Like TeleNav and TiPb on Facebook for a chance to win 30 free one-year AT&T Navigator subscriptions!

Like TeleNav and TiPb on Facebook for a chance to win 30 free one-year AT&T Navigator subscriptions!

Giving away 3 one-year subscriptions to the TeleNav powered AT&T Navigator isn't cool. You know what's cool? Giving away 30 one-year subscriptions. To celebrate the launch of AT&T Navigator 1.8i (for the AT&T iPhone) -- the first app to takes advantage of TeleNav’s hybrid navigation service! -- that's exactly what they're doing.

And here's all you have to do to enter:

  1. Like TeleNav on Facebook and TiPb on Facebook (be sure to like both!)
  2. Leave a comment below telling us where you're going to use TeleNav to take you

That's it! We'll pick 30 of you at random from the comments and if you've liked both TeleNav and TiPb on Facebook, you'll get one of the thirty (30!) one year subscriptions!

What are you waiting for, do it now!

[Not sure if your device is supported? Check out TeleNav's AT&T support page!]

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Jeremy T. says:

I think that having this Navigator is going to be great. Being in the Fire and Rescue for the past 10 years, this will give me the better ability to have great directions to be able to get to my location and give my driver better location to where to go. I am looking forward to getting this service wether I get the chance to win or not. Great job by all involved. Thanks

boyla001 says:

I will be touring grad schools this summer. Would love to have it for that! See! TiPb and TeleNav can help with my college career!

Sky_eye says:

I would love to use it when I go to New York City.

Lui says:

Contests are great, but not quite geek enough for this one

Lui says:

Rarely use facebook so a post about a phone blog Wouldnt be bueno, but Didn't notice option#2(darn reading while driving.)....With this app I wouldn't have to also use maps while driving to Cleveland Ohio from Florida

Will says:

Going on a trip to Canada!

Zudy says:

I would travel to TN with the family. Good times.

deeptali says:

I dont have facebook or tweeter account but all the same nothing wrong in trying. Hope i can be picked for a change.

Keith-IA says:

What? No love for Verizon iPhone users? Telenav has an app for that too - which I have... it's better than TomTom, but not as good as a Garmin Nuvi :)

Greg says:

I'll use it to take a road trip across the country!

patrickpiteo says:

On a nice long vacation

MAGNUS says:

I like road trips (and both facebook pages). Gimme gimme please. kthanx.

mike powert says:

I want to get Telenav to take me away from where I am,,,, anywhere else.

riafekim says:

headed to Cali in August! Take me there!!!

Peter says:

How I'm gonna use it is to get me to different job interviews in ares I dont know how to travel through. Since im on the job hunt. It would be priceless to me....

Cheryl Billings says:

I would see if it would take me geocaching...

pink2 says:

I am planning a trip to see Hearst Castle and this would really help me get there!!

Tyrone says:

I'm planning on using this to help me not get lost.
We spent over 1.5 hours trying to find an iHOP in new jersey.
This thing would of helped :(
Oh well. It would get great use.
Thanks for the great site.

Darkstar says:

I am currently planning trips from Cincinnati to Florida for the final two Space Shuttle Launches. Then afterward, this summer I am going to be travelling out west to Wyoming and on to Oregon, then south through Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Utah to do a lot of photography before heading home. I think Telenav would be an excellent addition to my journeys!

JustinTime says:

I'd love to use it anywhere. I get lost in the closet if the light are off.

jw1127 says:

Use it on road trips this summer! - best part is it entertains my daughters in the car.

Justin says:

I would love to use TeleNav to help me brave the drive from here to Washington, DC and help me maneuver through that traffic nightmare!

Kylealanr says:

I would love to use telenav to find my way around college, which I'm starting next fall!
Oklahoma State!

Bruno says:

Thanks Jalan this is really great Maps can you send specifics where it is not updated on your phone but is updated on your PND?re: routing what do you mean by web based web planning and saving routes? I'm assuming that you've tried our online preplanning and My Favorites?re: traffic we've got coverage in most of the major metropolitan areas where our customers live/work and where there tends to be the most traffic. Are there specific cities where you don't feel the coverage is adequate? This fbdceaek is always helpful. Also one of the key differences between our traffic rerouting and most PNDs is that it is specific for your route vs. just providing a traffic summary of the area around you. It's proactive and specific to traffic along your route. Many of our customers see this as a big feature updates this is a valid point and we're always working on ensuring that customers are quickly made aware of new version updates. What version of our service are you currently using? I can make sure you have the latest that is available for that device.Thanks again for all of your fbdceaek on this topic as well as others.

