AT&T to include the iPhone in its standard insurance from July 17

AT&T has updated its insurance terms and from July 17 it will also cover the iPhone. The insurance program covers your phone against loss, theft, accidental damage including liquid spillage and mechanical / electrical failure. The insurance package costs $4.99 a month plus there is an excess of between $50 and $125; depending on which model phone you have.

AT&T Mobile Insurance Update: Effective July 17, 2011, the Apple iPhone (all models) will be eligible for coverage with the AT&T Mobile Insurance program (formerly Wireless Phone Insurance). Enrollment restrictions apply. Customers can only enroll within 30 days of a new activation or upgrade, prior activations or upgrades outside of 30 days are not eligible.

Previously AT&T would not offer any insurance cover for the iPhone when it was first launched. In 2010 AT&T offered insurance via a third party company at a much higher cost; $11.99 a month with an excess charge of $199. Apple has also been known to replace accidentally damaged iPhones for a flat fee of $199; this is not written in stone and would not include loss or theft either. The need for insurance is obviously down to each individuals circumstances.

Do any of our readers currently insure their iPhone with a third party service? Let us know if you think it is worth it or if you have actually used it to make a claim!

[AT&T via MacRumors]


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Reader comments

AT&T to include the iPhone in its standard insurance from July 17


Ha. Doesn't cover those who have had the phone. Either way I would rather pay $200 to apple to have the phone replaced then all that money to att for insurance I might not even need

Well seeing as how I actually take care of and keep track of my phone, I don't see that being a problem.

Find my iPhone doesn't help you if someone shuts it off and wipe it.
Honestly speaking, insurance is to protect you from financial disasters, not inconveniences. These companies are really taking advantage.

Sorry guys, my bad. An excess is a UK term for a payment you have to make if there is a claim. It is there to stop you claiming for minor things

This may be a dumb question.. but I'm going to get my iPhone 4 this week, would I still be able to put insurance on it on the 17th? Or should I wait for the 17th in order to buy my iPhone?

Hey All Well i just spoke to a rep from Phone Guard Global they also lowered there price's few cents cheaper that AT&T and there deductible is $50.00 on accidental and $75.00 on theft or loss. there App hasn't been updated yet but the website has been updated. visit or search phone guard global in iTunes.

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