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British Blow Raspberries at iPhone, Threaten to Retake Former Colonies


Now see here, you Yanks. This whole iPhone concept...it's just not cricket. You plebes may fall victim to the seductive powers of Sir Steven Jobs, with his shiny expensive bobs and brickabrack, but we Brits are made of tougher stuff. You won't find it so easy fobbing off your gadgety thingies on us, by Jove. Just look at the pittance of iPhone activations made since launching here in the UK, something like 26,500? Mere truffles, I tell you. The queen has more diamond studs in her dinner gown. Knickers!

Now do go on and take your toys elsewhere, or Parliament will have to reassess the terms its peace treaty with you and reclaim lost territory. We wouldn't want to start an "incident" now would we? There's a good chaps.



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Dodo says:

:) nice... I think the queen use an iphone for at least 5-6 months now, no?

Henk001 says:

Snelle iPhone in 2008
30-11-2007 | Gepubliceerd 11:28
Apple brengt volgend jaar een iPhone op de markt die met hoge snelheden data van het internet kan downloaden.
Click here to find out more!
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Dit heeft de topman van het Amerikaanse telecomconcern AT&T, Randall Stephenson, onthuld. AT&T is de exclusieve telecompartner van Apple in de Verenigde Staten.
De huidige iPhone maakt gebruik van een relatief traag draadloos netwerk voor het versturen van data.
Apple-topman Steve Jobs heeft altijd gezegd dat hij graag zou willen dat de iPhone geschikt zou zijn voor snellere netwerken, zoals UMTS of CDMA, maar dat dit nu nog ten koste zou gaan van de batterijduur van de telefoon.
Apple heeft wel een nieuwe iPhone in ontwikkeling.

MikieMikie says:

Henk001: I'm not quite sure I agree, but whatever.

dartholit says:

hehehe, random but funny. :)

Quagmire says:

bork bork
Why didnt you cover that AT&T announced 3g iPhones are on the way next year?

admin#IM says:

I'm in the middle or rolling out a new template for this site. It's eating up so much of my time I don't even have time to reply to your comm.....

Mark says:

There's probably been so few activations in the UK because it takes so damn long for O2 to port an old number over - I just got mine ported today and I bought the phone 10 days ago! Is anyone else wearing their dads underwear whilst they surf? Is it just me?

Goodbye says:

Sure wish you were able to post more dude. Gotta quit wasting my time checking the site. Good while it lasted!

Quagmire says:

ok keep up the good work