Jay says:

Mike, congratulations! That is the cerorct answer. Please send me ( your phone model, carrier and number and we'll set you up with your one-year subscription.

Damion D says:

I'm from small town North Dakota and I go to St. Louis 3 times a year to see in laws and friends, gonna make it soooooooo much easier to get around!!

dtokarski says:

Just "liked" Telenav. Already have "liked" TiPB for a long time! Going to Maui and would love to have Telenav on board! I'm a GPS addict, but my wife wouldn't go for $10 a month right now.

Yossy says:

I live in Alaska, Yes, Alaska and when traveling on our rural roads thrhugot out alaska and Canada the roads are rarely marked. You could be in the next town before really knowing if you are heading in the right direction, and most often than not you have taken the wrong road. Not to mention if you go to one of our bigger cities like anchorage or fairbanks where the signage is also horrific you could be going the wrong direction in no time, which makes it all worse when I am in all senses of the phrase directionally & navigtionally challenged!! Then when my 3 little angles realized our long ride to Anchorage or Fairbanks is about to get longer than it already is they just HAVE to mention that mommy is lost AGAIN!! or you should have turned when I said mom! which is my 16 year olds favorite phrase to say after we get back on track.Thanks for the chance to try and get the telenav.DEM

Josh Driskell says:

I am moving to Los Angeles soon and I have no idea where I am going!!

Todd says:

I travel a great deal for work in emergency management. Not having to rent a GPS with the car will help!

Juan says:

I need to win because I get utrned around very easily and your app is great. I am planning a trip this summer and this app will help me get where I want to go without getting lost.

Jon says:

I would love for Telenav to take me somewhere far far away from the evil clutches of my Sith boss. I will even take a vacation to the ice planet Hoth! GET ME OUTTA HERE!

Gemmini says:

Im goona use it to find me some cool geocache locations in ONTARIO!!

Randy Dixon says:

I am going to use it to get home because I am so bad with directions!

piranhadonna says:

I will use it to take me anywhere and everywhere!!!!

Kristine says:

Liked both!! Would use this to drive us all over the SE and Midwest for my husband's cycling races! Great giveaway!

Buck Head says:

I will use the App to help me navigate the streets of Detroit! and possibly to stalk Eminem! Just Kidding Marshall! :) Buck

Christina says:

I live in Boston and although I've been living here for about three years now, I still get lost whenever and wherever I am! I will use the App to find my way around the city... and not getting lost on my way home!


my son is in a soccer team and we travel from city to city on weekends to play this will be great

rabbittpro says:

I'm traveling to the West Coast...I'm going to LA & Las Vegas in a couple of months & this would really be handy.

Scott Goldman says:

I want to take my wife to the midwest and south to tour Major League Baseball Stadiums - Would love to use app to not only help us navigate and to assist with great places to stay and eat. Love road food.

ericvn says:

Use it on a 50th birthday trip to San Antonio.

Ben says:

I will use TeleNav to find my way to ATV trails in Kentucky! ATV trails are a tad bit tricky to find when your traveling in the middle of no where with no where to stop and ask for directions!

Timm says:

Since my wife takes our GPS unit all the time and I'm stuck with Google Maps. This would be FANTASTIC!!

Eilegna says:

Lost!? Lost is my middle name! I have a road nabrey that no matter how often I drive down it I almost always go the wrong way on it there is never a good time or place to turn around on it so I end up miles and mile out of my way. This is just one example I have many, many stories of being lost. This GPS would be awesome (especially since I have a 15 year old daughter who is following in my footsteps when it comes to directionally challenged.)

big9erfan says:

I'll be using TeleNav to take the ( then ) wife and I to the airport for our honeymoon :)

Kyle says:

I'd be lucky to get a copy of Telenav. Working in production means i spend a tonnof time on the road and a quality GPS app could be a lifesaver taking me all across the cities I travel to!!!

frankj64155 says:

I plan to use Telenav to explore Wisconsin via motorcycle this summer. This would be a great tool.

Justin_Aga says:

I would use this app to take me everywhere. I just came from Android to iPhone and I must say that I miss Google Navigator. I actually got lost yesterday haha.

dunn.brian says:

I actually have just received my drivers permit and I need to start learning the roads.. This app would be quite helpful to have. :)
I will also be going to a rural part of Georgia over the summer to see my father and no one knows the way...last time it took us (my family) quite a few hours to find the house out in the middle of no where.
Thank you for allowing me to toss my name in. :)

Pete Martson says:

Will be driving from Florida to California next month, I would love to use TeleNav. Thanks!

