Apple field-testing iOS 5?

As we nudge closer to WWDC 2011, Apple has reportedly started to field-test iOS 5. This is based on crashlog reports received by iPhone app developer FutureTap. The crashlog didn't mention if the device was an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch but did show a device running iPhone OS 5.0, or what Apple has publicly refers to now as iOS 5.

Just received the first iOS 5.0 crash report. MKUserLocationBreadCrumb sounds interesting.

It looks like Apple has made a few changes to the location and mapping APIs used by Where To, the app FutureTap received the crashlog from. The log didn't reveal very much information outside of the unreleased OS, but it's good to see they're working hard in the background as we get closer to a summer release.

What new and exciting things are you hoping we'll see in iOS 5? Let us know in the comments below!

[@futuretap via 9to5Mac]

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Apple field-testing iOS 5?


Well, better alerts of course. And changes to the App Store so it remembers where you were and stops kicking you out of the store when you download anything. I think everyone wants these.
I'd like some better tab management in Safari; gesture-based like Atomic but prettier.
I'd like to stop having spotlight search come up when I'm trying to get the multi-tasking bar; but what this really means is I'd like a better way to get to the multi-tasking bar in the first place ... preferably a way that doesn't involve the home button.
I kinda liked that expose like multi-tasking manager you guys posted about earlier. If they added the hold-one and they all wiggle ease of closing that the springboard already has, that would be excellent.
I'm actually pretty cool with everything else. Maybe open up Facetime to 3G; but since I have Skype it isn't a priority (which is also why, ironically, it will probably happen).
Let me hear your ideas...

Notifications along the lines of lockinfo on all iOS devices and profiles for ipad. Having these two things would make iOS just plain awesome.

Put together what everyone wants and what do you get?? (answer:Android OS) just sayin... but I do hope ios 5 has at least some of these

I've used Android, and sure its nice and A LOT of the things that Android has is what iPhone users want but that's also true for the opposite a lot of the things that Android users want is what iPhone has. iPhone has a much classier way of getting to things,(screen animations and such, which Android has NONE of) a more unified system, better integration to the computer, more secure and the list goes on. What it comes down to is what out ways what for you and for me the ease of use and easy sync on top of how secure the iPhone is way outweighed both my original Droid and Droid Incredible. I definitely see updates to the maps and navigation due to the job postings at Apple to "help improve maps" which is one of the features that iPhone lacks. The other really big one though is a notification system though and that too will be coming as Apple hired the ex Palm notification guru who is considered the best in the business. Apple will also be adding a streaming iTunes/MobileMe account which will put iOS way ahead of Gingerbread.

I can't think of anything my iphone had that I'd want on my X. But that's the beauty of having different os's to choose from. People can find something that works for them but what amazes me is how loyal people become to their platform no matter what they know of the competition.

As long as I want Apple to use the spotlight screen to hold the multitasking icons and/or notifications, I don't think they will drastically change the current multitasking pane.
The notification system should have been changed last year with iOS 4.0. Really.

Apple tests too much. they should drop 1/2 testing and start releasing 2 OS updates per year and 2 iPhones per year.

  1. Better Microsoft Exchange Server integration in related apps. Week view in landscape orientation. Reply to and forward to in calendar meetings.
  2. More granular copy-paste in messages
  3. Webkit 2.0 in Safari. A location at the bottom of the screen we can tap to move to the bottom of the page.
  4. 4 finger app switching.

5 On the iphone I'd like to have a double height app switching tray with more granular controls like reverse and forward 30 seconds or 2x speed. Volume and brightness controls would be stacked.

  1. A half size icon option in the home screen so that we could have 6x6 apps plus 6 apps in the dock per home screen.
  2. A "folder" for movies screen in the iPod app for episodic TV and movies and the vertical alphabetic short cut UI as seem in contacts.

Don't really care for notifications or widgets or what not. On the iPad, some type of dropbox style folder+cloud sync could be interesting.

I'd like to see a better notification system with some sort of hardware embedded notification LED or some sort. Better multitasking access. The ability to "Read All" in mail. custom text/mail tones. The ability to not have the text pop up when received. Pretty much everything all the simplest smart phones can do, Apple decided to start with the Big things and left all the small things(That count) just burn in the background.

If iOS 5 gets better social integration and some cool features. I swapped to Android because iOS wasn't good enough for Facebook and stuff. I'm never getting rid if my iPad though.

My guess it will be just a tiny more features labled as magical. Leaving everyone waiting for version 6.0, 7.0, 8.0 for the rest.

Exactly. Maybe in IOS 37, we will get the features buy one, get one free phones could do for years. It is really getting hard to justify the $300 price tag for this phone. My brother-in-law bought an HTC (for $99 I might add) that in a lot of ways smokes this phone. I think if we don't get some of the upgrades (or catch-ups if you will) Apple will see their sales numbers go down. The hardware is great...that part was better than the HTC, but the OS needs, no, HAS to be brought into modern times. Giving us a function that we can live without won't cut it anymore, and that seems to be what they are doing. There are parts of this OS that has NOT changed since #1 went out the door, and that is NOT acceptable now. The wolf is at the door, and Apple better understand that.

I agree with most people on sound and alerts. 20 and 10 percent battery alerts can be moved to the bettery indicator. Maybe it can blink or quickly enlarge and return to it's normal size to bring attention to it. Text messages and PNS needs to be fixed. Maybe shown in the 2X size state of the status bar. They need to disable pop up alerts for any txt or PNS while watching a video or playing a game. A vibration will do. Like an email I'll get to it when I have the chance to.
As for text messages I'd like to know which conversations I've yet to reply to. Sometimes I swipe my phone to view a message and even though I read it I may not have a reply yet. So I forget to reply and the conversation goes dry for days.
App store. I want to choose which apps to download as if I'm choosing what emails to forward. I want to skip updates as I do on Macs. The badge on the app icon is annoying because it doesn't show the amount of apps that I would prefer to download rather than the amount of total apps.
Spotlight page. They can double the functionality of that empty space and make use of if by displaying recent PNS and txt messages alerts .
Settings app shouldnt really be an app. They should find someway to make it unified into the system so we can access it from a fast and easy location. I'm thinking about a permanet home in the multitasking bar next to the volume ! Speaking of volume. I never saw the use of if since there's already a rocker on the side. It should be for brightness or at least give us the option to change it. I think the iPad OS does this.
They can update some animation and graphics to make us feel like we're a little bit beyond 2007 and in a new decade.

I would like the ability with the ne OS, to erase single phone numbers without having to clear the entire history. Also, I would like Apple to make a larger version phone of choice, for people who prefer a bigger screen. Just the simple things.

Nice work, Spillz. dLux, got your bumper already? damn. mine should be here soon then. But for the record, I never dropped any calls before this. Biiaaaaa

I put the file with right name for 2 of my sites.for the first one it work perfectly. but for the second site it didn't work at second site id running under SharePoint.