iPhone 4 vs. DROID BIONIC [Gallery]

iPhone 4 vs. DROID BIONIC [Gallery]

Ever wonder what an iPhone 4 would look like with a monster 4.5 inch screen, a scad of ports from microUSB to HDMI, and more logos stamped on it than you could shake LTE at? Well here you go! Thanks to the phenomenal Phil Nickinson of Android Central we can now see our glass and stainless steel iPhone 4 dwarfed by the immense slab of LTE powered plastic that's the DROID BIONIC (yes, they had the technology).

There's a lot to heart about both devices and if you're on Verizon and having a tough time deciding, and the pictures below aren't enough, check out TiPb's breakdown of which one you should get and the pros and cons of each.

So Verizon faithful, which way are you leaning? Or are you waiting on iPhone 5 and Samsung Verizon Galaxy S II Facinate 4G Touch to make up your mind?

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iPhone 4 vs. DROID BIONIC [Gallery]


Funny, people deride plastic as an inferior material, but on a portable device such as a phone, plastic is actually the better material, lighter and more shock resistant than steel/glass, which tends to shatter.
Even Apple knows that, after seeing iPhone 4 screens shattering 70% more than 3GS screens. IMO that's bad design right there, nice looking but not ergonomic.

Technically it does, if the temperature is low enough, but what I meant is that the steel/glass combination transfer all energy from shocks to the glass panel, since a steel band is much less malleable than a plastic bezel.

Well it is an iPhone and no the iPhone 3gs and iPhone 4 do not look alike at all. Only on manufacture makes iPhone, versus the countless android device manufactures which makes hundreds of android devices made and the majority look alike. So your comment was baseless and shows your stupidty, now go back to your fandroid site and quit trolling iphone blogs.

It's like you take pleasure in embarrassing yourself. You start typing and it's like the only thing that ends up on your screen is human waste!
There are only so many ways to make a phone and android makers all happen to choose the same way! There is only one iPhone.

Yes, and the Bionic looks NOTHING like a Droid 1!
And YES no matter how you paint the picture the iphone's ALL look alike pretty much the same way the android devices do.. You look at a cycloptic one bottom button phone you automatically know its an i-device, rounded or square sides. or it may be an ipod touch (which ALSO looks just like the iphone) yes yes thinner and all that blather i am aware.. But nobody will ever confuse any of the i-devices for anything other than an apple product..
So your statement is without fact or point.
Good day sir.

Of course the interface looks alike you putz, it's Android. We're talking about the hardware. Step your common sense game up.

Its not he just did a stab at android... the only one that is like that is the epic 4g touch.
Oh and fyi to these websites that brings down other os like this u sound dumb. Not everyone comes on here to to bash android some people are looking for an os that they want and this is a turn of to apple. Same with the other os websites that bash others. What happened to information on ios... y is this bionic oven mentioned on tipb

Too bad Jaguar's cars aren't all that nice... They're a pain to maintain, and a pain to insure. Oh and I just can't get over that feeling that I'm driving something my grandfather should be driving.
Completely agree that the iPhone 4 feels great though! As well as your comments about caring for a premium device.
P.S. I drive a Mazda 3. Yup... A Mazda 3. But then again, I don't need to talk about my car to feel better about myself. :)

for all you geeks who just have to know the name of a device? " this is my apple ios 4g 32 gb white iphone 4" sounds long to me... get a life =p

Geek? Geek!? That's the term you use to describe someone!! Haha you are garbage! What is that you think this place is!?!? I can only imagine the shame your grade school teachers must feel. They enabled an absolute walking psychotic with extreme physical deficiencies and one specific deformity just under your left eye!

like your Jag... ios is boring.. make the phone feel and look as good as you can.. ppl might forget how boring it is. but this only affects the simple minded =p

You make this tedious comment and expect us to validate your assessement of iOS? Are you kidding me?
I can almost imagine you sitting in front of your computer within your stench filled apartment as the backdrop. A feeble, malnourished sparrow is caged just over your right shoulder. The bird is on it's side taking deep slow breaths. The gap between each breath grows faster than your increasing waistline. While the bird is still alive, it's bowels are slowly giving way. As the bowel spit seeps from the ailing bird it's almost as if you are watching it's life force slowly drip from it's body. However the only attention you pay to this atrocity is a quick inhale and as your olfactory processes the stench you chooses to mock the bird for it's overwhelming stink.
It's called mercy and humilty! Stop playing God and grow up!