James says:

Driving around everyday just gets me lost in this crazy city...I so need this.

sebastian velez says:

im not trying to sound like a kiss ass or anything but i have difficulty getting around town... i came from the big city of los angeles... and moved out here to the country side of orlando florida a year ago and i have no idea where to get anywhere here.... not used to living out here... definitly couldnt get anywhere with the verizon iphone cuz i would always b hanging up to use the maps app...this is everyday for me because i have to constantly call my friends and have them stay on the line while i use the maps app...(gets very frustrating with really bad turn by turn directions) but this would actually help me alot in getting around the city of orlando.... i would love to use teleNav on my GSM iphone 4...

David Patrick says:

I have been unemployed for 10 months and I would use AT&T Navigator on my iPhone 4 to find employers I could interview with Nationwide and locally here in dallas to make sure I am never late for my interviews because I would get lost:. This would help me GET THE JOB!!

Bryan Clark says:

Oh man this would be so awesome for my amazing 180 mile commute :/

John Ullom says:

I have and love my iPhone, but navigation stinks on it. I have to keep my Droid so I can use Google maps navigation. I travel all over north TX doing pre purchase inspections and have to use nav to get around. I would love to try the telenav navigation.

davec3275 says:

I plan on using the TeleNav App to help me find my way around Toronto Canada for my wife's friend's wedding. I've never visited Toronto, and want to be able to find all of the great attractions.

kmiahali says:

Navigation on iPhone sucks. Period. And driving in and out of freeways, interstates and city streets ain't easy with very little guidance. How about showing some love, Telenav+TiPb? :)

mmorr says:

Really would love this for appraising new home subdivisions since my Garmin is out of date.

Alli says:

I would use Telenav to drive to visit my parents, my children, and my other relatives - none of whom live within a thousand miles of me.

Sri says:

I agree also, Telenav just doesn't make sense when the rest of the GPS MARKET is not charging you a mlnohty fee. Consider how you also have to have a data plan to also use Telenav and if you don't have any service in your area you'd be screwed. Telenav just needs to get with the program and start offering map packages and charge SEPERATELY for online services like traffic and other things of that nature.Biggest complaint is how this came as the default GPS program for Tmobile HD2 users if they wanna use one what is compatible with NaviPanel. I had to flash my rom to a different version so I could use CoPilot (which I then discovered was TOTAL CRAP ALSO UGH!!!!). So at the moment I'm just living with it. Eventually I'll just go for TomTom or Garmin XT or iGo or NaviGon because as you can see you got way better choices to go for ..

Fokas914 says:

Telenav will take me to Florida, which is 1,120 miles away to see my mom and grandmother!! I am actually going to drive down in the summer. This would help tons!!! I currently live in Delaware!! I'm also driving to georgia in a few months for my family member's Marine core graduation, as well as Virginia to visit other family. Lots of traveling! :) I would be very grateful!!

Alamanbb says:

I love Telenav. I loved it with Sprint, and I love it more as a iPhone app. My travels in Texas are much easier with Telenav.

Mike Philbin says:

I would use Telenav on my iPhone to find warmer weather in the southern states. I would have a better handle on traffic delays in Chicago and construction.

JeffPom#IM says:

I would use TeleNav to go soooo many places. First - I'd use it to find a car dealership to buy a new car. Then I'd take that new car on a trip across the country for me and my new wife. I'd use it to take us to Arizona, where my grandparents lived and are buried - I've never been to their graves. Then perhaps - on to LA to see the stars!

nikhil says:

Big fan of TiPb n iPhone. I regularly use gps apps for my travelling, but wished I had a better one than MapQuest or waze.
Would love to have ATT navigator. I can go
places :)

ianb821 says:

I would use it to make trips back and forth from college in Idaho to visit my family in Mississippi!!

ianb821 says:

The B. Stands for Burns btw!

bassoprofundo says:

Telenav will take me safely to the East Coast on my upcoming vacation!

Joel Howard says:

After receiving the subscription from you guys, i'd use it as my guide to California to visit the Apple Headquarters and possibly see Steve Jobs himself :P in my dreams...

Mikey Dantignac says:

I plan to see if I can really jet ski from Japan to China like Google Maps says. I'll use TeleNav to guide me! :P

Christopher says:

I would use TeleNav to take my mother and sister on our first family vacation in years.

Mac says:

I would use TeleNav to replace our old, WAY out of date and bulky TomTom on a trip back home to Washington D.C. I haven't been there since before I joined the Air Force 28 years ago. Now that I'm retired...I have the time to go. Thanks!

BeyondtheTech says:

I love the app, but I wish it was a tad bit smarter. Couldn't find "Allen Road" from my contacts or manual entry, but it knew "Allen Rd" just fine.

