UPDATED AGAIN: Gizmodo and Lifehacker Go Hands On with Pastebud Copy/Paste for iPhone

UPDATED AGAIN: Pastebud founder, Jed Schmidt, via the comments, directs us back to Technologizer (see link below) for his update on what was happening:

I’ve updated this issue over at Get Satisfaction[1], but let me just summarize what exactly was going wrong: you were inadvertently forwarding your emails not to your secret pastebud address, but to the address set as the from address for these emails, which was noreply@pastebud.com.

This happened to other folks too; instead of sending email to secret-random-string@pastebud.com, they were sending to noreply@pastebud.com. And everyone who was doing this ended up sharing the same clipboard.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that we’ve fixed it, and the changed will be live by the morning.

PREVIOUS UPDATE/PRIVACY WARNING: Technologizer is showing that they're getting other people's clipboard data in their paste results, including complete emails:

Pastebud’s site addresses security, and says it’s “safe enough” for general use. Based on my experience so far, I think not! But I don’t know if I’m running into some bizarre quirk or doing something wrong, or if this is happening to everyone who’s trying Pastebud as I speak. I just know that I’ve come to the conclusion that using a Web service as a substitute for a feature that should be in a device’s OS may not be such a great idea after all.

This might be a temporary glitch on the server side, but it's a very disturbing glitch and one that might just be a deal-breaker for the security and privacy concerned.

Original post after the break...

We mentioned Pastebud yesterday, the bookmarklet based cut/copy paste "solution" that's trying to plug one of the longest and most glaring omission in the iPhone feature set. Well, Gizmodo and fellow Gawker-site Lifehacker has given it the hands on look see, and what did they find? Giz says:

Pasting text back into another web form via the PASTE bookmarklet is easy—after tapping it, a green box labeled PASTE HERE is overlaid onto any open form field. Tapping that drops in your clipboard's contents, preserving any HTML that was there if the form supports it. But, of course, there are some drawbacks. While pasting to and from different Safari windows and emails covers a lot of one's copying and pasting needs, it's not anywhere close to the convenience a system-wide solution would bring.

Lifehacker weighs in with:

One small issue, though, at least for those who don't pay $5 to Pastebud—it inserts a little "Pasted from my iPhone!" and promotion link in every paste. You can delete it, of course, but it's there every time... And once your text arrives, you get a little pop-up box, asking you to upgrade for $5 to "make it even more convenient"

Need more incentive to cough up the $5? LH says SSL, destroy-on-paste, and other security concerns will be soon addressed in the paid version.

Enough for now? Still not good enough? Waiting on a built-in solution from Apple? Or forget Apple, gimme whatcha got?

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Reader comments

UPDATED AGAIN: Gizmodo and Lifehacker Go Hands On with Pastebud Copy/Paste for iPhone


Honestly, this takes care of 99% of my copy/paste needs, which weren't that much to begin with. I've been using it this morning, and after I got used to the system, it worked great. My only complaint is that the email-to-web copy/paste requires you to forward emails that you want to copy from. Security aside, the problem is that you get the > that accompanies each line of a forwarded email. Find a way to remove those, and I'm set!
Also, I believe the $5 premium is per year. It's subscription. Still not expensive, but it should be mentioned.

Beyond useless.
In ten or so years of using the internet... I've never seen anyone, in any walk of life, under any circumstance, ever wanting to send anyone any text from any web page.
I'd rather lose $5 out of a hole in my pocket for a drug addict to find, than give it to these people. :lol:

Steve, you could not be more correct. I can not think of a way I would use it.
Jason, what needs did it fill? I am being not argumentative or sarcastic. I am really curious as to how this helped you that you could do before. Thanks.

Oh, I forgot that this will make it easier for Rene to copy and paste out of Gizmodo articles and post to TIPB. ;)

I use it to copy webpage addresses to blogs/forums like this. You could also use it to post quotes from other sources. I find it handy.

There have been occasions when I've been in an email discussion with someone and want something from a wikipedia page or something else to help make my point. Also, it would help if I'm posting to my blog and want to use a quote. I don't carry a laptop, and my iPhone has become my primary mobile computer, which I know wouldn't work for many people but works great for me.
That said, I don't plan to use the premium version. The free version works for me. Like I wrote in my original comment, I don't find myself needing copy/paste often, but when I do this will come in very handy.
@Tunnelrunner It's not a native app in the App Store. It's more of a web app. Go to pastebud.com to learn how to use it.

I thought I should share this info since we're talking about bookmarklets. You can also add a search function to seach within pages, and also open links in new tabs all via bookmarklets. If you sync bookmarks with Safari on your computer, follow the link below on your computer, then bookmark the links of the features that you want. Sync your iPhone, and there they will be on your bookmarks.

That appended message is annoying enough to make people not interested. I have no problem with people making money off a cool idea, but I think in this case you might kill all interest. Instead of the annoying message, try adding features to the paid version? Just my .02

"In ten or so years of using the internet… I’ve never seen anyone, in any walk of life, under any circumstance, ever wanting to send anyone any text from any web page," as quoted by Steve.
Well I get them from less interwebz-savvy, older friends all the time. I tried to impart to them the new trick of copy and pasting the URL instead. Sadly they're still slow to adapt to this new skill. So Matt and Steve, seriously, you think something as rudimentary as copy and paste, which we take for granted, should be precluded from any handheld OS? Not even for something as simple as URL? Or for that matter, copy and paste has to be, what, "reinvented"? What's there to reinvent?

Just thought I should take a second and say howdy to everyone here. Looking forward to your site and what everybody has to talk about.