Ok all cars aside. I understand when people talk about how much they love android over ios or vice versa. But to say android is better than ios or ther other way around is silly.. I get tired of hearing die hards say this. I have owned 2 android devices.and now own an iphone4. I also happen to be a tech for verion wireless.
Having owned both types of devices and seeing on a day to day basis how much more android devices come in with issues versus the iphone i can honestly say that ios is a much more stable OS. it is also a lot smoother to use than any android device out there including the bionic. When i talk about reliable im talking about freezing screens, force closing apps, dialers that lock up and all because of the way the Android OS handles multi tasking and memory management (the whole to have or not to have task killer argument comes to mind). Where as the only issue ive seen with the iphone since VZW launched theirs in feb. is that the screen will sometimes go blank and a soft reset is the remedy.
I had both my droid devices rooted and even without htc or moto software and minus verizon software just plain old vanilla android on them, they still occasionally froze up or had me force close apps and do an occasional battery pull. None of that with iOS at all. Yes they are both good but iOS is definitely more stable. is it a little boring compared to all the the android devices can do? Sure, if your thing is to play with widgets and social network all in one shortcuts and picture frames. But the iphone's ability to manage ram and free it up as you need it even if you never close any apps out for months,( for me and im sure for a lot of other people who want reliability), in itself makes it a more stable and better functioning OS.
What it really all boils down to is your personal preference. I still think the Android OS is a good os. And then again so is Windows 7 but i like my mac and i prefer having an iphone over android. But thats me.

It feels great! I bought it used, AFTER the greatest depreciation hit! Cost was on par with the other cars in its class, and I absolutely LOVE the butt-warmers in the winter!! I highly recommend it as a good commuter car. Fit and finish is good, and its very reliable!
Thanks for the car question AJ Brimer! :)

"Lively debate" here = "every moron that supports either side of the fence will allow it to degrade into a name-calling fest firstly, and then turn into an ego-peen measuring contest about who has the 'best' car", egh? ;)

Have you ever handled a Droid Bionic or a Droid X? If you did you wouldn't be knocking plastics those phones feel awesome. Also I love how you guys call iPhone 4 premium... when it isn't. There's plenty of devices that have higher specced hardware and cost more than the iPhone. I can understand if you have to tell yourself that to make yourself feel better about your purchase though.

I drive a Bugatti Veyron 16.4. Little kids.
Legit, if you want to talk about your car, dont if it is a cheap car.
BTW, legit, i have a Bugatti. Suck on that...

Note to the 2 above posters. The Droid X is made of metal. It's one of the biggest complaints many Android supporters have had about the Droid3 and and Bionic.. no more metal.

No.. that's not a real name. And Verizon is currently not officially getting the Galaxy S II. There are reports that VZW was passed on it, due to the upcoming Nexus Prime they're supposed to be getting. Whether or not that will be true, only time will tell.

I understand the concept completely.

  1. Overpay for a luxury or 'collectors' item car. (let me guess, your car is British Racing Green?)
  2. Drive around with bug-eyed designer sunglasses, cutting people off, acting like your poop doesn't stink.
  3. Pay several thousands of dollars more in maintenance over a five year period to sit in traffic.
  4. Wake up one morning and realize that while it is a European brand it will never be a GERMAN engineered vehicle.

Can you name me 5 things wrong with my Mazda? Or better yet... name me 5 things that makes me inferior to you because I drive a Mazda?

Call it what you like sir, made where ever it may be, Jaguar's are the poor mans Bentley..
That my good man is a Luxury automobile.