Matt Hall says:

I could use telenav to tale me to Florida next week for a music festival! Telenav would have fun.

mark1965 says:

I need TeleNav to take me some place warm. Miami would work. This Michigan winter just won't quit.

Rolf says:

I've been dying to try out telenav, but I just can't shell out the money for it.
This summer, I'm flying down to Fort Hood with a buddy in the army. He put his car in storage down there before he shipped out to Afghanistan. We're driving the car to Louisiana to see a friend, then driving it back up to Maryland. It'll be my first huge road trip, and I'm kinda dreading it. A quality GPS unit would make all the difference!

Excellerator says:

I will use this to travel this summer as I am a photographer and it will help me get to some of the harder places to find to photograph.

Allen says:

I'll let it take me anywhere as long as it doesnt direct me into a lake!

jw9876 says:

I will use it for traveling with the family, fishing trips, and work!

Ed Brand says:

My Garmin just bit the dust. I'd use TeleNav as a replacement while traveling for business.

Kevin says:

I would use it mostly around town, but I have a long road trip from Chicago to Sarasota in June that I would love to use it on.

Lance says:

Need it mostly for my kids! They have absolutely NO sense of direction!

O_Mariscal4 says:

ROAD TRIP!!!! this will help with not getting lost on road trips!!! and finding gas stations before we have no gas on said road trips.

ajnoz says:

I plan on using Telenav to get me around town. I am in college and am trying to learn the roads so having something like TeleNav would be amazing. I have tried the free trial and it was amazing but I just couldn't afford it. I used it to get home over Christmas break and even when I made a wrong turn it quickly corrected the route and got me back on my way. I also used it in a recent trip to Disney, so basically it would be used to keep me from getting lost while I adjust to a new city.

Jacob G. Kunzler says:

I've "liked" TiPb on facebook for a long time already! If I won, I'd use it to guide me to my friend's house in New Mexico. My friend has been sick for a long time, and I haven't been able to get down theor to visit him.

Chenzo5151 says:

I would love to have this I am a traveling salesman and don't really like the navigon app for driving. And this would give me a solid chance to try this service out after already spending 50 bucks on nav apps that just don't do what I need them to do.
Team Jailbreak

Todd says:

We are going to Maui. This would be great.

Blake says:

I'll use telenav to find Waldo.

Nicole says:

I would use Telenav to get to almost anyplace in this big city of Dallas. I've lived here for 8 years and still get lost.

wildfirex says:

My wife and I are taking a couple of trips this summer, one to the Smokies, and one to the Cascades. I intend to use Telenav for these!

CanisFirebrand says:

I'll use it to help me get to Origins this year in Ohio.

Andrew Aguirre says:

I'm going to use Telenav to navigate through Southern's where I live and despite living here my entire life I still get lost :)

Robert says:

I am a truck driver and I would use the Navagation from AT&T for locating my pick up and drop off spots. Telenav and AT&T are both excellent companies, together they will have the best navigation service there is!

brycebolt says:

Moving to San Diego soon, and will need to know how to find my way around town.

Leo says:

I'm going to use it to help me get to my family vacation hotel in Siesta Key, Fl

teejaywhy says:

I will use TeleNav to shuttle my son to his many soccer games this summer. I love the TeleNav web interface!

nick j says:

i do a lot of biking and this would come in handy. i also, tour with my band and we all have bad senses of direction!!!
in fact, i just got lost while typing this message.

aj2k7 says:

I'm going to use telenav to help me relocate to a new state for my first job after I graduate college next month!

ERic Litteral says:

I am going to use TeleNav while traveling across the US with my family! Can't wait to get going and can't wait to win!!

HolmesB says:

I would use it for my vacation to fl in June. Taking new son to Disney!

techmom#IM says:

Road Trip with kids! Last year we drove from Baltimore to Tallahassee and Sarasota FL for spring break. This year we plan to go north! Better navigation would be awesome!

ohwut says:

After having driven 3,000 miles across the US getting here safely thanks to my Sprint Android phone using Google Nav and Sprint Navigation(Telenav) I switched to AT&T and the iPhone, now I find myself lacking any decent navigation, 3,000 miles from home in a place I don't understand =[

amorok says:

I would use telenav to get me to Deal's Gap. I ride a motorcycle and every year I take leave from my job in the military and travel to some of the best riding in the country. My iphone is my music player and telenav would turn it into my GPS as well. Two years ago I had a crappy Samsung that had the ATT navigator free. It was awesome to be able to use the app to go on the trip but not worth staying on the Samsung. Now that I have the best phone out there, I'd use the telenav app to get where I need to go.

Tim callow says:

I would use Telnav to find new places to photograph!

