apps, when I go to update my screen is blank with no updates showing????

wild que says:

Appstore application doesn't open in my Iphone4. tried to logout then login, but it's still not opening, not running. Do I need to reset the whole software because of this? or did I miss something?

George says:

App store window opens on my iMac, shows me that I have three updates, but I cannot get into the Updates category. When I try and view my account, the interface spins and spins, not only does not produce a result but I cannot cancel.

Luis says:

App store window opens in my iMac, but only to show few minutes later: “impossible to connect to App Store“.
Also the same thing happens when open iTunes and try to open the store. Can listen to music on the library but can search anything on the store.
What can I do?

Joe says:

App store is down here in Nj

Brod says:

Currently down on iphone NY

louis says:

Cant connect to app store over here .. Quebec Canada

JJ says:

Down on iphone4 Tennessee

Frog2128 says:

WTH is wrong with my date and time!

ItunesSimone says:

On my iPod touch 2nd generation i went tothe app store to update an app and it ahowed it was gong to update but i did not. I tried a few tmes but it still didnt work. What should i do?

Tswift581 says:

No! i cant! i need to download an app for a summer break project! tell me how to fix it or fix it ur selves!

David Hersh says:

App store is definitely down. No access for the last 2 hours

OC says:

I haven't been able to access the App Store or iTunes from my iPhone or MacBook Pro for about 3 hours.

CN says:

My iPhone 4G can't connect to apple store, I can't download any apps at all...

Sagamore says:

Yes, my iphone has been really screwed up today. Apps gone wild. No response. Awful. Are the hackers winning?

Ffstanfield says:

iPod Touch (2nd Generation). I have been having trouble all day accessing the App store and iTunes all day. Whats Up????

Rabutman says:

I can browse the app shop, but can not download anything on iPhone 4 or iPod Touch G2. I can't even view account info through the itunes software on my PC. My teenager, however, can connect and download apps on his iPod Touch G3.

Joshuaaddleman says:

I try and update my games that needs updating and downloads halfway n stops and gives message saying your download will download after you plug it into the computer. also i tried downloading games but same problem. i have no access to a computer though. please help me.

Mikepeach3 says:

It won't let me connect it will let me look at apps but when I touch the app it won't let me look at it it says can not connect to app stor

C00ps says:

I can access everything in iTunes store on my pc except app store. I've tried all store fixes in support but no difference : (

Flip46 says:

cant view apps in store help us apple !!! cant even get support says try again later ! sort it out jobs !

mannettaikus says:

I can access all of the iTunes stores except Apps. I do not get an error message; all I get is a blank page.

TL says:

I can access all of the iTunes stores except Apps.
I do not get an error message; all I get is a blank page. Windows 6 64 bit - my iPad connects just fine.

Tester says:

All but apps catagorys.... after clicking on the apps tab in iTunes and choosing a catagory like "photography", all I get is a blank page. Searching the app tab works though.........

Simple Simon says:

Same as everyone else, I can get to go on all the other options on iTunes Store but not 'app store' I get is a blank page, no instructions, no advice or help, just blank. It has been like that for 3 days now.

Local2099 says:

same as everyone, can access tv, songs, movies, but not the apps in iTunes, is there an answer ?? Was working fine 2 days ago. Can't connect from laptop, but can download apps from iPhone 4

Adriancrimmen says:

i had same problem as everyone else but solved it by searching for the app i wanted to look at once on the blank screen of the app store

Xgkguzzardix says:

I was unable to look at the App store page or Purchased page in iTunes on my PC. All I got was a blank page, however I just did an iTunes update and now I can look at everything again.

Rjohnson_8ball says:

App Store says I have 2 updates. I push Update All. One goes to Loading and one to Waiting. But the one Loading seems to make no progress.

Rjohnson_8ball says:

I gave up after awhile (hour?) and retried. Again, same problem. I shutdown my iPhone 4, booted it up again, and tried the Update All again. The progress seems there, but very, very slow. I am using WiFi at my workplace, and the receiving signal (radar symbol) looks strong.

Rjohnson_8ball says:

Finally, I gave up with the WiFi, and used 3G with no problem on my iPhone 4 to get the 2 updates.

Tovijunk says:

I can but my husband can't.

Fckingeh says:

App store is not loading on my Iphone 4

Dicegrrl says:

I've tried to update apps as well as DL new ones a pop up comes up that I need to verify payment page. So it's all there CC# address and the security code from CC needs filled in so I do it. But it says it's wrong. But it's not. So it won't let me update apps or DL new apps even free ones! Whats the dig idea? How to I fix it?