My roommate just returned his Bionic and got an iPhone4. The screen looked really pixelated. We played Angry Birds on both as our unofficial test.
Maybe that's why these comparison shots don't show the screen on? ;)
Comparing two phones on just their physical dimensions is very narrow. I think my car has roughly the same dimensions as Tony Stewart's car. His is very fast. Mine can haul groceries and has air conditioning. To each their own.

Humm, no, the analogy is not quite valid.
What you imply is that steel is a premium material, when actually it is not. It is quite heavy and it is being phased out in Premium cars, which use lighter materials and carbon fiber wherever possible. BTW, carbon fiber is bonded with plastic.
I think it's quite silly to compare an iPhone to a luxury item like a Jaguar. It's an electronic device made to last a year, maybe two. Even if nothing breaks, the battery won't last past that, and that alone excludes the iPhone from the Jag category. Premium products are made to last, if nothing else, and you as a Jaguar owner should know that better than us.
When you buy a 50K car, there is an expectation of a certain level of care. When you buy a $199 phone, the expectation should be different.

Thought you would enjoy this...
These were the 10 most reliable cars:
1. Honda Accord (2008-present)
2. Honda Jazz (2008-present
3. Daihatsu Sirion (2005-present)
4. Hyundai i30 (2007-present)
5. Ford Fiesta (2008-present)
6. Honda Jazz (2002-2008)
7. Honda Civic Hybrid (2006-present)
8. Citroen C1 (2005-present)
9. Toyota Prius (2004-present)
10. Mazda 3 (2004-2008)
These were the least reliable cars:
112. Hyundai Santa Fe (2006-present)
113. Jaguar S-type (1999-2007)
114. Volvo XC90 (2002-present)
115. Land Rover Freelander (2006-present)
116. Ford S-Max (2006-present)
117. Land Rover Discovery (2004-present)
118. Alfa Romeo 159 (2006-present)
119. Jaguar XF (2008-present)
120. Ford Galaxy (2006-present)
121. Audi A5 (2007-present)
I'll keep my eye out for your flashy Jaguar on the side of the road!
-Zoom! Zoom!

Does this mean the Bionic looks different enough to avoid 800 billion lawsuits across the globe for "stealing" Apple's rectangle with rounded corners design?

Gawd, the comments on some articles here are as bad as Youtube.
/iPhone owner who respects Android as a worthy alternative

actually the droid x is a very solid device..lol..compared to alot of other android devices.. so is the bionic for that matter.. then again.. none of motorola's devices are really cheaply made. Now the sony xperia ps phone.. that is a pos. that is a cheap device. i still cant believe sony erricson delayed that thing by over a year.lol..oh yeah and the highly touted evo was a very cheaply made device as well.. and yes i have seen and held one when the spring customer that had it was switching over to verizon wireless to get a thunderbolt..lol..

Words cannot express how badly I wish the iPhone was this size. My hands are huge, and I hate the fact that the iPhone keeps getting smaller and thinner. I want a phone where I feel like I'm holding onto something. Clearly I'm in the minority on this point. I loved the size of the Droid X while I had it, but, from my perspective, it neither fit my needs nor performed as well as an iPhone. My ideal phone is an iPhone that is this size. I just fear they will continue to get smaller.

I think the people below me took care of that for me. See, that's the problem with blind fanaticism. You see what you want to see, believe what you want to believe but in the end your still a misinformed fool.

hey your jaguar is a ford "justsayin" and my s type jag was the biggest piece of shit i ever had

Jeez, you all realize these are just communication devices right? The rest is just personal taste. If iOS gets it done for you great. If Android floats your boat yippee. The fact that they both exist (as well as windows phone 7, etc.) is what makes the U.S. great. We have choices and that is what floats my flotilla. You all who are arguing sound like an old married couple fighting about which way the toilet paper should hang (which we all know should be over the top :?).

Everyone should just face it , if the iPhone never came out android wouldn't even be a thought , Android and iOS made everyone step up the bar and make devices as fast , sleek and as powerful as they are today. It boils down to preference , We would be stuck with windows mobile devices, palm and blackberries , good job apple and google