Joebin says:

I'm about 30 minutes south of Los Angeles in Long Beach. Having TeleNav would give me another good reason to explore L.A.

Tim Kirkwood says:

I would use TeleNav to take me somewhere warmer that I could relax! Thanks for the great promotion and the great reading here at TiPb. You all rock.

Jeremy Little says:

I'm gonna use it to go to Disney Land this fall with my fam. Also heading up to MI for a wedding and NC to see some friends!

Kyle says:

I would use TeleNav to help me navigate through this crazy Atlanta traffic. HELP! Thanks TIPB!

Brian B says:

I would use it when I am stuck in traffic and need an alternate route. Also when I am traveling to see family.

FluffedMojo says:

I would use TeleNav to take me to across the country on my dream trip to Disneyland!

jon01 says:

i would use telenav when i drive to MA from NY this summer!

PhilDav says:

I would use it to show my Android friends how lame their GPS is.

Dave says:

Maybe we could find our way around Baltimore/DC in July when we visit our daughter at Ft Meade

djayme7 says:

i'm gonna drive to the keys, please guide my way!

Bill hancock says:

I'm retired now, so I've got plenty of time to drive all over. I don't want to get lost!

Mark Porter says:

I would really love to use TeleNav to take me to all 30 MLB ballparks this summer!

Freiteez says:

I'll use telenav to get to my friends graduation. I'm in California and he's graduating at the airforce academy I. Colorado. Road trip!

Zac says:

I would drive to see each of my family members across the country this summer, which would be great! Maryland, Florida, Ohio, Nevada, and Georgia! Winning this would make it much easier!

Nicole says:

I just got an email stating that I won! Yay!

Taylor says:

Telenav will take me to little grass valley reservoir, CA

Patricio says:

HAH! What a fun contest Christina Anyways, just like enreyove before me, I'd love this why!?Hubby has a GPS in his cell phone and it's the best thing Ever! And, I don't get to use it nearly enough; if I'm lucky a couple times a month. Usually during errands on the weekend, when I don't need it at all. But, just to feel good we let us talk our way around town.As a not-at-home-school family we're going to parks, museums, coops, field trips on a daily basis throughout the state with new destinations every other day or so. IF I had this on my cellphone I wouldn't get lost the average 3-4 times a week, stuck in traffic for hours, or waste anymore precious gas. My littlest one just said Mama, you get lost many times every single day Today, we tried to go to an amusement park and I had google maps printed out; but that did NOT work, because just like noted above they're not always wrong. In my experience, I've banned mapquest about 3 years ago, because they were notoriously wrong. Also, as forgetful as I am I always fail to map out and print return directions. Believe me, I've lost much gas, sanity and time, simply because the return trip due to multiple highway exits/entrances, one-way streets, and multiple-lanes-that-I-can't-turn-because-I-didn't-see-the-street-coming-and-I'm-in-the-wrong-lane roads always get me off track.I'm always driving in circles. I've even mastered the quickest, hopefully safest, K-turn on the tightest roads and U-turns on the big ones. As for traffic jams: 7 miles from New Haven, we have the states worse highway bottleneck which can clog up traffic for hours for a 5-15 min. drive. When we took separate cars: Daddy, 1 daughter and me in one; Hubby & 2 other daughters in another, we were coming home from Newport, RI which should've been a 1.5 hour drive; took use close to 3.5 hours, but hubby got to navigate his detour and was home in less than 2 hours. We obviously lost him, and missed his exit; but even when he called by cell; we couldn't guarantee we'd know how to get home.In New Haven and NYC (which we visit ~ 2 times a month), we need detours for traffic jams and alternative routes to find parking. One convenient time, we parked and had the GPS lead our way by foot to the museum and restaurant of choice. Oh what I would do to have this luxury every single day. Add the fact that I have a bad memory and always seem to recall the wrong landmarks I can never stray off one-set of directions. So, a detour is my worse enemy. Especially because the signs never seem to get me to where I needed to go. We had so much road construction in New Haven this summer, and 3 of my girls' camps were in the center of the city oh, how I dreaded those days!Last, we leave SO much earlier than necessary to compensate for my driving, just to make things on time. For all the reasons above, we didn't have the best reputation for being on time much, even allotting what I thought more than enough time in the first place.Geez my 9 yo is reading over my shoulder and sighing Mama you can write forever about this topic . So, I might as well stop now. If I don't win, just seeing how much time, energy, gas money I wasted these past 3 months it may be an investment I have to make hopefully not Fortunately, my girls have mastered car games, and can read and write incredibly-neat in a car well, as you can see we're in it ALL the time