Trevorshepherd2277 says:

It won't get search matches or let me download right now it says app store something

Robbdragon says:

It won't let me search the iOS app store but everything else works fine...

SpezK says:

I cannot access the Apps store at all, I am having trouble downloading an app it keeps telling me no match when I know the app is there. Please help.

Mrs Izbatt says:

I can make it to the App store but when I go to search for ANYTHING (Facebook, Fruit Ninja the Mass Text one I needed) it shows ""No matches found".

MoodManualBassist17 says:

I am having the same problem on my iPhone 4; even when I search for apps I already have, it always says "no matches found."

Guest says:

Same here - just keep getting the "no matches found" on my iPhone 4S. Very frustrating.

Dinsdale says:

Can't on my iMac. Guess you guys don't want me to buy anything.

Sylvia says:

App store loading on my ipod touch and app just sat waiting - for almost a day now

Max98710 says:

im using a macbook pro and for some reason i turned on my laptop one day and my date and time were messed up and i couldnt access the app store whatoever my flash isnt working and loads of other things...idk if its just the app store but..yeah its not working haha

Kuuipo833 says:

I have 15 apps that need to be updated I push update and now they all say waiting, but no progress has been made in 3 days. I've tried uninstalling the apps and reinstallining them, but the new apps say waiting as well.

Rjohnson_8ball says:

Try doing one at a time first. If it hangs, turn off WiFi and see if 3G works better. For some reason, my WiFi at work did not work as well as my WiFi at home for updating Apps. I could be mistaken, but iOS 5 seems to me to update Apps without freezing.

Kuuipo833 says:

I tried what you suggested with no luck :-( I turned off wifi and used 3G I also tried doing one app at a time. I reset the phone as well, but still nothing. I'm running out of ideas.

Rjohnson_8ball says:

Try doing one at a time first. If it hangs, turn off WiFi and see if 3G works better. For some reason, my WiFi at work did not work as well as my WiFi at home for updating Apps. I could be mistaken, but iOS 5 seems to me to update Apps without freezing.

Pierre Hoyek says:

i have a problem loading the app store on my Iphone 4g, altho i can access the app store very easily from my pc. Hwn i start the app store on my iphone, it just keeps showing me the loadind signal without actually accessing, and if it did, it's very slow and the small thumbnails don't show

Ny24j says:

Today I wasent Able to update or buy anything from the app store. I have my card info already saved on there, but it's telling me that my security code is invalid, which I know it's not. Is the network down or not working??

Ny24j says:

Today I wasent Able to update or buy anything from the app store. I have my card info already saved on there, but it's telling me that my security code is invalid, which I know it's not. Is the network down or not working??

Beast_Tribe says:

I have WI-FI , i checked and it works. but when i open app store it stays on loading screen. I turn Iphone compleatly off , then go back to app store and same thing happens. loading screen forever

Don Tsui says:

I can't download anything from the app store. And when I look at the screenshots only one appears. Help! I have a ipoud touch 2g with version 3.1.3

Grace_from_texas says:

I can get it open but it won't let me buy anything

JoJo says:

app store load fine, but when i try to get the app it wont get off of the free thing, and there's like 6 boxes where the picture of the app iss supposed to be, and i use a ipod gen 1 that hasnt had trouble yet

Truehearted41 says:

Mine works on my itouch but it doesn't let me download apps help!

Lilayy666 says:

I tryed clicking install and nothings happening!!!

Tlong272 says:

Same thing happens to me I don't wats wrong I tried every thing I restored it turned of my Iphone nothing works
it very aggravating ugh
come on apple wat going on??!?!?!

Kyrashenton says:

Me too! Like, you click the free button and nothing happens? :/

Shernandez430 says:

I can accesss the app store but when i go to download I click on the price and it's like I'm not clicking on anything an it doesn't show me the feed back from the app or the picture preview. Help?

Sarah says:

Won't work at all for me!!!!!! Freakin stupid Apple.

Rubydeu says:

Ok on 4s, but will not connect on iPad or pc (using wifi where previously worked fine)

Jennie says:

I can search and view apps, put in my I'd, but then it pops up Cannot connect to app store.

Enrico says:

Neither Download nor Update is working on my iPad 2 here in Cologne, Germany. iPhone 4 worked fine just a few minutes ago...

W4r6060 says:

Not working
I'm trying with my iPad 2 but still can't connect
I'm in Italy

Zach says:

App stores down here in Texas. I can access the app store but once I try to down load it says I need to update my payment method and once I enter my card number it says my security number is invalid (though it's not) the says that card payment processing is temporarily down?

Marvin says:

App store not workin I tried to go on it with my iPod but it doesn't show up I have full bars o wifi can someone help me plzzzzz