Facebook changes now appearing within Facebook for iPhone

Facebook iPhone changes

Facebook has yet again changed the way the news feed functions and manages content. Love it or hate it, these changes are also starting to appear in the Facebook for iPhone app as well. While there is no update from the App Store, it appears a lot of the changes were made from the back end. Your news feed will now filter most recent news at the top followed by older stories.

I've also noticed that the blue corners in the top left of each post appear in the iPhone app but it seems you aren't able to interact with them (yet anyways). These tags allow you to mark things that you like by toggling them. I'm assuming the theory behind this is that Facebook will start showing you more and more things it "thinks" you are interested in and not show as much of the rest. Nice idea but how well it'll actually work is yet to be seen.

How many of you are seeing the new changes in your news feed within Facebook for iPhone?

Allyson Kazmucha

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Gian Barzola says:

I wonder why Facebook can't offer these things as options. I am sure that some find these new filters to be quite useful but so far they are not for me.

dgarrison79 says:

Ok, how to make FB look the same again. Go to left side and click on a list (example: close friends) Add your friends to that list and then your feeds will look normal or the same again. You can also click to the left and add it to favorites.
Great thing about list, is on top right side you can mange feed types to video, status, and photos only. and hides all the who changed there photos, what games others are playing, and who linked to who that fills up your page.

Tim Bellovary says:

Facebook is dumb as usual. ill stick with twitter and google+

Elliott says:

Once no nobody used Facebook or twitter.

OrionAntares#CB says:

Yes but that was when Facebook and Twitter didn't exist!

David Muldoon says:

People on myspace joked about going to facebook. Look where that ended.

JD says:

Uh, but the filtering of most recent "top stories" and pinning them to the top of people's news feed is a feature that FB copied from Google+.

Justin Lisenby says:

Ugh! This is a horrible move!

Annoyed about it says:

I deleted Facebook app. Traveling friend's posts had her leaving after she had arrived. I don't need FB deciding what I'm interested in, too intrusive.

Justin Allen says:

i hate the way facebook keeps changing things !

jafo818 says:

See the button in the upper right. It still works. :)

Brenden Donaher says:

Facebook needs to keep something the same for more than a day. It would be nice. I am not a fan of the changes, I do not want to see "top news" I want to see recent news. At least give me the option to keep it like it was.

Usa Rocks says:

My most recent updates are 5 hours ago. That to me is not recent.

Johnno says:

Facebook gets crappier every time it changes

Hasaranga99 says:

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Gmail says:

No you didn't post pictures of your invoices?????

AppleFan says:

When Facebook Messenger will be in App Store not only for U.S.?

Utvol06 says:

Facebook used to not freeze in the early days of it for iphone..now it freezes and sticks a lot while pulling up photos and such.

Victor Stanescu says:

I guess this is the time to start moving to Google+ Maybe there us as users we may get a bit more respect. Facebook cares not about its users or their wishes, they just want to make money out of our back. And the new profile is the exact example of that: http://www.vectorash.ro/facebook-new-crap-profile-reloaded/

theseblues says:

I love when people say things like 'Facebook just wants to make money [off] of our back." So, you'll go to Google+ now because they actually care about YOU? Do you see the irony in your thinking?