Verizon CEO Says iPhone is No Threat, Does Not Exist


From the department of delusional thinking comes this delightfully oblivious statement from Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg speaking at press conference at NXTcomm.

"We just added four new devices in the past month," he said. "The new BlackBerry is flying off shelves. The way we see it, our customers have price points and service packaging that is different." "The way we come at this is to let the iPhone hit the market," he said. "I don't think it changes the game plan for how we approach the market. But we need to see the impact. The burden is on (AT&T and Apple) to prove the market will change." "The iPhone will add excitement and stimulation to the market," he said. "If we have done our job, then we will be a beneficiary. I hope it does reasonably well."

Oh Ivan, you silly little man. Not only doesn't he see iPhone as a threat, or so he claims, he goes further in asserting that iPhone will aggregate positive growth for his company. Hmm, let me see if I understand his logic correctly - so, if I were an existing Verizon customer, I am (in his mind) so pumped over the iPhone that I will stick with my contract and upgrade to a BlackBerry Curve? Yeah, that makes sense.


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Verizon CEO Says iPhone is No Threat, Does Not Exist


Here's an email I received from mall management at Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood, WA (just north of Seattle):
"The store immediately east of Apple at Alderwood, Forth & Towne, is closed (they will transition to GAP in a few months). We have the 80 feet in front of Forth & Towne to use for a customer queue. Your store is located in our outdoor Village. They can wait overnight but it will be cold and potentially wet. Alderwood will not allow tents, awnings or heaters on the property. If there are customers wanting to wait overnight the evening of the 28th, we recommend handing out numbers at closing and reassembling the line the following morning. Post a sign to this affect so customers arriving after the number distribution will know there is a line ahead of them."

When Iphone customers get aload of the horrible customr service from the bozos at ATT/Cingular then get a load of "Das Itunes" Verizon won't sound very bad...