How to apply BodyGuardz Armor Carbon Fiber for iPhone 4 [sponsored]

The BodyGuardz Armor Carbon Fiber for iPad 2 is a skin that sticks to the aluminum black to give some texture and protect from scrapes and abrasions. They're not the same as the thin, clear BodyGuardz films we've shown you how to apply before, and are actually even easier to apply.

The BodyGuardz Carbon Fiber for iPad 2 is available from the TiPb iPad 2 Accessory Store. Check out the video above and follow on for the how-to after the break!

How to apply BodyGuardz Armor Carbon Fiber for iPhone 4 [sponsored]

Here's how I apply the BodyGuardz Armor Carbon Fiber for iPad 2

  1. Clean my iPad 2 screen thoroughly (I use iKlenz)
  2. Peel off the front sticker carefully and lightly line it up on the front of my iPad 2.
  3. Place the edge down, keeping a close eye on the alignment.
  4. Push evenly and steadily out from the edge -- I use a ruler to help
  5. Check alignment and peel back and reposition as/if needed.
  6. Smooth down to secure it in place.
  7. Leave the outer layer on so I don't damage the front while applying the back
  8. Flip my iPad over
  9. Clean my iPad 2 back the same way I did the front. I don't worry about dust as much because you can't see through the sticker on the back, but I want the best adhesion possible.
  10. Peel off the back sticker carefully and again line it up. I use the camera and other cut outs to help guide me.
  11. Same as above, place down and push out with the ruler when I'm sure it's in the right place.
  12. Smooth down the edges.
  13. Flip it back over and remove the top layer from the screen protector.
  14. That's it!

I'll be testing BodyGuardz Armor out for durability and report back in a review. If you have any tips for applying them, or any questions about them, let me know in comments.

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How to apply BodyGuardz Armor Carbon Fiber for iPhone 4 [sponsored]


i agree. i spend $70 on my smart cover and like how it turns on when i open it so if i could use this in conjunction with the smart cover i will order one for sure.

Any word on using the Smart Cover with this yet?? I would really like to get this but only if this will still work.

hmm. should be noted, this isn't actual carbon fiber, just film that looks like carbon fiber. isn't going to protect your ipad any more than any other film does.

I love mine and applying it is ten times easier than the clear screen protectors. It does a great job at preventing scratches while maintaining the natural feel of the iPad.
Only complaint is that there is no silver to match the iPads aluminum unibody, and the black one covers up the apple logo. I couldn't do that so I had to unfortunately get the white one with the apple cut out. Odd that both colors do not have the option of logo or not. :/

Easy to fix the no-Apple-logo problem. Just use one of the stickers that Apple thoughtfully provides with the iPad 2 (and all their computers, iPods, iPhones, and even Apple TVs.)

Bodyguardz produces protective skins for iPad. They are very good because the skins are very thin PVC films with carbon fiber structure. No need to use water and easy to remove.

I have reviewed the CF kit from BG and iCarbons and truthfully once you install the iCarbons you will notice that the material is better, the fit is better, and stays attached to your iPad where as the BG kit had weird looking edges and they started to come undone after 1 month. Another thing that you get with icarbons is a contrasting Apple logo. If you buy the black it comes with the white Apple and Vic versa on the white one. Icarbons is $9.99 cheaper unless you want to change your bezel too then the whole kit would run you $29.99. BG only comes with the back for the same price. I am glad I chose to try out icarbons white CF kit because it just looks so much better than the BG's. BG is fair but I like my iPad to look perfect not weird.